Until You Publish Your Work, You’re Not in the Game

Great Writers Publish

This is Day 13 in the Great Writers series.

Great writers are great not because of talent, but because they possess one crucial ingredient that the rest of us lack:


They know how to stick things through — to push hard and achieve a goal and move on to the next project.

Mostly, though, they understand that until they publish their work, until other eyeballs are on it, it might as well be invisible.

The amateur approach

The amateur doesn’t understand this. And let’s be honest: There’s a bit of amateur in all of us, isn’t there? We struggle with this discipline of sharing our work. All because of the most potent enemy of art: fear.

We’re afraid of many things: failure, success, responsibility, expectation, rejection, misunderstanding, and more. So we sabotage ourselves. Because hiding from the limelight is more comfortable than actually doing work that earns attention.

It’s time to stop that. Make no mistake: An artist doesn’t create for accolades. But if you’re going to do work that matters, at some point it’ll need to get noticed in order to have an impact.

Stretch yourself

I’m not talking about another blog post or essay saved to your laptop (although, those are good places to start). It’s time to move onto the next risk.

I’m talking about a feature article or book or something better. Something that stretches you, something you’ve been waiting for permission to release.

The best part? You get to pick the project. Just make it count. Chances are it’s whatever you’re most afraid of.

The challenge

Today, we’re going to publish something. Anything, really. Whatever you do, don’t play it safe. Go for broke. Stop hiding and start writing for real:

  • The manuscript in your dresser drawer? Send it off.
  • That article you’ve been thinking about writing for an A-list blog? Submit it. Let go of control; you’re ready.
  • That eBook you’ve been stalling to finish? It’s good enough. Put it out there.

Don’t squander this opportunity. You won’t have another like it. You’ve done great work; time to share it.

We’re in this together

Let’s do this as an exercise, shall we? Suspend your doubt for a day and ship something you’re scared of.

It can be a little ugly this go-around. That’s okay. I just want you to experience the thrill of creating something important and doing it in public.

It’s one thing to take risks in anonymity and quite another to do it in a community. So let’s do this together. We’re all friends here.

The good news is this is no longer something you have to wait on. You can do this right now. The opportunities are innumerable. So why in the world are you still sitting there?

Bonus:Need an extra push in the right direction? Read this: Waiting to Get Published Will Never Work.

What did you publish? Share in the comments.

109 thoughts on “Until You Publish Your Work, You’re Not in the Game

  1. The different between writers and published authors? Published authors submit their work. That’s it! 

    I’ve been published in Guideposts, P31 Woman, Vista, Love is a Verb (Gary Chapman’s devotional book) and Always There (MOPS devotional).  I wrote a chapter for a book coming out in 2013 by Back to the Bible, published by Bethany House. And for all the Michael Hyatt fan’s, I’ve guest posted on his blog twice.

    The funny thing is I’m not a great writer. I’m a good writer who submits her work.

    1. I love this! ” I’m a good writer who submits her work.”  That’s it. That’s me too.  Thanks for stating it like that!

    2.  “I’m not a great writer. I’m a good writer who submits her work.”  That resonates with me.  Even though, I’m not great…I feel compelled to keep writing and to keep sharing. 

    3. The funny thing is I’m not a great writer. I’m a good writer who submits her work…..YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW POWERFUL YOUR STATEMENT IS! THANKS FOR SHARING IT.

    4. This afternoon, I spend some time visiting the various sites that have linked up to the challenge.  I felt so inadequate next to such strong writers.  I know I’m not supposed to compare myself to others: there will always be those who are much better than myself.

      I am adequate, as well.  I have submitted work and had it published in the past.  It’s time to get into the present.

      1. Shelley, I can relate.  I’ve also visited other #15habits writers blogs & websites and feel inadequate as a writer.  Yet, as you say, we are NOT to compare ourselves to others.  Each of us has a unique story to tell.  We’re all different.  And that is a GOOD thing.

        You are more than adequate.  You are GREAT!  Especially since you’ve been published.  🙂

    5. Kelly, for an un-great writer, you’ve provided a reality-shifting sentence to a number of us:

      “The funny thing is I’m not a great writer. I’m a good writer who submits her work.”

      From this fellow, thanks for submitting!

  2. I’m published in many places, but the book was the dream. My first mystery will be out from Mainly Murder Press in November. I began writing it ten years ago. Guess I hung in there. Thanks for making us tell, Jeff!

      1. Thank you, Emily.  If there’s such a thing – the experience has been both humbling and uplifting. I’m still just barely believing it. 

      1. Hi, Suzanne. The title is The Red Shoelace Killer – A Minnie Markwood Mystery. It will be available on Amazon and from the publisher on November 1, 2012.  It’s a comic-cozy and I’ll be writing more about it on my blog as the months go by. Thank you for asking! 

  3. I can’t IMAGINE being published.   Talk about fear!  I’ll think about this today, though, and at least figure out where to start.  

    Thanks for another push, Jeff!!

  4. In trying to meet the “steal” challenge, I kind of went ugly and examined some nasty stuff about my motivations for wanting to write – in part to get approval and be liked. And I met today’s challenge, at the minimum. I published something! https://thepaulsims.posterous.com/self-loathing-and-affirmation-seeking
    How did the rest of you do with this?

  5. I nearly peed my pants just reading this so I’m probably not going to attempt to publish anything just yet. Far to insecure at this point. I’m not even sure what publications make sense for me yet. I suppose I have a while before I understand what my voice is. However, I’m going to begin thinking from this mind set and become more knowledgeable about the opportunities out there that might be a good fit. Was that just a total copout?

  6. Jeff, you just won’t leave us alone, will you?  Push, push push! 😉  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.   Thank you for not being content with our contentedness. It feels great to be stretched and challenged and get OUT THERE with my writing.  I needed this shove!  Not sure what I’m going to publish right now, but I have an idea fleshed out for another picture book so maybe I’ll take that and run with and submit it..eventually…..

  7. I self Published  my first little magazine Inspired Studios twice … the first one in ten days. My studio story was featured in a major magazine.  And, in May I self published Business Notes from Santa Claus on Amazon … Now, it’s time to step up my game! Thanks for the inspiration Jeff.

    1. Emily, I really enjoyed your first interview with Katharine Sise.  I’m looking forward to being inspired by the rest of your series.

  8. Jeff, like Beth says, you are really pushing us…to the wall.  I know I needed it! Four years my book has been ready and sitting in my computer…Finally I sent it to an editor. Hopefully it will be ready for publishing soon. I am also publishing a guest post over the weekend….I’ll let eveyone know.  Today, I will sent a poem out…somewhere, and find out where i can publish some other articles on community gardens and art.
    About finding a patron…not really sure whom to ask, which field to find him/her in, what is he supposed to do for me, and how to ask .  Can you, once more tell me?
    Thanks for everything! and have a great day!

  9. Besides taking up your 15-day challenge, I have finished a song, recorded a rough demo and sent it off.  The people I sent it to are some of the best musicians I know and they have agreed to help me record it.  It was scary to even ask them for help and even worse to send them a demo of my work because I consider them a lot better than me.  But, I knew I wanted to produce a quality product and that I wanted others to hear it.  So, I went forth.
    Thanks for your courage and inspiration.
    Don, https://www.ising4God.com

    1. Way to go, Don!  Once you throw off one fear – writing and sending your stories out – it’s just that much easier to slay your next fear.  One more dream manifested for you.

  10. I am thisclose to finishing an e-booklet of an essay I wrote about the impact of historical fiction on my perspective of history. I will be posting it next Monday on my Louisa May Alcott blog because timing-wise, I think that is when it will get the most views. I’m also starting a new page on my blog called “In the Garrett” (as that is where Jo March from Little Women did all her “scribbling”) where I will be posting my writing – the essay will be the first entry. My first fiction short story is also thisclose to being finished and I will be creating an e-book for that and posting it “In the Garrett” as well.

    It’s really heartening to read your posts, Jeff, and to see that I’ve been following your advice since I started reading your blog months ago. I recommend it now to anyone who needs to jumpstart something creative. Thanks for all you do!

  11. I did it!! I did it!! I published the link to my blog on my main Facebook page. Now, that’s not part of the publishing thing for today. It was mainly from yesterday. I had been scared to do it because there are people who are my FB friends who don’t know about the miscarriage that I had, and I was afraid to tell them because I was afraid of the reactions I would get. But, no more!!! That is not the person I want to be or the writer I want to be. https://writewhatyouknowdotorg.wordpress.com/    Now, for the publishing part, I don’t have any finished original pieces I can send off today, but I am working on a short story that I am planning to submit to a Writer’s Digest short story competition next month. The deadline is July 15.  I ask that you all here and the people who come to my blog keep me on my toes, and we can celebrate once I’m finished.  Thanks, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa for your honesty and courage in this comment and the link to Facebook.  It has been a struggle for me to write for the last few days … largely fear based and exhaustion.  On Monday I was blessed with a newborn daughter (I will admit I was a bit hesitant to write that given the subject of your comment), and at the same time a SERIOUS financial/business issue… completely out of my control …  came up the day before my daughter was born.  

      I felt like I was knocked back into 1992 (just out of college … barely out the Ramen-Noodle-life, without two nickles to rub together).  And candidly, I’m using this comment to take a few steps toward overcoming the financial and writing fear(s) so I can complete the last two challenges.  

      The events of the last few days … were overwhelmingly challenging (and still are) but they are an excellent source for writing something “provocative” (Day 12  challenge) … especially as it relates to financial recovery.
      (“I am a writer” and a “recovering hedge fund manager”).  

      So thanks again for the bold comment.  It gave me an additional ray of light in a dark situation … one that will come out in a provocative post on my blog shortly.
      Kudos to you Lisa.  Godspeed!

      1. Nicholas, first, congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I don’t mind at all that you mentioned her. I am convinced that I was pregnant with a girl although it was too early at the time to tell. I have two older boys who are 12 and 15, and having them and my husband have really helped me through the grief. Now, on to your comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think the genesis of my being able to do this came through last night. At the end of 2010, my husband had to have surgery which was pretty severe, and as we are a one income family, him losing his job during the recovery process was financially devastating. It took him almost a year to find another one. When I came home last night, he was sick, and I flashed back to that time. He has an ileostomy and has a very lowered immune system. I realized some things were going to need to change as to how I reacted to things. That is where my courage is having to come in because I don’t ever want us to have to go through that again. I published my blog link on FB, and I’m going to have conversations today that will not be pleasant because I don’t want to go through that again. I will keep an eye out for your blog post because I do want to read it. God bless!!

  12. I’m totally an amateur. I started writing (seriously) this year, so i feel i’m staying behind with this challenges. So, i would like some tips about getting started. This series is great, don’t get me wrong. But i think there could be some sort of before-you-can-start-writing post, to tell you about places you can start publishing or sending proposals.

  13. Jeff, you inspired me (before this post even) to try and get published.  My first piece (https://fullya.lv/Lj8V8u) was published by Burnside Writers Collective earlier this year, and my second piece was just accepted.  

    What’s funny though, is how quickly my excitement turned to terror, when I realized that a wider audience would be exposed to my writing.  THAT’s the moment when all of my insecurities raced out from hiding–I wanted to unsubmit.  

    I imagine those insecurities will decrease–or at least I’ll learn to co-exist with them.  It’s all part of the journey of going pro.

    Thanks Jeff, for the inspiration!

  14. You said, “Chances are it’s whatever you’re most afraid of.”
    That’s so insightful. It reminds me of Seth Godin’s thoughts. He’s said that he listens to his resistance, his lizard brain – but only so he can do the exact thing that his lizard brain is afraid of.

  15. Only 3 chapter left and then my 1st MS will be done…then I’m editing and will ship! Not just a little scary…a LOT scary! At least for me…it’s a story that reveals all my inner fears and demons:(…so really putting it out there.  Just a few weeks ago they published my 1st short story (based on true events) in CFOM…here’s the link:)

    It feels good but scary to get it out there…but I suppose that’s normal, right?

    1. Lorna, I just read it. What a touching story, I ached for those kids standing in the cold.  You are a beautiful storyteller.  

    2. Thank you for the link to your story, Lorna.  We hold such power to hurt or heal with our words, don’t we?  What an inspiring story of forgiveness.

  16. Last Thursday I actually got a phone call scheduled with a Literary Agent that I have been trying to get to “notice” me for a couple of months.  I almost cancelled the call, but went through with it.  The call went awesome and he requested I send him everything I have written on my manuscript, not just a couple of sample chapters.  I stalled till Monday – out of sheer terror.  But Monday AM, with one click, I let my very soul (it feels like anyway) be shipped off to a virtual stranger, and a professional stranger at that.  I have not heard a reply.  I had a very vivid nightmare about it 2 nights ago.   But I do feel freed from the burden of having it just sit and be for me only. 
    So, not published, but sent to someone who will judge if “publishing” worthy.  And I do believe that the very act of sending it, has made ME believe it is publishing worthy!

    1. That is amazing, Carole!  From the little bit I’ve read on your blog, your book is going to be great.  Not only that, it’s going to change lives.

      So when you say they’ve requested all that you’ve actually written, does that mean you’ve not finished it?  I had no idea that you could pursue an agent with an unscripted manuscript.  Hmmm… gives me something to think about as our book is close, but not quite finished yet. 

  17. Jeff,

    This is written in love and with a big hug.  For me, this challenge is not going to happen. At least not today.  I do have 2 articles that have been published sometime ago on the web in MORE E-Zine (funny enough, one was about being a writer) and 2 short stories sent out to a contest(but I can’t publish those anywhere until I hear the results of the contest).  As for anything else on my laptop or in my head, nothing is close to being finished and won’t sendanything  out half -baked. I do understand the reasoning behind pushing beyond your fear to let go and show your work to the world. But( you knew there was going to be a but, didn’t you?), I also want to be proud of what I submit.  I am not sure submitting “f-ugly” is the first impression I want to make with an editor of a magazine or curator of a slush pile.

    First impressions matter.  Bigtime.

    Luckily, I’m not that  afraid to let go when I know I’ve done my best. My best is all I can ever do.  If it’s not good enough, then so be it.   I was an operatic and concert soloist for many years in Europe and in the States.  Performance doesn’t scared me. I thrived on it.  Rejection doesn’t scare me. I don’t love it but I know art of all forms is a subjective thing to the audience. One person can think you are brilliant and a true gift from the gods and the other sitting in the next seat might want to suggest you sell Avon.  God knows there were plenty of , “You’re not quite what we’re looking for, dear”  when I was performing but in all the rejection instances, it was largely because I was not as polished and prepared as I should have been. I knew it from the get-go but I put myself out there anyway, for whatever reason and each time, I was dsiappoiunted in my judgement. Not the rejection itself.

    I try to carry that over into all my writing.   I want to be sure it is as good as I can get it, then I’ll let the little bird out of the cage.  If it does a header on the pavement, at least I know I tried my best to make it fly. We are all our own worst critic…andI think  we SHOULD be.

    I’m not in denial, I just want to be as professional in a writing career as I tried to be in my singing career. I’m not trying to be holier-than-thou. I’m a performer and I’ll always be one. It’s the way I am wired, I guess.

    (just realized that this might have been a good post for the “provoke” challenge?)

    1. Here, here, Judith! I agree with you! I am someone who also needs to read, change, and re-write before I even publish a blog post (although, admittedly, I have become much more efficient at writing those!)  I think maintaining an element of professionalism at all times is crucial to others’ taking our work seriously. After all, if we don’t take it seriously, why should anyone else?  For me, though, I like that Jeff is reminding us to get out there and WRITE.  It’s sort of like running; initially you start to do it for exercise or to get into shape, but once you’ve met that goal, you need to find a new one – take your running to the next level by entering a 5K, half-marathon, marathon, etc.  This keeps you motivated and practicing your craft.  It’s the same with writing: what started out as a hobby can become something more fulfilling if you keep upping the ante, i.e., trying to get your work read by others.  It is such an individual process, of course, and I agree that we should work to always make sure our work is as polished as possible before releasing it to the masses, but we also cannot let the fear of rejection keep us from letting others read our writing once it has met our own personal standards.  Balance, it’s all about balance!

  18. Wow! What a wonderful “push” to work harder. My work literally isn’t ready to publish. It’s a book, but it is not quite complete. So, instead of hitting “publish,” I’m going to spend more time today writing/editing than I had planned so I can get moving on getting this thing ready to roll out!

  19. “We’re afraid of many things: failure, success, responsibility, expectation,
    rejection, misunderstanding, and more. So we sabotage ourselves.”
    I was too stupid to be afraid. So others sabotaged me. It’s time for me to bounce back off the ropes for round two, I can tell.
    I’ve published over 60 articles in magazines and newpapers.
    Time for that one impossible chapter in the book to materialize, to go forth.

  20. I have a fair few e-book ideas and have written bits of pieces of some of them – and have one planned for later this year which isn’t finished yet, not fully written, and which I am working on and planning with others. I have another which has a first draft finished which I could share – one problem though. It’s a Pages document, and I have no idea how to turn it into a PDF or post it on Amazon, Kindle or even on my site.

    Can anyone help so I could do this?

  21. After I failed to find the provocative article I was hoping to publish yesterday, I felt a bit disheartened by today’s and yesterday’s challenges.  I read all of the comments below and admired you all – for your persistence and courage.

    But then the day improved: I published a book review today on a highly-regarded website, a controversial blog post weighing in on the whole stay-at-home Mums vs. working Mums debate which has just been stirred up again in the UK because of some comments made yesterday by Cherie Blair,  and I got in touch with an author about doing an interview with her when I review her new book. 

  22. What if the thing we’re working toward getting published just isn’t ready? I’m not talking being scared to move forward, I’m talking simply not ready. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done. 

    I know I need to stretch myself and work on some articles or guest posts for bigger blogs, but I just don’t know that I’ll be able to get those done and ready to ship TODAY. I’ve had a few ideas bouncing in my head, but nothing concrete yet. 

    Do I get some points for at least working toward this goal?

      1. Would you be interested in practicing as a guest poster for a small, almost non-existent blog?  You have a heart for orphans, which is related to what I’m passionate & tend to write about – outreach.  Let me know!

    1. In the meantime, you could always practice by submitting a guest post to my nearly non-existent little blog.  I’ve been thinking of asking a few #15habits writers, and I love your topic – worship – and how that relates to my topic – outreach.  Would you be interested?

  23. While I have enjoyed all of your posts, this one resonateswith me the most. 

    “they understand that until they publish their work, until other eyeballs are on it, it might as well be invisible.”

    That, right there, is exactly what I’ve needed someone to come out and say.  I know this already, of course, but knowing it doesn’t seem to matter.  My excuse is, and has always been:  fear.  I have to push past it, simple as that.

    Thank you for just coming out and saying it.  I appreciate your approach to all this (and, clearly, so do many, many others lol!)  Today, I actually pitched an A-list blog with two article ideas.  Fingers crossed!   

  24. I submitted 2 pieces this week. One to a contest. One to publisher. Excited and scared at same time.

  25. I’ve been blessed to have been published a few times in the magazine of a group I support, with another article scheduled for August.  Last year I co-authored a daily book, and have submitted my piece for next year’s edition.  And the scarlet and green boa I won as a runner-up in Stella Cameron’s dialogue only contest flutters on the arm of the floorlamp to my left. 

    But my biggest dream is to have my novel published.  I’m working on the last half with the goal of having the first draft complete by the end of the year.

    Today I have nothing completed to send out.  That means I’d better get these two YA novels read – because I owe two reviews next week.

  26. I love your encouragement, Jeff! Actually, I am preparing a book proposal to submit at a writer’s conference in a month, so all my energy is currently there. Could use prayers for courage as I step way out of my comfort zone here. Thanks.

  27. I once attempted a bathroom renovation project which became memorable for many reasons, not the least of which was accidentally trapping the neighbors’ cat under the new floor. Friends with whom I had shared the story mentioned it for years. When I heard about submissions being accepted for a book called “A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider”, I decided to write out “The Bathroom and the Neighbors’ Cat” and submit it. My piece was accepted and became part of an entertaining and inspiring book! (
    Bill Bonikowsky

  28. I had an article published as a special op-ed piece this past spring when I worked on a committee to get a school bond passed.  It was quite an honor to see my words in real print (as opposed to simply on the computer screen). I was also recently invited to write a guest post for Kristen Lamb and just submitted it to her today. I’m excited, nervous, and humbled as the post is about art and its role in helping my community. I would love to write more featured articles, but, honestly, haven’t given much thought or effort into writing something worth publishing beyond my blog posts and my WIP. Thanks for the push, I probably needed it!

  29. I decided to write my ebook on Media Ministry. I have an audience, but I have been too afraid because I felt too ashamed as a writer. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. This 15 day journey has brought me closer to my realization that I can do it, and yes, I am a writer! 

  30. I have an article ready to submit to an online magazine, but waiting to finish my website so I can send the link along with the article. I’m excited… but have a question – where is a good place to FIND places to submit one’s work?? In reading the comments I’m hearing of a lot of publications I’ve never even heard of. Where are you guys finding places to submit to? Thanks!

  31. When I started running two years ago, I didn’t call myself a runner.  But as I continued running, week after week – adding up the miles, increasing the distances – I found that I became a better runner.  It was in training for a half marathon that I saw my time dramatically improve for shorter distances.  The farther I ran, the faster (better) I became.  My successes in running come with continued work.

    Being published is a dream of mine, so I need to keep doing the work.  It will pay off.  That means submitting my stories and essays over and over, creating new ideas, and being persistent. 

    I enjoy reading the comments of other writers, and seeing the different levels.  For me, it’s like the start of a race.  We have different experiences, different goals, but are supportive of each other.  It gives me encouragement to keep working. 

  32. I’m doing it right now Jeff!  This challenge has gotten me moving.  I even missed yesterday because I was pulling together a free ebook (available tomorrow) on my blog for my new newsletter subscribers.  It may be a little “ugly” but I’m hitting publish tonight!  Thanks for inspiring! 

  33. Submitted a children’s chapter book to a publisher. Wrote the letter this morning and put it in the mail. Now I just have to wait 6 months or so to hear from them?

  34. Ok, Jeff, I did it. Just submitted a guest post to a popular blog…one that I’d been “editing” and “reworking” for a month. Thank you for the push to work hard and ship. And now I’m on to the next project as we speak. I can’t thank you enough for your constant inspiration!

  35. So, while I’ve been hired to write things before, mostly software manuals, this time I “published” a very small set of very small stories to a 4-year-old girl.  Last fall, I had made some dollies out of beautiful dark green “dent” corn by knitting and stitching some clothes.  They kind of took on a life of their own, and my head filled with stories from the perspective of Indian Corn Dolls (not cornhusk dolls), and it was really strange and difficult.  I was terrified of these weird, surreal, small stories..  So, while I’m not publishing these to anywhere public, they are getting a first hearing to the girl to whom they were dedicated.  If they survive, I’ll continue.  However, if anyone’s curious, here is a slideshow of the dolls themselves: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vagabondanne/sets/72157628198774737/show/

  36. K – I started my  NEW blog today. Here it is:  https://islandsofmysoul.com/.  I need someone. . . anyone to comment. (The comment button is in the top right talk bubble dealybob.  Please tell me this is a start.


  37. K – I started my  NEW blog today. Here it is:  https://islandsofmysoul.com/.  I need someone. . . anyone to comment. (The comment button is in the top right talk bubble dealybob.  Please tell me this is a start.


  38. I’m going to go out on a limb and disagree with your title.  As long as I’m writing, I’m in the game.    As long as I keep walking out there, picking up my bat and swinging as hard as I can, I’m in the game.  I may not touch home every time, heck I may not always get on base, but as long as I don’t pick up my ball and go home, I’m in the game.  I may be on a small dirt field with only a few fans in the stands, but I’m still playing and proud of it.

  39. Today I sent off some articles for potential guest posts.  Also, I took a huge step and enrolled in my first set of classes to becoming a certified health/wellness coach.  Today was a positive step in the right direction.

  40. I buckled down and inflicted a work-in-progress report on the subscribers to my mailing list. The eBook version of that report will arrive later, but I had time enough for a preview today.

  41. I finally put three chapters of my next book up on the website-https://www.tcmcmullen.com/disillusionmentseries/id23.html- and sent it off to be released to the world, not just to the proofreader. I’ve had thirteen books in print, but it never gets any easier, at least not for me. I still struggle with accepting that my work is good enough. Nearly crashed and burned until reminding myself that I am a writer. 

  42. I published a blog post I had been thinking about for quite some time. In addition, I promoted another writer’s blog: https://paulinesthoughts.com/2012/06/22/when-the-wrong-person-is-elected-president-a-christians-response. Although I have not written every day during this challenge, I have written at least double what I normally do in the same time frame.  Since I’m working on my master’s as well, I feel that has been an accomplishment. Thanks Jeff for the motivation!

  43. I have a piece that is in the “edit and revise” stage for a book — a “hold it in your hands” book! I’m excited, nervous, and glad all in one for putting myself out there. 

  44. I promised myself this was the year of shipping as Jeff says, but my computer was stolen and it set me back badly. I did manage to hang on to a few manuscripts including a finished screenplay. I’m sending it in as my MFA application in this week. 🙂 That’s my first push. Then I’m sending my screenplay to a contest.

  45. Hard fact. I still remember the time when my story got published for the first time. The amount of joy and the confidence gained is immeasurable.

  46. We started our writing journey in November & our goal is to finish our first book in August.  Then we’ll be hitting up agents & submitting our manuscript to anyone we can find that will take it!  We’re really nervous about it, but it’s been a dream of ours for so long, that we’re excited about the possibilities!!  If you’re interested, check out our blog… https://totallyfiction.blogspot.com  Thanks in advance!

  47. I’m 1/3rd of the trio over at Totally Fiction, and while I am absolutely loving the writing journey we’re on with our fiction book, stepping out by myself to write about what I’m really passionate (outreach & serving) is a little nerve-wracking.  I’ve been blogging about it for a while now, but have never tried to get published in a magazine, e-zine, or anything like that.  I want to.  But I think fear of rejection is hindering me.  Not anymore.  This past week I’ve actually researched different submission requirements and such.  I’d love some advice from those of you who’ve submitted articles so I know what to do & not to do.  Thanks!

  48. I’ve had news articles, professional articles, and a woodworking project published, but none of my “artier” work (which is the scarier stuff to put out there, so the tidy pile of rejection slips takes a pretty big toll.)
    I have an invitation to guest blog on a political-economic topic, but I’m still working on finding a home for the fiction and art-related work.I appreciate reading about everyone’s approach to this.  This has been a tremendously supportive group.

  49. I am sending off my children’s picture book, “You’re on the Wrong Road, Solomon!” to messiancjewish.net next week, along with the proposal I finished during your challenge. I am grateful to you, Jeff!

  50. This reminds me of Seth Godin’s point in “Poke the Box.” You haven’t done anything until you’ve shipped. Planning, dreaming, and pontificating about those dreams and plans is one thing. Execution is another. Until there is something that people can interact with, purchase, and use, you haven’t really done anything. Great post!

  51. Okay, Okay. . . I finally got a blog up and running and I posted about Day 13 today.  I’d love feedback. . . baby steps.

  52. I’ve just read this after writing my own true story based article on procrastination.  The next step is not to sit on it and just let it get lost in all of the other saved files.  I empathise will Shelley M DuPont but I’ve never posted anywhere other than on my own blog.  

  53. I did it.  I took the manuscript out of the drawer, edited and updated it one more time, then published it for Kindle on Amazon.  And, I’m TERRIFIED!  But, it’s there, and it’s live and now, I’m finally a published writer.  Thanks for the shove in the back (or kick in the @#$)!

  54. I’m a little earlier in the journey to just go and publish something (except of course on my own blog). I’ve been published in magazines previously,  but they were craft and knitting magazines and not what I would call my ‘proper’ writing (features on how to organise your papercraft stash isn’t really my dream in life I’m afraid!). 

    But this has given me a push to go out and seek opportunities for publication – guest posts on blogs, maybe some online magazines, maybe some print magazines! It’s a work in progress but it’s given me something to aim towards.

    I’ve blogged about it here: https://emilydavieswrites.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/getting-published.html

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