Can I Come Over to Your Place? (Introducing My Online Book Tour)

“So… will you be doing a book tour?”

Aside from being confused for Rupert Grint (AKA Ron Weasley), this is the number one question I get asked nowadays.

And I always feel like a loser for how I answer it.

Book Tour
Photo credit: nSeika (Creative Commons)

After the book launch, will I tour the country, speaking to audiences?


I usually tell people, “That’s not how it works anymore.”

Of course, plenty of authors still do book tours and are quite successful doing them. But fortunately, with the Internet, it’s not the only choice we have anymore. And with a newborn and day job, I’m grateful.

An online book tour? Why not?

So can you still spread the word about a book without leaving your home? Let’s figure it out together.

I’d like to do an online book tour with you, if you’re up for it. If you’ve got a blog, website, podcast, YouTube channel, or some online platform, I’d love to connect with you to share the message of my new book, Wrecked.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Email me at In the subject line, include “Wrecked Book Tour.” In the body, share why I should visit your blog/website and what you want to do (e.g. giveaway, contest, Q&A, etc.). We can’t choose everyone, so the best ideas will win. Cutoff date for submissions will be Aug. 9.
  2. Include a few dates that work for your schedule. My assistant Jamie will help schedule these, and we’ll get back to you about setting up a time to chat. The number of responses will determine how many we do and for how long.
  3. Publish the post, interview, or whatever. Once it goes live, I’ll link to your post from a special “Online Book Tour” page on my blog (we’ll update this as we go).

That’s it! You don’t need a big platform to be eligible. More than anything, I’m looking for fun ideas to get the word out about the book without having to leave my family.

First stops on the tour

This week, I’ve already started doing this. Here are a few places I’ve stopped to share about Wrecked already (these are guest posts and special appearances on blogs, websites, and online communities):

You can also read early reviews of the book here. I’d love to hear what ideas you have for the online book tour.

What do you think about book tours? Are they still relevant? Share in the comments.

*Photo credit: nSeika (Creative Commons)

22 thoughts on “Can I Come Over to Your Place? (Introducing My Online Book Tour)

  1. I think book tours can still be relevant, but I think it probably comes down to your platform and the power of your personal brand. If I was to publish a book today, then it probably wouldn’t work for me because no one has heard of me. On the other hand, if I was Mark Batterson (Circle Maker) or a Seth Godin, then I suspect I would have better results!

  2. That Shindig site is really cool! What a neat way to do a book tour digitally. Thanks for sharing that web tool with us, and I’ll join you for the event!

    The format of tours may be changing (or integrating both in-person and blog tours), and I think it’s still an important part of promotion.

  3. I don’t go to book tours. I buy books based on recommendations of people
    I read. So, I think a blogging tour would be a better way to introduce
    yourself to others. After all, I found out about you in the first place from Michael Hyatt’s blog, and I’ve been reading your blog since.

    I think in-person book tours may sell books to people who may not even bother to read them. There was one in our town for a senator who wrote a book (can’t recall his name) from Florida. People came to the tour because he might be a potential nominee for VP. But will they read his book?

    If they are interested in the person but not the idea, I doubt it. They see the person when they went to the tour – mission accomplished. If they are interested in the idea, then they will read the book.

    What are you trying to accomplish: change the world or get famous? You might become famous and not change the world. However, if you get someone to read your thoughts, you might change that person. Then you change the world.

    If we are writing for the purpose of changing lives, we need readers who will bother to read our writing, not just want to be around us because we are famous.

    I would be delighted if you wrote a post for my blog. However, if don’t, that’s OK, too.

  4.  If you don’t mind, delete my above Web site comment and this post as well. I didn’t realize it posted mine with my name, and thought it would be below my post – oops!

  5. Hi Jeff,

    That’s a fantastic idea and definitely sounds like the wave of the future. I’ve already sent you an email!


  6. Love the concept of your book, Jeff! This is a topic that has resonated with me since watching Louie Giglio’s DVD, Hope: When Life Hurts Most. And then again when reading Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love. Following a trip to the townships of South Africa, I have to say the Lord’s got my attention. I’d love to host you on my site and will be in touch. Stay wrecked. God bless!

  7. Great idea, Jeff! Yes, yes I do have a blog and you are welcome  to stop by on your tour. Just bought your book and cannot wait to start reading it! 

  8. Dearest Jeff,
    I am going to pray for you just as much as you do yourself that your book will become a success. I am out of the promotion though. I was SO PROUD that I had managed to get an interview with you a few weeks ago (I know I know, it’s totally ego) and now all your fans can do this and promote your book. You even designed a special page for this.

    Now I don’t have a good feeling about the interview anymore. It just doesn’t. I am part of a marketing brigade now, which makes less impression on me, or on my followers I presume. They might wonder whether I am your affiliate and as you know I don’t do affiliate stuff. I don’t want that. I thought I could get A LOT of people buying your book because I am a raving fan of your work. But now I feel I have to push and convince others. That’s the opposite of what I personally think you need. 

    It will go its own way Jeff, it’s a bit out of your control now. Breathe and be with that. The whole fact that may be your book won’t go as quick as you hoped or prayed for might be the biggest inspiration EVER for your new writings or books. Consider it as the same struggle the butterfly has to wrestle himself out of the cocoon to be able to FLY. This might be a personal journey.

    Now please, in all your hassle of launching and promoting your book, just continue with what you feel is best! I am STILL your crazy fan from Holland. Will continue to be that, because your work is what our world needs. It will reach exactly those people who NEED it now.


  9. I think book tours are still relevant. It’s always exciting to meet your favorite authors in person and have them scribble their autographs inside your copy of their latest book. However, I also love blog tours. They’re much more practical (especially for new and/or independent authors) and are a great way to build community. I would be honored to have you stop by my website during your blog tour. Expect an email from me soon!

  10. Great idea!

    I am just starting my blog (as in still figuring out how to write a post and actually post it with pictures and everything).Maybe the next book…

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