What I’m Reading this Week: 2.20.11

Girl on bed with bookI’m a big fan of writers reading (a lot).

I have a stack of books and magazines on my night stand and don’t feel complete at the end of the day if I haven’t read from some of them.

How else are you supposed to get better at your craft if you’re not studying what others are doing?

As I look through my Delicious bookmarks, Instapaper feed, and Stumbleupon page, I see over a dozen articles that I’ve enjoyed this past week.

Here are the top five articles (in no particular order) that challenged me to make a difference:

Just Write | Adam McLane [Writing]
Adam challenges our assumptions about successful blogging by calling us to do the one thing we’ve been avoiding.

How to Control Your Check-In Addiction | Scott Belsky & Jocelyn Glei [Time Management]
Belsky and Glei (via the 99%) explain how our attachment to mobile devices and technology may betray some deeper underlying psychology about our need for acceptance.

10 Tips For Beginning Bloggers | Bryan Allain [Blogging]
Bryan shares some tips for bloggers that are just starting out and share some secrets to his uber-bloggerness.

Why You Should Care What Millenials Want | Travis Robertson [Business]
Travis makes a compelling case for why the millenial generation will soon rule the work force and how employers have no choice but to care.

The Way I Work | Gary Vaynerchuk [Social Media]
In an Inc. Magazine article, Gary explains how he’s “all in” with social media and explains that constant connectivity to his tribe is a major reason for his success.

I’m also reading Stephen King’s memoir On Writing and Bryan Allain’s 29 eBook about blogging, both of which I would recommend for serious writers.

Lastly, this week’s most-read post on the blog was: How to Write Like a Pro and Stop Sounding Stupid. Check it out, if you haven’t read it yet.

What inspired you this week to make a difference? Share what you’re reading by leaving a comment.

*Photo credit: Meredith Farmer