036: The Secret to Setting Goals That Actually Get Done: Michael Hyatt Interview [Podcast]

Fear is something we usually avoid at all costs. But when it comes to setting and achieving goals, are fear and discomfort avoidable? How do fear and discomfort fit in with a happy life?

The Secret to Setting Goals that Actually Get Done: Interview with Michael Hyatt [Podcast]

According to Michael Hyatt, those are key indicators that we are on the right track.

I recently had the chance to chat with Michael about setting and achieving goals. We talked about his 5-day process for goal setting. And the reasons why some people are able to achieve their goals while others don't.

We all start with good intentions. But good intentions don't translate to lasting change and we usually give up. Failure doesn't happen because our intentions are flawed. Failure happens because the process is flawed.

Michael tells us about the seven major life areas that need goals to help us be well-rounded, successful people. Because the truth is, each area of life impacts the other.

In this episode of The Portfolio Life, Michael shares how happiness is not found in arriving at the destination but in the journey.

We are never more happy than when we are making significant progress toward a goal that matters to us.

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Listen in as Michael talks about the process of setting goals and how to have the best year ever.

Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • How fear is an important marker that we are doing something important
  • The difference between a New Year's resolution and a bonafide goal
  • The ideal number of goals to set — Can there be too few or too many?
  • Why it's more important to set difficult goals rather than easy ones
  • Essential ingredients to achieving goals

About my guest

Michael Hyatt is a best selling author and sought after speaker. On his personal blog he writes about personal development, leadership, productivity, platform, and publishing.

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