Get Your Message Shared with This Simple Tactic

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Daniel Decker, who specializes in helping authors build platforms, launch books, and turn their messages into sustainable businesses. Follow him on his blog and on Twitter.

If you are on Twitter, Facebook or any other form of social media, then you know how it feels when you post something that gets shared, especially when it gets shared a lot.

Get Your Message Shared with This Simple Tactic
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It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Not just for the validation of your message, but also for the increased reach and impact you know you are having.

Now, imagine how you would feel if you could get your message shared more. You can. There is a simple tactic that you could implement today to get your message shared by many more people.

Here it is: create a share page for your blog or website.

Simply put, this is a page that has pre-created messages that people can easily share. It can be a mix of some of your most engaging thoughts, quotes, or posts in the form of embedded tweets, shareable image quotes, and other content. It’s a makeup of messages you feel people will gravitate towards most and want to share with others.

These are not “promotional” messages necessarily; although, they can be, depending on the use. They are primarily messages with content that people find valuable and want to share. As a result, your reach expands and so does your impact (for your core message or whatever it is you are trying to bring attention to).

A share page works well with a launch

You can use a share page specifically around a book or product launch.

See an example here of one bestselling author Jon Gordon used when we launched his book The Carpenter. Not only did it include embedded tweets and images for downloading and/or posting to Pinterest, but it also included sample blog and email copy that fans could use to promote the book.

In Jon’s case, content messages such as this one below were shared a lot:

“You aren’t a true success unless you are helping others be successful.” –@jongordon11 #LoveServeCare

Since the messages also included the link, the book site received a ton of traffic which then resulted in increased book sales, new email subscribers, and social media followers.

Imagine 50, 100, 1000 or even more of your fans utilizing the messages you provide in the timeframe you suggest. The concentrated impact combined with the reach is phenomenal. And the results can be exponential.

It doesn’t have to be exclusive to a launch

A share page can be a page on your site that you keep as a resource for fans and new visitors. It can be in your site navigation as a link or a link in a thank-you email someone gets after signing up at your site.

It’s a place where people can engage with your best material and share it with others, simply because they find it valuable.

See an example used as a promo page after someone signed up for our recent Author Platform Summit here. The page is very simple, but it asked for people to click links to tweet at their favorite speaker. It worked amazingly well.

If you decide to create a general share page on your site, I’d also suggest adding simple SHARE THIS SITE links at the top of the page to make it easy for someone to click and share your site. Then proceed with the rest of your content-driven shareable messages down the page.

Take a look at a sample share page for Jeff Goins to illustrate how simple it can be. It’s also a great example of how you can utilize the power of pre-created content to encourage increased sharing.

Why does a share page work?

A share page is the easy button. When you have pre-created content with share links, it removes friction by making it easy for people to share. When it’s easy, people take action.

Pro Tip: If you are on Twitter, you can go back and see a your most popular tweets by using It’s free and useful.

You might start by posting some of your most popular content on your share page because you already know that it resonates. You can also type in other Twitter users’ names to see their top tweets (which could then give you additional content ideas that you might want to utilize because you’ll know the messages resonate with others).

Sounds good, right?

"You can outlast those who are lucky and outwork those who are lazy."

Now, how do you create one of your own?

Here are four steps:

  1. Create a SHARE page on your website. Follow the framework of examples cited above.
  2. Create embedded tweets using You can copy and paste your tweet it will create a custom link for your message. You can then just copy that link into your “TWEET THIS NOW” line.
  3. Create custom shareable images. It’s best if you get images professional done by a designer or use a service like I typically make images in 612×612 pixel format so that they work well for most forms of social media (from Instagram to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter). Or you can create optimized images for each medium. You can also use text overlay apps like Wordswag. Embedding the image and Pinterest button on your SHARE page is a little more advanced, so you may want to get a web designer to help you. Here is the link to create your Pinterest embed button. You can find one to do it quick and affordably from Elance or any number of places.
  4. Add any other additional content and you’re set.

Do you now plan to create a share page on your site? Share in the comments.

Daniel Decker is marketing superstar who specializes in helping authors build their platforms, launch their books and turn their message into a sustainable business. He’s launched New York Times bestselling books for people like Michael Hyatt and more. You can find him at

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

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34 thoughts on “Get Your Message Shared with This Simple Tactic

  1. Daniel this is so creative.

    Like fast food for social media; quick, easy and it’ll be darn tasty too, for us, as folks are sharing our content.

    I have so much stuff to share and even though I’m pretty blessed in receiving many social shares it is the easy, simple, fool-proof way to boost your shares and to increase brand awareness.

    I’m dwelling on this one for a bit. Really clever stuff.

    Thanks for the keen share!


    1. Awesome Ryan. This all works especially well around a launch or as part of an optin sequence (someone signing up for your email list / webinar, etc. or after they buy something from you). Capitalizing on that momentum (when they are already excited about you or your product / service) is key. Most people will share something if they are asked to do so and if it is EASY for them to do it.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    I really like this idea. It is a simple and great way to nudge folks to share things that we think are important. I will definitely look into adding this to my site.

    It has the feel of being helpful, but not self-promoting.

    Thank you for the great idea!


    1. From what I’ve found, if the content you are asking people to share is good content then rarely does anyone feel like it’s self promotional. Like most things, it’s using good judgement and having balance that is key. Good luck!

  3. Really digging this idea. I had just this week created a barcode scanner image to find my accounts (, but I like the idea of a static page with Tweets on it as well. Time to do a new page. Thank you for the great ideas. Yvette

  4. yes, I will absolutely do this. thank you so much daniel! I really need to step up my game and this is another way to do that. Thanks again!

  5. No. I think it’s more embarrassing to have a Share page that nobody ever shares than is true of any regular non-share page. For the same reason, I don’t like ending my posts with a question. Looks silly if nobody comments.

    1. That’s certainly one way to look at it and for some they might choose to wait until their audience is a bit more engaged but having a SHARE page will help the existing audience get engaged faster (and spread the word so that, hopefully, the audience builds). FYI… I’ve found that people are far more willing to SHARE vs comment on a blog post (by % of readers).

  6. I never thought of this and I love coming across usable knowledge. I tried to make my blog the way I like others: easy to navigate. you’re right, make it easy to share and people will.

  7. Hey Daniel – for a guy who’s just building things and doesn’t have the super engaged audience yet – what do you think about turning the “About” page on a blog into an info and share page combined? Start it off with the typical “About” material but then add in some simple Tweetable/sharable quotes, links, etc?

    1. Hey Jonathan. It wouldn’t hurt to try it. One thing I strongly suggest is testing. Try something, test it. Try something else, test it. See what works for your site and your audience. When you see a trend, expand on it. Testing and tracking gives you hard data results vs assumptions. Sometimes what we think will work doesn’t and other times we are surprised by what does work. Data doesn’t lie. It doesn’t need to be massively complicated either. An example here might be (just referencing Twitter in this example): 1. Add Tweetable quotes on your ABOUT page using or embedded tweets. 2. Create a SHARE page and add the same Tweetable quotes but use a different link than what you used on your ABOUT page or include a different hash tag or something that would enable you to differentiate the Tweets when you look back to see where they came from (which page). By the way, you don’t have to label your SHARE page “SHARE” it can be something different like “Quotables” or “Quotes” or “Tweetables” or “Quick Thoughts” or anything creative. The quotes don’t even have to be your quotes soley. They can be from others and include a link back to your site. — Then let the two page options be live for a bit and see which get more traction. You can also look at your web stats to see if anyone is clicking on your SHARE page. You might be surprised by the response even with a less engaged audience. P.S., A way to make your audience grow and become more engaged is to give them more opportunities to engage. Things like a Tweetable or SHARE page may seem simple but they also condition your audience to start taking some sort of action on your site. One action leads to two and so on.

  8. Hi Daniel, not sure if you know ‘leadpages’ , they have this so call ‘thank you page’ which had similarities as your idea of share pages. It goes something like this – once someone sign up on the list, he or she will be directed to the thank you page, where there are sharing buttons such as facebook or twitter which subscriber can share the blog or the opt-in page to their friends.
    I think if anyone here want to create a share pages with ease, I suggest considering leadpages as it is easy to customize the pages without touching a single code or the need to hire anyone to do it. Though is not cheap, but it’s worth it.

  9. Hi Daniel! Love this idea–love it!

    Okay, I’m a fiction writer in God’s country (the Ozarks) 🙂 but I don’t blog about “writing” per se.There are experts who do that. I like to uplift and encourage, and I sometimes refer to the writing life, BUT my primary goal is to motivate folks.

    Any thoughts what to name my “Share” page?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Cynthia. We all need encouragement so you are dealing in something of great value. : ) Quick ideas might be “Inspire Someone” or “Encourage Someone” or “Share Joy.” I find that a name that elicits an action works best. Hope that helps. Keep doing what you’re doing. The world needs more encouragers!

  10. Thank you for this wonderful info. I was just searching the web to figure out how to add “tweet this” buttons. I’ve been wanting to do more FB shares but wasn’t sure how. Perfect timing for us with our website being redesigned and a new product to launch.

  11. These are priceless tips Daniel! Will definitely explore this option and start my own share page! Thanks a ton!

  12. These are great tips. Social media plays an important role in business and personal pages alike. When my partner and I launched our site we had incorporated a share box where people could specifically share our blog post. It pops up when they scroll so far down the page and is a great way to get additional social media followers.

  13. Great idea Daniel and thank you Jeff for sharing?? Just launched my new site about personal career branding, and setting up a share page today??

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