What I’m Reading This Week: 2.27.11

This was another great week at Goinswriter.com. I set up a Facebook page for the blog (please “like” it), fixed my RSS feeds from only publishing the summaries (if you’re subscribing, you may have been inundated with the updated posts yesterday), and I got some reading done. Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The State of Writing Is in Flux | Jessica Alley [Writing]
Is the writing life a dream or delusion? Jessica briefs us on an interview with two authors with varying opinions on how to measure success and what the future holds for writers.

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling | The Oatmeal [Practical]
As per usual, The Oatmeal brings us a daily dose of awesome and hilarity with this funny, yet practical infographic of commonly-misspelled words and why you should learn to spell them the right way.

4 Actions to Dramatically Increase Your Blog Traffic | Michael Hyatt [Social Media]
CEO of book publisher Thomas Nelson, blogger, and social media wizard Michael Hyatt shares some simple actions that helped him grow his blog traffic by over 80% in one month.

Are You Addicted to Stress? | Lifehack [Self-Improvement]
Tucker shares some interesting (and convicting) research findings from “the experts” to tell if you’re addicted to stress. From this study, it sounds like technology and instant connectivity may not be helping our stress levels.

How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes | Copyblogger [Writing]
Jim shares seven short, practical tips for writing an article fast. If you’re not familiar with Copyblogger, you need to catch up. Everything they produce is pure gold.

I also started reading Fall to Grace by Jim Bakker, a book about the lives of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and the dysfunction that their ministry wrought from the perspective of their son.

And this week’s most-read article on Goinswriter.com was Get More Followers by Breaking the Rules.

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