Weekly Reading: Crazy, Confidence, & #CreativeBlocks

Our New StreetThis week, we moved into our new house.

Rather, we started moving in.

It took us exactly an afternoon to paint five rooms, a job that would’ve taken us probably a week had it not been for our friends.

You gotta love community. By the way, this photo is a picture of our street. (Looks like we live in the 60s, eh?)

Speaking of community, something I try to do as often as possible is share with you five excellent articles I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) and share them with you.

What I’m Reading This Week

Here’s what’s inspiring me lately:

The Crazier the Better [Writing]
Steven Pressfield explains the creative process as a discovery process, encouraging writers and artists to step into unknown territories, especially work that we’re afraid of. “You can do stuff you’ve never even dreamed of,” he says. (HT to Brad Blackman).

Creative Blocks Blog Carnival [Creativity]
This was a highlight of the week for me. My friend Kyle and I collaborated with several other articles to launch an inter-blog discussion about creative blocks in all areas of life.

This inspired a small movement of responses on Twitter and the blogosphere. You can see the list of 40+ bloggers (our original group and then some) on Kyle’s blog. This is still going on, so feel free to add your own article. (Be sure to tweet your post using the hashtag #creativeblocks).

Seven Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence [Writing]
Writers tend to be introverted and insecure. But if we are going to inspire action and creativity in others — if we will make a difference in the world — we need to become more confident. Here are seven practical ways to do that.

How to Get a Girl in 3 Steps [Life]
My friend Keturah wrote this fun post for guys about how to land a girl. Chivalry is far from dead, and young women are looking for men who will treat them like real ladies (by acting like real men).

Behind the Numbers: Twitter Questions [Social Media]
This short article on Fast Company shows how people are using Twitter to get everyday questions answered and breaks down the types of questions that get the best answers. Twitter has been my go-to resource for months now, so this resonated deeply with me.

Guest Post of the Week

I’m backlogged on the guest posts, but I was able to squeeze one out this week.

You Are a Genius
I wrote this short piece on inspiration for Geoff Talbot’s creative blog Seven Sentences.

Free eBook

As some of you now, I’ve been working on an eBook for awhile. Well, it’s finally ready to publish. It’s called The Writer’s Manifesto, and I’m excited to share it with you… very soon.

I’ll be making this book available for free to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter.

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What’re you reading this week? Share your inspiration in the comments.