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5 Reasons Why You Need a Signature Product

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Paul B. Evans. Paul is an author and international speaker who’s helped over 10,000 people create and launch their first information product. Follow him on Twitter @PaulEvans.

What’s the one thing you point people to when they ask, “I’m super interested in getting one of your products — which one should it be?”

Without hesitation, you would recommend your signature product. It’s the work you’re most excited to get into the hands of customers and subscribers.

But the question is: Do you have one?

A signature product is typically a digital product that costs anywhere from $97 to $997, and it’s the keystone offering you would recommend to just about anyone if they could only buy one thing.

But after working with thousands of people who want to share their expertise with the world, I’ve learned that most creative professionals — especially writers and artists — don’t have a signature product.

Why not?

Usually, it’s because of a fear or some sense of inadequacy (which is really just another version of fear). They’re afraid that they don’t know enough or aren’t good enough or that people will just reject them.

The truth is your audience needs what you have. But how can they do that if you don’t create it?

Here are five reasons why you need a signature product…

1. More income

“Whoooooaaaaaaa! Did he mention money right out of the gate?”

I know, I know. Creatives and money don’t always get along. We love to talk about craft, and message and art.

Let’s reframe. Instead of thinking about how much you want to make, here’s a new, better question:

How much do you want to give away?

Your signature product allows you to make more so you can give more — and so you can live more.

How much do you want to give away? How many orphans do you want to sponsor? What house or school would you love to build for those in need? What charity would you love to surprise with a giant gift?

Never apologize or feel guilty about making money. Yes, you can still help people for free by writing, speaking, blogging and podcasting.

But there are people and children and organizations that CANNOT be helped for free. It’s our responsibility to make as much as possible to help as many as possible. A signature product helps you do that.

2. More impression

There are more than 193 million blogs. Amazon publishes over two million titles. And the truth is ANYONE who wants to start a blog or get a book on Kindle can pretty much do it. There’s no real barrier to entry.

That means the tranquilizers (at best) get displayed right alongside the interesting. The initial impression may be the same by a casual reader of two vastly experienced bloggers.

On the other hand, let’s say a person lands on a goal-setting blog, and the person has a $10 ebook. Pretty good, right?

That same person lands on my site and sees a complete program called R.A.W. Results. It’s four modules with video, MP3 and transcripts. Plus, cool software that helps people accomplish more in less time.

Which site would the browser most likely trust? Who would she believe knows more about achievement? Who is she most likely to subscribe to? Even if an initial purchase isn’t made, the initial impression is vastly different with a signature product.

3. More impact

A higher-end product based in your core message allows you to help people at a deeper level.

Even if a person reads ALL of our blog posts, they will never move forward as fast as taking a course or going through a step-by-step program.

You can solve a specific problem for your readers and get them accelerated results if you offer a signature product.

4. More ink

Whether it’s publishing ink or guest posting ink or social media ink, it’s easier to get the attention of leaders when you stand apart from the crowd.

A few years ago, I desperately wanted to be featured on a particular website and epublication. I couldn’t break through. It didn’t seem to matter what I did.

Then I decided to send free access to one of my products. That opened the door: I was featured in their next release and gained an interview slot.

No, I can’t guarantee that will work every time, but it’s been far more successful than sending a standard query email. A signature product gives you leverage.

5. More identity

A published book remains one of the best ways to build your brand identity. A signature product deepens that identity ever further.

It proves that you know more about your subject than others in your field. And it demonstrates that you are anchored in the market and want to improve it.

It legitimizes your platform that much more.

6. More growth

The process of creating your signature product increases your…

  • knowledge
  • skill set
  • wisdom
  • experience
  • network

Focusing on this higher-end offering will allow you to grow in so many ways that will further sharpen your craft. As a result of creating it, you’ll be better equipped to serve others in the future.

7. More grins

The accomplishment that comes at completion — well, it will just make you happy.

You made a plan, stuck with it, and now have a resource to offer your audience. You’ve built something that adds value and makes the world a better place.

That should make you smile.

Not to mention, all the lives you are changing because you had the courage to share your expertise.

To find out more about signature products, you can watch this free video and sign up for more updates. (Disclosure: Paul has a signature product course, and I’m an affiliate. If you sign up, I’ll get a commission. This is one way I cover the costs of this blog and support my family.)

Do you have a signature product? What is it? If not, what would it be? Share in the comments.

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Paul is an author and international speaker who's helped over 10,000 people create and launch their first information product. Find out more about Paul at his blog, or follow him on Twitter @PaulEvans.