A Letter from a New Dad to His Son

Note: I wrote this letter to my son before he was born. When he came into the world four weeks early, my life changed. I know it’s full of idealism and high hopes, but I couldn’t help myself. Here’s an excerpt, recently published at the High Calling (click the link at the bottom to read the rest).

Dear Son,

Welcome. You’re only three days old, so before we get too far, I want to set a few things straight.

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Photo credit: Libby (Creative Commons)

First of all, your mother is a queen.

We will always refer to her as “your royal highness” and bowing is not out of the question.

She deserves gifts and cookies and surprise parties. She’ll give you more than your fair share of these, and you will spend your life trying to make it up to her. You won’t be able to.

Next is Christmas. Yes, Christmas. It’s that important, because it highlights all the wonderful things in life we so often forget: magic, faith, and awe.

Come December 24th, you’ll be allowed — nay, required — to shake each and every gift under the tree that belongs to you. No matter how much Mom may protest, this is every child’s right, and I won’t deprive you.

From the ages of 3–13, I will instruct you to play — every day without exception. To imagine, dream, and journey.

If you ever fall short of this expectation, I will promptly send you out the door into the great time warp also known as the back yard. It’s a daily discipline, like brushing your teeth, that you need to keep in your later years.

Because when I’m old and gray, I’ll need you to remind me to do it again.

Let’s talk guns and dolls for a moment. I honestly don’t care which you play with. What I want you to do is creatively explore this great big world that has so much to offer.

And as you do, I hope you understand you are more than what you do and the labels the world will try to place on you.

Read the rest here: Dear Son

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Dads, let’s hear from you: In commemoration of Father’s Day, what’s a promise you’d like to make to your son(s)? Share in the comments.

*Photo credit: Libby (Creative Commons)