What Happens After Your World Gets Turned Upside Down [Podcast]

For the next 10 weeks, I’ll be featuring on this blog a new podcast called The Wrecked Sessions.

This show is limited to 10 episodes, each featuring a different guest. We’ll be delving more deeply into the issues I cover in my book, Wrecked — particularly, what it means to live a more selfless, purposeful life.

Wrecked Sessions

This is also a fun way for me to experiment with podcasting without making an indefinite commitment. If it works, I may do more of this sort of thing. Let me know what you think.

In this first episode, I’m interviewing my friend, Stephen Proctor, who has an interesting story of how he got wrecked and stays that way while in America.

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About our guest

Stephen Proctor is an entrepreneur, artist, and VJ. Stephen spends most of his time traveling with music groups, running the media for live performances. But in his free time, he takes off a part of each year to travel and do missions.

Why does he do this?

Stephen is someone who exemplifies what it means to be wrecked. As someone who had a paradigm-shifting experience when he was younger, he’s now returned to a seemingly ordinary life and has to figure out how to process what’s happened to him.

The result is he’s learning to live in the tension between security and sacrifice.

Show highlights

In this episode, we’re going to talk about:

  • How you get wrecked
  • What to do with your extraordinary experiences once they end
  • Why we may need to wreck holidays like Christmas (and Easter)
  • The importance of discomfort in growth
  • Why our guest started his film and media business by going on a mission trip
  • How to structure your life in such a way that you continue to live out of a place of radical faith and risk

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Download the transcript

You can view the complete transcript of this session (courtesy of Eva P. Scott) by clicking here. Right-click and select “save as” to download it to your computer.

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To find out more about Wrecked, including how to buy it or download the first couple chapters for free, click here. It’s available as an audiobook, as well.

For those interested, we’ll also be doing another vision trip again in the future. Find out more here.

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Lastly, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reply to this email (if you’re getting my free newsletter) or leave a comment. Here’s today’s discussion question…

Have you ever been wrecked and had to return to your “normal” life? How did you deal with this tension? Share in the comments.

24 thoughts on “What Happens After Your World Gets Turned Upside Down [Podcast]

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I love your blog and your newsletter. I listened to part of the podcast, but I have to be honest. I don’t like podcasts. I prefer to read. Other bloggers and vloggers have gotten the hint that not all of us like podcasts and include a written transcript. Just saying…. I find your work inspiring and it goads me into reaching beyond my comfort zone and stepping into the world. So, you’d be doing me a big favor if you included written transcripts of any podcasts you do. Thanks.

  2. Great episode Jeff, good idea. Last month I went to speak in Jerusalem and I was completely Wrecked. Since coming home I’ve hit the ground running doing all the things I told myself and the Lord I would do!

  3. My life was shattered a few yrs ago when I had to quit a job I loved due to a boss who harassed me. I was depressed for several months and the $$ situation placed our family in peril. But eventually I found writing friends who encouraged me to write children’s books. Today I’ve got 9 pub’d (Mitchell Lane Pub) and 2 more should be released this year. I relied on God to help me through it all and He did.

  4. Jeff, my recommendation for the series is to keep it a little shorter and more focused 🙂

  5. Two months after getting married, my wife (Tracy) and I moved to Krakow, Poland to teach at the American International School of Krakow. This completely wrecked our world! Coming from the land of 3,000 square foot starter homes we were surprised to find that our apartment was around 500 square feet. In addition, we had no washer and dryer for the first few months (we did our laundry in our bathtub) and had no car so we walked the 2 miles to and from school each day. While this was an adjustment at first we grew to LOVE it. We taught in Poland for two years before coming home and the culture shock was more intense returning to The States than it was going to Poland. The great thing is the lessons we learned from our time there have stuck with us 13 years later. We have continued to live on less than we need we has helped us actually improve our financial standing during the Great Recession – this despite the fact that Tracy has been a stay-at-home mom the past 8 years to our two daughters and we have pretty much lived off my teaching salary of around $43,000/year during this time. In addition, this experience helped me in my journey of becoming an author and I have two published books, another one that is being represented by a literary agent and am actually working on a fourth one. Getting Wrecked has greatly improved my life and what I value.

    1. We adopted 2 children and receive $ from the state as they are a high risk adoption. When we quit our jobs and went to Bible school for 2 years we lived off that income and gave away my entire salary for a year. (Exposed to missions and starving college students). As missionaries in the field for 6 years we taught our 4 children to thank people and God. Everything we did was on the backs of generosity. Our state $ went directly into our support also. God can…when we are willing. Our son when he was 8 asked if we would match his giving to buy Bibles for China. We agreed and he emptied his bank account $400. Lots of stories of how God out gives us for His Fame.
      I often give thanks for my washing machine, and lines on the road, and electricity…With you Danny! Wrecked to be blessed.

  6. Years ago, when I was young and living in San Francisco, I went out with a crazy/maniac/devil of a guy. Both of us were bipolar and unmedicated. Drugs, sex, gangs you name it, we did it or acted it out. After I left him (after 7 months which felt like ten years of hell) I went back to my “life” at my parents house in a quiet, sleepy, Washington State booney town. Talk about tension!!! I could not even begin to reconcile the two realities. I had a complete mental/nervous and emotional breakdown. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m writing my memoirs. Thanks for the very thought provoking question. I look forward to listening to the podcast, Jeff.

  7. Jeff, thank you so much for inviting me to tell my story. It was an honour to be a part of this podcast series.

    I’ve spent the last few hours watching the films I helped produce in New Guinea for New Tribes Mission… seeing the images & hearing the sounds all over again… I can’t believe I really lived through all of that. I am wrecked all over again just remembering. It’s so easy to forget.

    Two lines from one of those films (capturing the experience of being changed & wrecked) are really sticking out to me as I reflect:

    “It didn’t happen all at once, but as my normal world collided with this unfamiliar one I began to realize that ‘wrong’ & ‘different’ aren’t the same; and I guess ‘normal’ is just a matter of opinion.”

    “How often have I been asked what I want to be when I grow up! I began to realize that what matters most is not what I want to BE… but what I’m willing to BECOME.”

    Thanks again, Jeff. This was such a great honour!

  8. Thank you both, Jeff and Stephen. Still paying attention. Validated by the podcast. Been there still doing that. I think I need to write a book…some day when I slow down. Sure you will always be there, jeff, to encourage me and inspire.
    Courage required when living risky!

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