Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect

This is the fourth lesson of an eight-week book study I’m hosting live on The Art of Work. Be sure to join the book study so that you don’t miss next week’s lesson, and join the conversation live! Go here to watch the previous three lessons.

Book study highlights

In this week’s lesson, we talk about:

  • Why finding your calling is essential to doing great and meaningful work.
  • Deciding what passion to pursue when you have more than one.
  • Figuring out the next step you need to take in pursuit of your calling.
  • The biggest myths about knowing and pursuing your calling.
  • How practice will help you figure out what you are meant to do.
  • What will inhibit you from experiencing personal growth.
  • The type of practice it takes to become great at something.


I hope you’ll join me live next week for The Art of Work book study where we will discuss why finding your calling isn’t about taking a glorious leap, but about building bridges.

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