5 Obstacles Every Writer Faces [Free Video Series]

It’s not too late be a writer. The world is hungry for more great work.


You can still share your message and your stories, sell thousands of books, and even become a full-time writer if that’s what you want to do.

But this positive outlook begs a question: If it’s so doable, why aren’t more aspiring writers reaching their goals?

This is a great question.

The truth is, every writer faces five big obstacles. Overcome them, and you’re set… but most people never do.

So I’ve interviewed Sandy Kreps. Sandy is a student of mine who has recently become a popular blogger, speaker, and the author of two books.

Sandy and I discuss the five big obstacles we both struggled with, and how we overcame them.

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I believe the five obstacles we discuss are the biggest reasons many writers never reach their goals. But, when you move past them, you’ll be well ahead of the pack, and in an excellent position to go pro as a writer.

Come learn how with me and Sandy.

By the way, this is actually Part 2 of a new free series. In Part 1, Sandy and I share how we each went from thinking about writing to actually doing the work.

If you missed Part 1, feel free to check it out here. It’s a great resource for anyone who deals with a lack of motivation or feels like they’ve missed their chance to be a writer.

Click here to get instant access to this interview series and learn how to overcome the five obstacles every writer faces.

What obstacles do you face as a writer? Share in the comments.