051: An In-Depth Look at Medium: the Benefits and the Drawbacks [Podcast]

You’ve got a message worth hearing. But maybe your audience isn’t that big — or maybe it’s nonexistent. So what’s the best way to get your words heard?

051: An In-Depth Look at Medium: the Benefits and the Drawbacks [Podcast]

Should you build your own platform or should you share your work in places where the traffic is already established? In this episode of The Portfolio Life, my co-host Andy Traub and I talk about the pros and cons of using Medium.

Medium is an open source publishing powerhouse. They have a huge audience and generate a ton of traffic — millions of visitors each month. Even the President of the United States pre-released the State of the Union Address on Medium.

And if the goal is to get our message heard, should we be publishing our words on Medium? Listen in as I share my thoughts on the subject and some secrets on how I’ve been using this growing content network.

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Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • The value of publishing to Medium
  • How I use and recommend using Medium
  • The dangers of not having your own platform
  • Two things every writer needs to have
  • Whether or not it’s okay to use re-published content for Medium
  • Why I propose a blend of the two approaches in which you use other networks to drive more traffic to your own online platform
  • What this all means for you

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