7 Tips for More Effective Writing

7 Tips for More Effective Writing

People often ask me what it takes to be a good writer. The short answer? I don’t know. The slightly longer answer? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

How do you write in a way that effectively communicates your point and gets people to think or do what you want them to do? Here are 7 short tips for effective writing straight from my brain.

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Write Less, Not More: How to Slice and Dice Your Content

Slice and dice your content

One of my favorite essays on writing is, “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott. I read it in college, and it changed the way I write. Years later, it still has a profound effect on me.

Lamott’s thesis is simple: All first drafts suck, so get it over with. The point is to dismiss the myth that says you can write something amazing on your first attempt — or that you should even try.

Such an approach removes the mysticism from writing and relieves the pressure to pump out a piece of pure genius at first attempt.

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The First Step to Making a Difference: Get Out of Bed

Get Out of Bed

Some days, making a difference begins with something as simple as getting out of bed. It means getting up and doing work that matters. Which always starts slowly and intentionally.

This morning, I didn’t want to get up. My mind was tired and my body exhausted. Having spent the last several weeks training for a half marathon, I just wanted to “phone it in.”

Something inside me said I just couldn’t do it.

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If You Want to Write to a Larger Audience, Be More Specific

M&Ms Photo: Be Specific

How do you become a better writer?

It’s not always easy, but there is one, sure-fire way to reach an audience faster than you thought possible: Narrow your focus.

In a world full of choices, the way you stand out is by not adding to the noise but by exposing your uniqueness.

Yes, it will exclude the masses, but it will afford you an opportunity to connect with your tribe.

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