Reading Material for Your 4th of July Weekend

Every week, I do this — share at least five articles, books, or pieces worth reading that will hopefully help you in your writing journey. Here’s what I’ve got this week.

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Here’s some stuff on the web worth reading, including a few shameless self-promotions:

The Overwhelming Fear of Being Wrong [Marketing]
Seth Godin does it again with another short, pithy post on ideas, communication, and what motivates us. This is Seth at his best — saying what we all intuitively know but would never communicate on our own.

An Important Thing No One Will Tell You [Creativity]
Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity, encourages you to not always ask people’s opinions when it comes to making art. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut.

The Writer’s Manifesto: Interview [Writing]
In this interview, my friend Darrell Vesterfelt and I chat about my new eBook The Writer’s Manifesto. He has a great blog about the creative process with an interesting perspective. You should follow him.

What Really Matters [Inspiration]
Keith Jennings (one of my favorite creatives) and I do an interview about writing, the manifesto, and other creative inspiration. Keith was instrumental in the writing of The Writer’s Manifesto, so this little conversation was an honor.

How to Make a Living Raising Financial Support [Life]
This is a guest post I did for, a blog about Christian youth ministry. I wrote is as an encouragement for anyone who has had to fundraise for their own livelihood — something I’ve done for six years now.

Bonus Article

3 Reasons Why Young Leaders Neglect Relationship [Leadership]
I did a guest article for the folks at Catalyst (a pretty cool conference if you’ve never been), inspired by a conversation I had with a friend a week or so ago. In the post, I propose that young leaders aren’t growing in influence, because they’re neglecting the most important aspect of leadership — relationship.

One Other Thing

The Writer’s Manifesto is now available for Kindle and Nook. I’ll be sharing more about how you can get a free copy of it in these formats soon. (If you want to bite the bullet of spending a whole dollar, I encourage you to get it by clicking the links. The layout is great and customized for each respective eReader.)

What are you reading this week?