Sharing Time: What Did You Write This Week?

Remember in grade school (maybe it was kindergarten) when we had “sharing time”? You’d bring something in to school that you cared about and share it with the whole class.

That’s what we’re going to do today.

Sharing Time: Share Your Writing

You’re going to leave a comment, sharing about something that you created this week. It may be something that you wrote or designed or did at your job that you’re proud of. But you need to share something.

This blog is about more than me and my writing; it’s about us and the creative journey that we’re all on together. And sharing is a great way to connect members of this community.

If I may, allow me to get up on a soap box for a second: It’s important for creatives to share their work. Especially writers, who are renowned for hovering over keyboards for hours in dark rooms and locking their work in the dungeon for no one to see.

Just like you learned in kindergarten, you need to share.

This is not always easy, and most creative people struggle with this, often because of fear and insecurity. (I definitely do.) And that’s understandable. If no one but you has ever seen this piece of work, it can be anxiety-producing to bring it in to public light for the first time.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do it.

In writing, sharing your work is essential to improving your craft. It helps you do the following: discover blind spots in your creativity, get used to criticism, and grow as an artist. (Which is what you are, by the way.)

So, without further ado, you have the floor…

What’s something you wrote or produced this week? (By the way, this is an excellent time to promote your blog or book or website without feeling like a totally selfish jerk.) If you haven’t written something yet, go do it and come back to share.