Blog Tips, Getting Naked, and More (What I’m Reading This Week)

Stack of books: What I'm reading this weekEvery Sunday, I share a list of articles and stuff that I’m reading this week that I find inspiring. Here’s what I’m reading this week:

4 Ways to Use Variety to Attract New Blog Subscribers | DailyBlogTips [Blogging]
This widely-read blog shares a post explaining some simple but effective ways to grow your readership.

5 Ways to Escape Your Smart Phone | Ryan Barton [Technology]
Guest-blogging on Chris Brogan’s Escape Velocity site, Ryan talks about the importance of creating boundaries to best use our technology and talks about the new “home” he’s found for his phone.

Bullying Revisited: Retarded? | Tim Shriver, Jr. [Culture]
I read this Huffington Post article as I was learning about the “R-word” campaign earlier this week, and was struck by an idea that the author poses: bullying is preventable.

Got the Goods? | Edward Paz [Inspiration]
Edward has committed to writing one, short inspirational post per day for a year. This is one of my new favorite blogs. In this post, Edward speaks to those of us who feel a calling and question whether or not we have the proper resources.

Suffering My Way to a New Tomorrow | Rob Bell [Faith]
This CNN article is a little old and has nothing to do with the recent controversy about Rob Bell’s new book, but it’s an interesting piece, exploring the connection between faith and suffering.

I’m also finishing up Patrick Lencioni’s Getting Naked, a book about transparency in communication and business. I love all his books.

And this week’s most-read article on was “Stop Using the Word Retard.” (In fact, thanks to the “Spread the Word to End the Word” Campaign, this was the most-read post on the blog so far.)

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*Photo credit: Arria Belli

What’re you reading this week?