A Writer’s Biggest Barrier to Success

Fence Photo

“Your writing is crap, Caroline. No one will ever want to read it. Besides, Lonely Planet has the market, as if you could ever compete.”

These were the words I heard as I sat at my kitchen table in 2008, dreaming and planning.

I had been living and traveling around the world as a teacher for 14 years and wanted to continue doing that.

But, this time, doing something I loved and was passionate about.

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Why I Believe in the Discipline of Travel

Why Travel

I’m flying home today after spending a week in the Caribbean. It’s been a week full of life change — of new perspectives gained and old passions resurrected. As I’m traveling today, waking up at 3am to drive two hours to the San Juan airport to drop a group of high schoolers off for their 8am flight, I’m wondering why I do this, why I travel at all.

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