Can You Master a Skill & Get Paid for It in 48 Hours?

I’m not going to see The Avengers this weekend, because we are holed up at home, potty training our son Aiden.

Photo Credit: Scott SM via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Scott SM via Compfight cc

Honestly, we probably waited too long for this (he’s almost three), and now we’re regretting it. The past week, we’ve been teaching him how the potty isn’t something to be afraid of and pooping your pants isn’t as cool as it sounds.

We’re putting him in underwear and whenever he starts doing a little funny dance, we pick him up, and race off to bathroom. He sits there for anywhere for a few minutes up to half an hour, reading books and waiting for it to come.

This morning, the third time we did this, he peed. In the potty. We danced. We sang. We celebrated. A star on his potty chart and oozing pride from both of his parents ensued. And you should have seen him beam with confidence.

Potty training wasn’t as difficult as we thought — not for us and not for Aiden. But what it did take was:

  • The decision to start.
  • The determination to see it through.
  • The discipline to stick with it until the end (we cleared our weekend calendar).

This reminded me of the way we approach our passions. We worry. We stall. We never begin.

Maybe you have a passion you’ve probably neglected in some way. Call it fear or resistance or just plain laziness, but most people struggle to start things because they’re afraid.

Really, what I think this is is learned helplessness.

The Potty Train Your Passion Challenge

So I’m issuing a public challenge. It’s called The Potty Train Your Passion Challenge (#PTYPC). Over the next 48 hours, you’re going to pick a passion and take measurable action on it. And I’m going to join you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide. Pick a passion. Make it something easy to do on your own that doesn’t require any extra money or resources to implement.
  2. Learn. Watch or listen to somebody else doing what you want to do. Spend no more than 30 minutes doing this. Then get to work.
  3. Do. We don’t learn best by listening or watching. We learn best by doing. So get started, practicing your passion.
  4. Share. This can look like hitting publish on that blog post, bringing your product to market, or making your first sale. The point is feedback. You MUST deliver some kind of result (e.g. X amount of new visitors to my blog, Y amount of book sales, Z amount of money from my new product) that involves interacting with someone else.

This will last 48 hours (it ends on May 4 at 3:00 P.M. CT). Anyone who participates will get a chance at one-on-one coaching with me (plus free membership to the highest level of my new Art of Work Course). I’ll be picking three winners and sharing their stories on this blog.

In the next 48 hours, I’m going to figure out how to roast my first batch of coffee beans and sell them. I have no clue how to make, much less, sell coffee, but I’m going to try. (I’ll be using all the techniques I teach in my latest course and sharing what I learn along the way via Twitter.)

Warning: You may fail. The point of this challenge isn’t to succeed. It’s to do something and learn as you go. The product will be greater confidence and clarity (and maybe some cash in your pocket).

Are you in? Just post a reply (“I’m in”) in the comments with a little detail about what your #PTYPC project will be. Let’s get started!

150 thoughts on “Can You Master a Skill & Get Paid for It in 48 Hours?

  1. I’m in! I’m going to learn how to create a short, pretty ebook that I can tie into my mailing list prompt on my website!

  2. I’m in…already! Does it count that I already tried this? After a random conversation on Facebook, and being challenged by others, I took on the challenge and wrote, edited, designed a cover for an e-book and published it on my blog to give away to readers, all within 24 hours.

    It was a big risk, I had no idea how to do it in that time frame & giving it away on my blog publicity when I had a good book already was a big risk. The results however were a major success for my blog, increasing readership & subscriber numbers dramatically. It also led to an idea for a full length book.

    So it can be done people. That’s my story.

  3. I am busy in the next two days, booked up all day. Otherwise I would try to write and publish another e-book within 24 hours – about how to write and publish a book in 24 hours.

    However it might be something I could do in the future, if I can plan the time in. Maybe do a book and actually put it for sale on noisetrade within 48 hours.

    If I am allowed to plan in the time to do that, I am happy to do that.

  4. I’m in – starting a blog – posting something – getting some readers – it’s time!

  5. I’m in! I’m going to learn how to shot and edit a video that I will give my readers access to when they subscribe to my e mail list. This is something I’ve been wanting and needing to do for a long time. Thanks for the push!

    1. I guess I forgot to add on the part where my purpose is to gain new subscribers by allowing them access to the video.

  6. Ok. I planned to work on my blog this weekend. I’ve been procrastinating on actually doing it because I am scared. Plain and simple. For some reason it feels like a monumental step. So I’m in and my project with be to create a blog and have it up an running in 48. Oh gosh, did I really just commit to that?

  7. Ha ha! I am in; actually, I’m almost done. I finally dove into your book today, while sitting outside in the sunshine, sick with the stomach flu. I read through about 1/3, got motivated and wrote my first official blog post for my new blog. I’ve had it sitting dormant since I bought it a few months ago, and I decided, today is the day. Post something already! I just need to add an image or two, then I’m hitting “Publish”! Thank you!!

  8. I am in Jeff. I will make cat drawings and sell them on shopify. I have made the decision. I am determined, and now I will be disciplined. And, I would rather do this than weed my flower beds.

  9. I’m in! I will figure out how to sell my product idea on my blog that will help others in their communities. Question though, I’m seeing this on May 2 but the deadline above says it’s today May 2 at 3 CT. Can I still play?

      1. This has been great, but 15 minutes to deadline I am fighting discouragement! I keep telling myself it is ok though. I am way closer to a certain goal than I was last week. Now that I have all the bones, I will take what I’ve learned and make sure I implement it all in the best way I can. I will repeat to myself that I have not failed, even though it feels a little like that. Thank you Jeff, you are not only professional and wise but know how to make this writing thing fun and fresh for all of your fellow writers! Bless you!

  10. Those were the days! The parents are trained within 48 hours to spot “the dance.” I resolve to teach my 20-year old the importance of (and how to do it again) reconciling her checkbook.

  11. I am in, twice. I have a primary passion project and a secondary one.

    1. I will (FINALLY) put together and publish the book of poetry I’ve been sitting on for almost a year.
    2. I will record, post, and share another song. I’ve only posted two so far, over the past two years. I keep putting off doing another one because I don’t have professional recording equipment, because my throat is a tiny bit scratchy, because nobody knows who the heck I am so who’s going to hear it anyway so there’s no point. *sigh* Sure, it’s easier to say, “F— it.” Sure, it’s less scary. But singing is the one thing I love more than anything else so I don’t just want to do this. I NEED to do this. And I will. As soon as this scratchiness goes away- I mean now. I’ll do it now.

  12. I’m in. Launch my blog on “Inside the Walls” of a high school. In addition, finish some woodworking projects that can be sold at a local market.

  13. I’m in…

    I’m going to master my own habits, both good and bad, write about the journey on my blog and launch a podcast about it. The end result is going to help people facing a similar feeling of being stuck – because if I can do it, so can they.

      1. @JasonAllenWhite:disqus- I’m on twitter @themattlovell and the blog I’m writing is I didn’t get as much done this past 48 hours as I wanted – but still motivated nonetheless. I’m going to post some writing over there shortly. How about you, Jason?

  14. I saw this too late, but I’m committing to work on learning watercolour painting and listing what I make on Etsy by tomorrow night. Fun challenge! I’m also inspired on the potty training front, since we’ve been talking about potty training our son (also named Aiden) – thanks for sharing that it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems!

  15. I’m in. I’m learning Prezi and going to create a presentation to my team that I’ll share at the national convention I’m presenting at after Memorial Day.

  16. I am going to write a little ebook to use as a sign up bonus on my blog. 50 Things You Can do Today To Live More Simply, Happily, and Well!

  17. I am in! I am passionate ate about Mixed Media, I have bought books, DVD’s and watched You Tube- but not done anything. I will create a picture and put it on Etsy. Thanks for challenge I needed this. ** bought my hubby coffee roasting supplie this past Christmas- he said it’s the best coffee he ever had!!**

  18. I am in! I’ve been paralyzed by fear of failure AND fear of success. I will finally create my blog and publish the first post AND invite others to follow it. Time to break the cycle of fear and take the first step.

  19. I just saw this now (5 pm PDT on May 2), but I am in. I will create an ebook freebie to help build a list for a new wellness online magazine. I have been procrastinating for WAY too long. Let’s do this.

  20. I am in! I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages, but have put it off with all sorts of excuses, mainly fear of not being good enough. I’m tired of holding myself back so I take the challenge and will create my blog and publish my first post.

  21. I’m in. I am working on getting my email newsletter and send out my first one.

  22. I’m in! Although I am a little busy tomorrow preaching the Word… but I’m still in.

    I will become a LinkedIn ninja in order to connect with more people. You can’t help if there’s no relationship, right? Might even get started tonight… thanks!

  23. I am going to learn how to set up an eBay business and sell something by Monday.

  24. I’m in! Going to move my current blog to a new domain and refresh / refocus the blog to more of a wellness focus…as well as apply to a job in my town as a yoga instructor!

  25. I’m in.Taking the leap to self-hosting. I don’t know why it’s been such a difficult one for me, but it’s what is keeping me from changing my whole look. Want to do it with Blue Host and through you Jeff.

  26. I’m in! I will get an article posted on my blog and actually let people know where my blog has been hiding in deep, dark cyberspace. And I will invite all of you to take a look at it!

  27. I’m in! I’m refocusing my personal blog and launching my web design/development blog.To date I haven’t made any effort to collect email addresses, but I’m going to start! I’ll start using some of the promotion tools available to me, too.

  28. I’m in for #PTYP! I’m going to refocus my blog this weekend to write about faith and family. I’m starting this out by updating my blog logo to reflect this. I’m also going to submit a proposal to a national parenting magazine. It will be my first freelance article in which I get paid for my writing. I’ve never written a proposal before or been paid to write. It’s a little scary, but all they can say is no, but they could also say yes. We’ll see how this goes!

  29. I’m in!!! I have always loved photography, so I am going to submit stock photos to a paying site.

  30. I’m in for #PTYPC. My project will end on Monday night at 11:00 PM, and the goal is to earn 50 sales by then. For a while I have been living on a budget, and wanted to sell the system I created (and updated this past February). However, every time I try to get to work on it, I get distracted or tell myself why it won’t work.

    This is the kick in the pants I need to get going on my goal of becoming debt free by the end of the year.

  31. I am in! The new skill I’m learning is how to market and sell my husband’s art outside the traditional gallery setting.

  32. I’m in! I actually have 2 projects that I want to try…. posting a blog and selling my mardigras Indian pictures. I feel like there is something else I should be doing with my life and I have many ideas, at the same time I’m still confused on what I want to do (confusing…, I know). So, I figure this is the perfect challenge to make me at least try, and I like challenges! Lol

  33. I’m in! Deep breaths…then leap!

    After life altering, shattering, events in repeated succession, I rediscovered my passion for words, though always affected by an inherent nature to withdrawal (go offline).

    Thank you, Jeff, for your generous spirit and for this call to action that has brought me out of myself when I needed it most.

    Challenge ~ I choose to return to my blog and my followers. To stay, to nourish, and to grow platform.

    Learn Something New ~ Become adept with Scrivener to assist with accountability, time management, and streamlining (as well as compiling for future publications).

    Thank you…again!

  34. I’m in for #PTYP- plan on migrating my blog to self-host and go through a re-brand of sorts- maybe even get a freebie manifesto done to encourage subscribers. Thanks, Jeff, for the kick in the rear. Better get to working! Like Christina below- it’ll also be my first foray into scrivener….

  35. I’m in. I’m going to write the outline for my first book and launch my company’s first official social media campaign (5 videos on Instagram – one for every day of the week). I will write, produce, and schedule these 5 videos as well as have a completed book outline by Monday at 1pm pacific. #PTYPC

  36. I try to do this regularly. Although it didn’t work out, I’ve tried this with making wire jewelry, making food mixes and selling them, selling vintage jewelry, and cross stitching. I’ve had moderate success with making my own t-shirts and selling them (I’ve made $50 so far, so yay). I think it’s great to learn a new skill and try to monetize it! It’s a very exciting, even if it doesn’t work out, you have a cool new skill than maybe you can teach others about or make some neat Christmas presents out of.

  37. I’m in. Blog about my jewelry as though I feel confident about it after I see how other makers are blogging, and then include a link to buy and put a few pieces in my online stores. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  38. I might be crazy, but…I’m in. For the next forty-eight hours I am offering manuscript critiques for Christian and/or family friendly manuscripts at 60% off of my normal rates. I will also develop a plan for a new approach to my blog, which will focus on Courage, Chivalry, and Living a Relevant Life by Monday at 2 pm Mountain Time.

  39. I’m in for #PTYP! I am going to learn how to set up my website properly instead of using the basic WordPress blog that’s there as a placeholder. I’ve been feeling some website shame for a while, and it’s made it hard for me to put myself out there.

  40. I’m in!…. One of my goals for this year is to get articles published in a quality newspaper or magazine. I’ve got several ideas kicking around, already down in note form… I’m going to write up as much as possible and then send it to a friend to review/ actually send it to the magazine!

  41. I’m in. I’ve been trying to perfect my website and blog for at least a couple of months and have not put it online yet. I’ll finish writing the content and finding the images for it and will launch it online this weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that my words deserve an audience.

  42. I’m in! I will purchase a wordpress theme for my blog which will allow me to monetize as well as provide me with the flexibility to be much more creative.

      1. Hi Waqas, thanks for the ideas. I’ve actually looked at Thesis before. Thanks for sending me the link to you blog, great content!

        1. Thanks for taking the time to read 😉 I am glad you found it interesting.

          Let me know if you need any assistance setting up thesis or need some graphic work to get you off the ground.

  43. Ah I am late! So even less time. Um OK, I will bite. I have been working with some local young people I know, doing theatre classes. I am playing it pretty safe though because I am a bit allergic to putting myself out there in a big way. So I will push a bit and see if I can move towards getting out of the comfort zone of offering what I do to just friends, fools and family. How the hell I am going to do this in 24 hours I do not know…….

  44. I’m in! #I am going to write a poem in order to start a compilation, get it copy written and see how you like it.

  45. I’m in. A little late… but I”ve decided to get my page ready so that I can do a webinar for writers who want to write and publish their first book. My plan is to set it up for the start of June. Scary… but I’m moving forward 🙂 THanks Jeff for the challenge!

    1. Get moving at it Lorna, there are a lot of people out there with this idea and the people who are in the market first are gonna have a lot of leverage.

      best wishes,

  46. I’m in! I’ve built a few pieces of furniture for personal use but have been too afraid to sell. I will build an industrial bar cart to promote and sell through my social media channels. $100 to first taker! Here’s to less fear and valuing my work!

  47. I will work to finish a colored pencil art project. I’d like to start a blog for beginner artists. Hope to use my future art to raise $ to help rescue those who’ve been taken + used in the sex slavery biz. I’m late; just got back from Branson + working this evening. Will do my best, tho.

  48. I’m IN! After taking inventory of my yarn stash I have started to develop a catalog of products I can easily make. My crochet hooks are ready. This will be fun!

      1. I was on a roll until I had to go back to my paid employment today. Someone placed an order for a blanket. Does that count?

  49. Definitely in and started last night. I’m working on a 28-day Fear Not devotional that I’m putting into an ebook format so that I can launch it on Amazon by tomorrow night. Working away at learning Create Space and tapped someone who went through the process previously. We’ll see where the challenge leads!

  50. Sunday is my start date for the 24 hour project. Time to get my website/blog in order and publish the first blog. Been putting off the tech challenges. Just need to dive in.

  51. OK. I’m in. I’ve just finished and published my manifesto. It’s called “Small Business. Big Impact”. It’s my response to all the “Go Big Or Go Home” online talk out there. I’ve put it on my blog and I’m offering a free download with a workbook.

    Now it’s time to promote and see if the message resonates. I’m relieved to get this far. I’m 39 weeks pregnant and happy to have birthed my manifesto before the baby!

  52. I’m in! My earlier post didn’t go through, so here goes! This weekend’s challenge is perfect timing. I’m launching my first novel tomorrow. There is so much to learn and do! So, this weekend I am committing to learning about other places to sell my book other than amazon. My goal: Kobo, Nook, Ibooks. I need to figure those out, and how to hook them all to my website.

  53. I’m late to the party but I’m in. I’m going to write a set of macros for writers to use to format their ebooks more easily and give them away as a sign up for my newsletter.

  54. I’m in! I’m going to put together a small book that I can pass out to people I meet. And offer on Amazon to people who want extra copies to pass out. This is something I’ve been thinking on doing but never took action on.

    Of course I didn’t read this post until just now so I need to really focus to get this done in less time but I’m determined to make it happen. Do we come back to this post to give an update on our progress?

    Oh and I’ve potty trained six kids so I know exactly what you are going through. Determination and persistence pay off. In fact you having put business goals in the terms of potty training really does show me how possible it is to accomplish.

    Potty training, while it is taking place doesn’t seem to have an end but it really doesn’t take long when you’re determined to see it through. I can do that with my writing. It feels like it’s unreachable but with a little determination I will succeed. 🙂

  55. I’m in – I’m writing the first in an ebook series on exactly the topic of this post, Jeff – Parent Entrepreneur Power! I did my Post-it-notes outline, and now you have pushed me to start writing. Looking at my calendar, I probably won’t get it up on Amazon by your deadline for this challenge – but I will try my best to get it done within 48 hours of this reply.

    Just like that potty training Aiden is doing now…Mastering the skill takes time no matter how quickly you have your first success. If we are in it for the long haul (and I’m sure Aiden will be wearing big boy undies for the long haul once he masters this new skill) we will persevere through the entire journey!

    Wish me luck! #PTYPC

    Enjoy the Journey!

  56. I’m in. Just installed WordPress on — now to see if I can get a site that’s ready for traffic in the 24-48 hours

    1. So, uh… I just want to bring this to your attention, so take it or leave it. No need to change it or anything, but marketingfortherapists could also be “marketing for the rapists”. I know that’s not what it’s supposed to be, but it IS what I saw first.

      And that dog gif is super awesome. 🙂

      1. Yes, that is the problem with that domain name 🙂 The problem is that “therapist” is the best term for the group I’m trying to reach — folks who are mental health practitioners tend to use “therapist” when referring to themselves so if they’re looking for marketing on Google they’re more likely to type “marketing for therapists” than anything else.

        At least, that’s the hope! We’ll see how people actually respond to the domain name.

  57. I’m In! I have been reviewing the websites I created years ago that have been floating in the virtual world unattended. All of them need updating, but the requirement is to decide on one. My sister and I have a website: – she writes the articles, I update the site. I have put this on the back burner for along time, she has continued to write (she actually writes the articles for a newspaper). My challenge is to update the site and increase traffic.

  58. I’m in! I think I mentioned this already on Facebook, but just in case I didn’t, here it is–I’m writing my Manifesto (per your “Writer’s Manifesto”), and I’m also working concurrently on my Manifesto for business. Then, I’m contacting my tech support person to help me with some odds and ends to get an e-commerce site launched (mainly with uploading pictures and getting some glitches straightened out so I can move forward and get this launched before the end of May). Sounds like I’ve bitten off a lot, but those are the things foremost.

  59. I finished my 1st ever Mixed Media picture. Made it, framed it and open an Etsy shop and uploaded it today. Typing that makes it sound easy- it wasn’t, but its something I have wanted to do for several months. I learned a deadline helped me push through my fears. I hit a few glitches on the techno side (not my strength), but pushed through.
    I couldn’t think of an exciting creative name yet on Etsy so I went with JManduca.
    Now I have done it once I have no excuse.

    1. I thought about making that my challenge using acrylics: To learn the basics, create, photograph, and post to Etsy shop. I’ll have to do this on my own since it’s too late for this challenge, but definitely going to take it on.

  60. I’m always the last to the party, but that’s OK. I started a new website a few months back and it’s just been floating. This challenge is my chance to get it up and running properly. Thanks for the challenge!

  61. I am also running a blog but have not taken it seriously at and would love some feedback from anyone here and this is my chance to make my passion of worrying and helping others create an amazing life of Twitter own choosing. I am in

        1. You’re very welcome! 😀

          Did you update the site? I remember the side bar was on the right.

          It was easy to navigate around the site. I found the blog post from the Recent Post section.

          I would suggest adding a top bar with categories so that visitors can easily find the categories that they want to read.

  62. I’m in. I’m late, but I’m in. I will write a how-to article on writing a weekly column in a small town paper. It’s not a completely novel idea for me, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do and this potty challenge is inspiring me. I will sell this…local magazine? retirement magazine? Fiverr? And BTW, I love your whole coffee idea. It makes me wonder what totally off the wall idea I could make money with. After I write this article.

    1. Hope you took action to get that idea out of your mind and onto paper or a word document, getting started is the biggest obstacle for most people,
      Best wishes.

  63. I’m in. I’ve shared some of my story already, but a quick recap. I’m a stay-at-home Dad to 2 young kids. Last year I enrolled in studying interior design, I graduated, but have done nothing with it, fearful of moving forward with planning a new venture or even dipping my feet into any kind of work outside of my family. I already have a diploma in graphic design, but somehow got into writing about interiors/food for magazines, having our own home featured in several of them. Last night I was really challenged by this, wrestled with in and as a result I got 1.5 hours of sleep due to insomnia. Today I set out to sign up my first client! I’ve had someone interested in me designing her apartment, but I’ve been putting it off, afraid of failure. I’d pinned images, thought about it in the past, but today is the day. I’ve just mailed off the letter of acceptance of work, saying that I’d love to design the apartment and what the remuneration will be, outlining the costs and have set the goal of having the bones of two rooms story-boarded and e-mailed to her by the end of the day. I’ve updated my blog with services at, which was a personal blog for the longest time, but nothing like a quick redesign is focusing it more on these services and updating my bio. It was so out of the date that pages had stopped working due to out dated plugins causing errors, yikes! I also took a short Skillshare class on mood/storyboards to brush up on my skills to help with the layouts. Thanks Jeff Goins, I needed this! #ptypc

  64. I’m in! So, I recently decided I need to quit stalling and start writing! This would include getting that blog I’ve been thinking about started (though I’m finding it harder than I thought to pick a name – but it’s going to happen soon) and an idea for a devotional book of sorts. For once, instead of letting the book idea roll around and be lost and nearly forgotten, I put my idea to paper and sketched a sample page and started thinking about what it would be like. Yesterday, I started compiling verses I want to use in the book and I did some “research” by stopping by the local bookstore and seeing how other devotionals are formatted and confirmed my idea is pretty different from what’s out there. So for the challenge part – I put together some rough sample pages and sent to a friend for feedback. Before I spend too much time on the project, I need to find out how helpful the format is as far as devotionals go (or if I should rethink parts of it) and know what the daily time required would be so I can plan on how long the book should be – it’s a nontraditional format so a year might be much. I think getting the feedback now will be a huge help.
    Thanks for the challenge – the timing is perfect so I don’t lose momentum on this.

  65. “I’m in”

    Hey Jeff. My #PTYPC project is to start a an online Signing Academy. Looked up Coursera and plan to mimic their approach; data-centered learning.

    I’ve been piddling at mock-ups and sketches for too long and have now decided to go all-in. I picked up a camera, shot some video, and have just posted my first Sign of the Day (#SOTD) on Facebook (twitter?). Now need to figure out how to get this thing supported, funded, and moving.

    No idea if non-profit is the way to go, but I contacted a lawyer and have a phone meeting on Monday (tomorrow). We shall see.

    Time to introduce the learning of ASL with modern-day technology and methods.

  66. I can’t seem to find my original response here, so here I am again! I have been working on a self-advocacy checklist for kids/parents. I launched my website a year ago on helping parents raise children who are deaf/hard of hearing. It’s based on my personal experiences of raising my son, and also my background as an educator/coach/researcher. I have been meaning to put this up in the resource section since I launched and have not got around to it. My challenge has been to put all the content I want to include on something that will be easy for parents/kids to implement. My plan is to offer it as a freebie to my readers. I am steadily working away on it and plan to meet the deadline today.

  67. Too funny! I didn’t read this post until this morning. But on Saturday my sister and I set up for our first live show for our hand crafted jewelry. While we didn’t make a lot of money, we did sell a few pieces and learned A LOT!! We got lots of positive feedback on our work. So exciting!!! #PTYPC

  68. I read this too late… but my goal is to learn the art of calligraphy. I got a kit but haven’t used yet.

  69. So thanks a lot Jeff Goins, that was an uncomfortable 24 hours or so!!! Here are my results anyway (a bit early as I have to go out). I started by posting in the local facebay websites (not sure if this is just a UK thing but they are basically local boards for selling/sharing businesses). I posted in two local towns. This was really out of my comfort zone. Here are thing things I was afraid of: no one responding at all, people laughing at me (illogical I know), people reacting with anger (even more illogical!), people generally saying it was a stupid idea, people asking who the hell do I think I am to be offering to teach these classes (even though I am more than qualified to do it). I hadn’t realised until I did this just how much I hate putting myself out there, it really makes me feel uncomfortable however I also learned that 99.9% of what I am afraid of is actually a total nonsense because the response I got was fantastic. I was invited out to look at a hall on Sunday which I did, so I have a space I can hire and I am waiting to hear back from another hall in the other town. I had four parents contact me to say they would like to hear when the classes start so they can get a place for their child. I had a woman from the local high school get in touch saying she would like to help and had some young people in mind who she thought would really benefit. I had a message from a woman who runs a local musical theatre group asking if I would interested in a collaboration. In short it all went a bit crazy! So I didn’t quite get to the being paid bit but certainly this ball is rolling now and I imagine I should be placed to start the sessions very soon. My biggest take away actually is that I need to remember that I am actually offering something of value and so putting it out there shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or rather I need to remember to push past the discomfort because really nothing bad is going to happen! I am also amazed at how much can happen in a short space of time when you are very focussed. Even on a bank holiday weekend! A very productive and useful challenge Jeff, thank you. I can’t wait to see how everyone has done.

  70. I’m in and I did not receive this until today May 4th at 8:56. Mine is speaking. I will be looking up specific inspirational speakers and study them as they speak. Then, scary thought, I will record my first video of myself. YIKES! Not sure where to share it but that’s mine. It’s the fastest one being it’s due today at three. The other one that will take longer is hand writing analysis. Weird, I know!

    1. Teya, I want to see your video! Share it on Twitter with the hastag #ptypc so we can watch it and celebrate with you.

  71. I saw this post then forgot all about it. However, I did start something new. I want to get VA work as a side gig so I can work on my writing.
    I have a client who wants me to write some canned grading comments he can use as a college instructor. Then I need to learn how to upload them to his software.

  72. Hi Jeff, OK challenge accepted and mission accomplished (I think) … My #PTYPC project is to launch a Music Marketing Playbook for independent artists. I’ve been playing music for a long time, and I’ve always wanted something like this. But the furthest I’ve gotten is wishing and making plans. My current plan was to create it based on a case study – the next record I release this year. But I wasn’t sure what it would look like, or what else was out there. Since I’ve recently read your new book, your recent posts, emails, etc. have al been top of mind. So I took your passion challenge post to be a sign.

    I am going to launch a Music Marketing Playbook for independent artists that will exist in several forms, all of which can evolve over time. There will be a book, work book, templates, and video tutorials, as well as a community site, podcast with interviews and tips. It turns out there may very well be a live training event.

    As I cover the details here, I think I should point out that I’ve never written a course, had a podcast, or hosted a training event It wasn’t until I bit the bullet here that I realized I know both A LOT about this topic and NOTHING about doing this. So I am feeling really, really pumped. And I’m pretty much completely panicking about actually delivering it.

    But I validated it with my community, way more than I thought considering I’m not exactly tapping into a market of wealthy customers.

    start a an online Signing Academy. Looked up Coursera and plan to mimic their approach; data-centered learning.

    Here’s what happened:

    Decide. Pick a passion – DONE (see above)

    Learn – DONE: I looked up every podcast on music marketing I could find (8 exceptional ones), and while listening I checked out what they offered with regards to products and services. That led to wrapping my head around at least a dozen different offerings to the market. It’s truly all over the map, but just looking at all of it gives me loads of ideas of how I could actually make something out of this idea.

    Do – DONG: I started outlining options, high level content, people I could interview, people I wish I could interview. Set up Evernote to collect the details. Re-committed to the Facebook group I created for local musicians to share tips and get support. Tweaked out my Twitter and feeds to make sure I have more content to share and use as source material for the near-future blog and still-wishful-thinking-podcast.

    Share – I reached out to the Facebook group … holy moly I brought this thing to the market, pre-selling style! In addition to the feedback I didn’t know that I had – people actually check out the posts I share and ask me questions – 3 people expressed interest, one person paid me for v1 of the playbook based on an outline, and another person offered to buy at ticket for $100 to a 1/2 day workshop that I didn’t even mention as a vote of confidence. That’s feedback!!

    I MUST deliver some kind of result – did I? $100 for the workshop, $10 for the playbook outline, 3 interested (“I would buy”), 5 people agreed to be interviewed.

    I would love to get your feedback on this, I feel like I just opened a big door, but I’m also totally panicking as I’m not sure how in the world I will put this whole thing together. Thanks for the kick/scare/encouragement!

  73. “I’m in”
    A bit late, but nevertheless…
    Felt lead to start a blog aimed at building connection by sharing the un-shiny me and the bumps, bruises, and scars we encounter along the journey to wholeness. As my blog synopsis suggests, I am a work in progress, so dealing with my resistance: fear, insecurity, competence, procrastination, perfectionism (ok, you get the idea) that comes with stepping into something brand new.

    For the last 48 hours, I have actually been writing and editing my first few blog posts. This is all while my insecurities have challenged my competence and qualifications as a writer and ‘minister’ of sorts.

    Currently, I only have the barebones website set up, but plan to finish have at least my first post done and published on the blog tonight.

    I have recently started reading Wrecked (getting ‘wrecked’ myself), as well as participating in the 500 word writing challenge.

    1. One of my struggles is focus, and was having difficulty figuring out what it was to look like. The point of it all. As I was editing it, my post took a turn in a new direction with the clarity I had been seeking, so running with it.
      I appreciate this challenge, even if I didn’t quite finish on time – it got me ‘moving’.

  74. I’m in!

    My #PTYPC is to write my first blog post! This might be a bit weird though… but my first blog post is about my #PTYPC LOL. I love this idea and thank you for sharing!

    My first blog post:

    My goal is to get 10 new visits. Will you be one of them? 😀 (Don’t mind this 😀 face… this line is probably one of the most difficult lines I have ever typed…) Writing my first post isn’t hard, sharing it with other people and talking to other people are challenges themselves (especially with a blog with just one post).

    Thank you for reading and good luck everyone!

    1. Hi Amy,

      I just gave you a visit, nice post, Good job on getting it started and getting your post up. Will keep in touch.

      Keep writing

  75. I accomplished my goal of learning how to shot and edit a video. It was a very long process that I didn’t think would exhaust me like it did! I slept less in the last 48 hours than I usually do but it was worth it to know that I can push myself in a short amount of time to accomplish anything. I think I will use this method the next time I have a task that I need to get done. Right when I was almost done the program quit unexpectedly leaving me to believe that I would have to start all over. The biggest lesson was that instead of crying like I wanted to I decided that I would just start all over. I made a new file but before I got to deep in the re-do process I thought I should check again to see if I really lost all my work. Magically or God willed it appeared! The lesson there was how determined I was, it was 1 am and I was willing to start completely over. I was going to finish that video no matter what! The purpose of the video was to give new subscribers access to it when they signed up using their e-mail address. Since I posted about this video this morning I have 5 new subscribers! I know with time I can get more! Thanks for helping me to reach my goals.
    If anyone wants to check out my blog or see the video that I made the video is not of me, but it was shot and edited by me.


  76. I accomplished getting the first part of my manifesto written. Like so many others, I struggle with focus, esp. when there are several goals that share one factor. I regained it by concentrating on my personal manifesto first, since it influences the effectiveness of other manifestos and business plans. This was huge, as I’ve just gotten through some personal setbacks and found that I really didn’t know myself as much as I thought I did. My personal manifesto is nearly finished, and the best actions taken has been 1) writing it and 2) making the personal breakthroughs to get to this point. The biggest part of the manifesto is the statement “I have found myself after many years of allowing people to validate me and tell me whom I was supposed to be.”

    On the business half of my goal, I’ve contacted my tech support person and let him know about the files he’d need for uploading to my site (a glitch is not allowing me to upload them myself). I also told him how I wanted to proceed on getting the suppliers’ information onto the site. So, right now, everything is in progress, but that’s a lot better than having nothing started at all or being afraid to start. I’m also starting a Pinterest page for my e-commerce site, but I’m starting out small first and then upgrading once the site is launched. I’m doing all of this with an on-my-toes alertness and some anxiety. I’m determined not to let the setbacks and trauma of the past keep me from being who I am and who I’m meant to be! More on this as we go along, even though the challenge is basically over.

  77. Follow up to “I’m in!”: I did get my first post up today, plus two more that I had sitting in the Drafts section:) I also revised my About page, made my corresponding FB public (I have 4 likes and 1 share so far), and I set up an AdSense account. Mission accomplished! Thanks again for the challenge!

  78. Late coming back because I just uploaded a 7-day sample of my 28-day Fear Not devotional to Amazon. It’s in the publishing process and then I will offer it either as a free or $.99 download as a pre-launch for the full devotional. Still learning how to offer it as a free download…

    1. Amazing video Justin, and great job on getting all that done and on top of that creating the video, you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep at it.

      Best wishes

  79. I started the ball rolling, on updating the website that has been ignored for years. With hundreds of articles that need links verified or created and even more articles that need to be posted I was only able to make a small dent. But it did get me started and made me realize I have missed being active in building/creating things. If anyone knows of a WordPress script that can import Word documents into post, let me know….otherwise I will be doing a lot of cutting and pasting. All of the articles are written in Word that need to be uploaded to the website. A couple of things I learned, I was using Clicky for monitoring traffic to the site. They disable the free version if you are not actively checking it. The other thing I was reminded of, if you link to outside sources, you need to verify your links on a regular basis to make sure they are still good! Thank you Jeff for this challenge!

    1. Congrats Heather, Glad that you were committed to get it started, now you can keep at it with a regular schedule 😉

      Love the design of your blog, clean crisp and simple. keep writing 😉

      Best wishes

  80. Hi Jeff, thanks for this challenge. I’d been working on a project about combining writing and zen / meditation / mindfulness for some weeks now and I’ll take this as another chance to get this project going. I already have a website up but currently have someone working on a new design, hopefully finishing this week. That will be the starting point, helping (German) flourish! All the best. Nadine

  81. I am in. Although if i say what i want to do it might make some people blush, or even worst be horrified. I want to post a blog about a fetish. I enjoy fetishism and think I can do really well but i am stuck. You see I really want to monetize from this blog but I am not sure how to do that for an adult fetish site. Any suggestions, recommendations? Thank you!

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