How to Travel Around the World with Your Family for a Year: An Interview with Tsh Oxenreider

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world but the constraints of life got in the way? Our guest this week dreamed of taking a year off to explore the globe with her family, and she made it happen. Here’s how.

Pursuing Your Art While Traveling The Globe: An Interview with Tsh Oxenreider

Today, Tsh Oxenreider recounts that experience as well as how it led to her latest book, At Home in the World.

Tsh’s journey into the life of a writer began when she was living in Turkey. She and her husband had a 2-year old and she was pregnant with their second child. Tsh says moving there was like a do-over, and it was the first time she felt she had permission to allow what she wanted and needed into her home.

About this time Tsh was also diagnosed with depression and her therapist suggested she find a creative outlet because doing so would allow Tsh to reclaim some normalcy in her ex-pat existence.

Tsh’s husband suggested she start start a blog because he remembered how much she enjoyed writing. This was about 2007 when blogs were just becoming popular, and she jumped on board. Her original intention was to write about parenting and what it was like living overseas. Soon her site grew in popularity and Tsh dove into expanding its reach and content.

On today’s show we talk about that process of growing her blog, as well as how Tsh approaches book launches and balancing the marketing and writing her books. Join us as we dig into those topics and more on this episode of The Portfolio Life!

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Show highlights

In this episode, Tsh and I discuss:

  • Why is no one ever 100% ready?
  • What is the “1,000 true fans” concept?
  • Why does she say she isn’t a simple living guru?
  • How many years did they save and prepare for their year-long trip around the world?
  • What were some of the main logistics to make this type of travel possible?

You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

Tsh Oxenreider

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Tsh on full-time blogging and entrepreneurship

  • Did she think this was going to be a new business venture?
  • Where did she learn how to make money from blogging?
  • How much was she earning from her blog by mid-2008?
  • When did she make the leap to full-time?
  • What other streams of revenue did she have in addition to her blog?

Everybody has a different way of living simply.

Tsh Oxenreider

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Tsh’s lessons from her book and on writing

  • What was a “sub-reason” they took their trip?
  • What is the vow of stability?
  • Is wanderlust ever quenched?
  • What has changed in her daily life as a result of these travels?
  • Why does she write this particular style of books?


What dream or adventure have you been contemplating, and how can you take a step towards it today? Share in the comments.

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