How to Sell 1,000 Copies of Your Self-Published Book in Two Weeks: Interview with Natalie Brenner

If the question is how to sell 1,000 copies in two weeks as a self-published author, do you know the answer?

How to Sell 1,000 Copies in Two Weeks as a Self-Published Author: Interview with Natalie Brenner

If you don’t, have no fear because our guest will tell you! Natalie Brenner joins us on today’s The Portfolio Life.

Natalie is the author of This Undeserved Life; she’s also a professional photographer, a doula, one of my coaching clients, and someone I call a friend. But most of all, Natalie is a writer. She’s always loved writing, and even as a kid would dream of writing a book.

Recently, she made that dream a reality. In fact, Natalie sold 1,000 copies of her self-published book in the first two weeks of her launch! When I heard she accomplished such an impressive feat I had to have her on the show so you could learn what she did and how to follow in her footsteps.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Natalie and I talk about:

  • When did she know this story would become a book?
  • What was the hardest part of this process for her?
  • Why “crappy first drafts” are okay!
  • What was the most effective marketing strategy?
  • How did she tap into the power of community to sell so many copies?

Everything weaves itself together to make us who we are.

Natalie Brenner

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On the self-publishing process

  • How did she find an editor and how long did it take?
  • What were the first two expenses for self-publishing?
  • What questions did she ask of potential editors?
  • What was her total budget for this project?
  • How long did the book editing process take?

There is no right time!

Natalie Brenner

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The marketing side of launching her book

  • When did she begin preparation?
  • How many email subscribers did she have to begin with?
  • How many pre-orders did she have for her book?
  • How did she sell 1,000 copies of her book?
  • The important role endorsements played in her launch.


Do you want to write a book? If you do what’s your next step to take after hearing this show? Let us know in the comments.