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You Are a Writer: So Start Acting Like One (Now Available in Paperback!)

Everybody has something they wish they were. The mom who wishes she was more patient with her kids. The retired athlete who wishes he was still in the game. The actor who never made it to Tinsel Town and lives vicariously through old films. We are all longing to become.

A lot of people wait around to be picked, to be affirmed in their callings. They hold out hope for someone to come along and tell them they are what they wished they were. When it came to thinking of myself as a writer, I was the same.

I wanted someone else it to acknowledge my gift so I didn’t have to. But it wasn’t until I started thinking like a writer that I could act like one. So I made a decision that changed everything. And I wrote a book about it.

About the book

In You Are a Writer, Jeff Goins provides the tools and insights you need to build your platform, develop an audience, and make meaningful connections. No writer should embark on his or her writing journey without reading this first!
Michael Hyatt // Author, Platform

You Are a WriterThis is a book about what it takes to be a writer in the 21st Century. In it, you will learn everything from how to get started with a writing career to ultimately getting your work published, and all the wonderful work in between.

Mostly, you will learn the importance of believing in your calling and showing up every day to do what you were made to do: write.

My friend Sarah Mae talked me into writing this book. She even gave me the title. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me in this direction.

Christine Niles did an amazing job editing the content, Andrew Sale turned my feeble words into a design masterpiece, and Brandon Clements helped manage the self-publishing process to make sure I did it right.

In speaking to audiences of bloggers and writers, I’ve realized that aspiring authors need to acknowledge one truth: You are a writer; you just need to write. My friend Paul taught me that truth, and it has made all the difference.

This is not a grammar book. This is a book about the writing journey, about what it takes to turn pro and become a writer for real. It’s full of inspiring stories as well as practical information on how to make your mark in this world, using the powerful tools of words.

What people are saying

Hundreds of people have reviewed this book. Here are some of my favorites:

Get the book now!

You Are a Writer is currently available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon.

If you buy the paperback, you get the digital version for free. I will also be releasing an audiobook version as soon as it’s ready (which you can get at a discount on Audible if you buy the paperback).

Check it out (it’s currently on sale!).

Do you consider yourself a writer? Why or why not? Share in the comments.

About Jeff Goins

I write books and help writers get their work out into the world. I am the best-selling author of four books, including The Art of Work. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.

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  • Dan Beresford

    I started telling people I was a writer earlier this year. I felt self conscious about it. Now when I say “I’m a writer.” I feel it, believe it and do it. I sent the link out to my Facebook friends and added my own comments. 

    A funny thing happens, when I’m stuck with writer’s block and can’t force myself to write I say out loud… “I’m a writer.” The next thing that happens is I cut through my brain clutter and start writing.

    I’ve got  about 45 years of pent up writing to get out of my system.
    I’m doing some copy writing to bring in some cash flow and working another home business as well. The best days are when I write because that generates the mental energy I need to write copy and work my other business.

    Thank you for your blog.

    My comment about the packages… increase the price of the PDF package and add the writing exercises. I would rather have that than Nook or Kindle books since I don’t use either.

  • Do you consider yourself a writer? Why or why not?
    Absolutely! My authentic voice sings out when I write. There is an obstruction, possibly only in mind, that inhibits my interaction with this world, except when I write. I have to write, I have to speak. Sometimes, I think, I have to be heard.
    Thanks Jeff. I shared your book on Google plus and Pinterest. I would love a copy.
    Tisa – mxpx1125@hotmail.com

  • NO! 🙂 … okay, maybe. Well, yes on good blog days. See?! I don’t know!!! What makes someone a “real writer”? I need this book.

    NEED it.

    I shared on FB!
    Melanie 🙂

  • I am still a wife, mother and a nurse. What is in me and coming out, as you inspired, are words.  
    Wise of you to get your’s out as MHyatt’s is on my list too.  Thanks for getting me started. I can hardly not document all that my eyes see around me now.

  • I shared  youareawriter.com on my Facebook page — and I have a lot of readers on my page. 

    Yes, I am a writer.  Why?  Because aside from the confirmation of others, I just really enjoy writing.  I love how the words float down to my fingertips and onto the screen, or how I more laboriously write in longhand. (Typing has made my handwriting terrible. I must write more longhand….) I can get in a type of Zen state when I write and, when I’m in the groove, I don’t like to be interrupted.  Writing gives me both a sense of calm and of purpose.  My mission for life:  to create compelling communication.

    I do get paid for my writing sometimes. Yet even if I didn’t, I would continue to journal and write poetry because I find it so enjoyable.  I love to capture those thoughts that flitter around in my mind and put them in a more concrete place.  Plus, the more I write, the better I get.

    Yes, indeed, I am a writer.

  • Brandi Clark

    I shared the link on Twitter! Yes, I am a writer. I have a blog, brandiclark@blogspot.com , I write in a notebook daily. I shape new ideas into other forms regularly. just last month I completed a script for scriptfrenzy. So yes….I am a writer…

  • Jeff,
    I am excited about your newbook. Congrats!
    Yes, I consider myself a writer. Why? I live to write, love to write and thrive by writing.
    I have tweeted your book announcement to my Twitter followers and really hope my name comes out in your drawing for a free ebook.
    To your writing successes!

  • Ladyesq82104

    I shared “You Are a Writer” on Twitter, on my Facebook page, and on my daughter’s FB page. My daughter majored in creative writing so it was certainly appropriate to share it with her. I am a writer because I write for a living, and if I consider myself to be a writer, I will have accepted the concept that I am one. I do all kinds of writing, from legal writing to writing gigs on Elance.com. If you believe you are a writer and creative thinker, then you are one if you can follow through with it. For example, I write legal briefs, legal articles, do ghostwriting, write slogans and copy, do editing which involves writing, and I do other types of writing. I also write poetry and I plan to self-publish my poems. Writing is a large part of my life. Without it, I couldn’t work. I enjoy it, and I enjoy helping others get the most out of their ideas — I create words from their unique thoughts. I look forward to reading your eBook.

  • Oludami1

    Good work there.
    Shared on twitter, fb and g+.
    I consider myself a writer because that is what I love doing, and I’ve always written for free as a campus journalist. Taking it to a whole new level is just the perfect thing for me!
    Thanks and Congrats 🙂

  • L’Tanya

    I shared on Twitter. I do consider myself a writer, but I have to admit that I didn’t until I had an article published. So clearly the belief and validation came from the outside in and it’s something I still struggle with.

  • Kristyn A.

    Shared on Twitter and LinkedIn!  I have always considered myself to be a writer.  I am always writing down ideas for novels, writing in my journal, and blogging.  I am a writer because I say I am.  🙂  

  • I am a writer…i write pages and pages everyday…if i don’t, I’m a mess.  But here’s the thing: I only write in my journal…everytime I start a story or a poem, I just start talking to myself…any thoughts about that?…i shared on facebook 🙂

  • Jeff,

    When the mind believes something, it achieves it. Calling yourself a writer and writing every day creates a place in the brain for just that – being it.

    Thanks for your work and dedication to all of us writers out here!

    Shared on FB.

    Paula J. Albers

  • Hi there.  I am a writer (that’s hard to say) and am aspiring to improve.  I believe one has to write what comes from their heart, the validation will come from that not necessarily someone saying “you are a writer”.   
    I’ve tweeted your link, which posts on my blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  • Posted it to my Google Plus account.  I do consider myself to be a writer, though not in a completely professional sense.  I still feel a need to have that “ongoing gig” of writing for that to work.  But that’s just me and my opinion.  However, I understand that writing is just driven by the writer’s love, not any desire for payment or whatnot. 

  • Jeff, I posted the link to “You Are a Writer” on Facebook. I have no
    doubt I am a writer.  I’ve been writing for over 40 years.  My first
    short story was published when I was 15 years old.  I’ve been published, in print, many times since and
    received pay.  I’ve done many other things, too, in that time and
    everything goes into the well from which to draw as I write.  But nothing I’ve
    done defines me as much as writing.  It
    is WHO I am.  Though I have questioned whether I am a writer many, many times in my life (more about that, here: https://facetcetera.blogspot.com/2011/04/remodeling.html), it’s a common doubt for writers or any artist. Still, deep inside me, most of the time, I really have no doubt.  I AM a writer.  However, I do seriously doubt its value to others, these days.  Evidently, much of society questions that, too.


    trouble these days is being paid to write.  I’ve lived through the huge
    changes in the publishing industry, and those changes have been immense in the
    last 10 years or so.  Everything I thought I knew about writing and being
    paid for it has gone out the window.  I’ll
    liken it to studying and practicing any other profession for nearly a lifetime,
    then waking up one day to discover all recollection of that is gone.


    In seeking
    pay for my writing in just the last five years, I’m amazed at the general
    attitude and response.  If I were to ask someone if they needed a wall
    painted, the first thing they’d ask is, “How much do you charge?”
     If I were an electrician, or a bricklayer, or a mechanic, or a
    photographer, or any other sort of skilled worker, I’d hear the same question.  Preposterous it is to assume any of those
    people should work for free.  Yet I’m constantly amazed—no, shocked—that
    even people who advertise needing writing services often expect it to be done
    for only the exposure—for free.  If not that, often what is offered is less than the minimum hourly wage.  Just how and when did the world
    decide that the extremely difficult, skilled job of writing is not worthy of monetary

  • Aramgarcia

    I am a writer
    because in an everyday basis I am stuck in front of the computer keyboard as I
    put into ink on paper (ok, not that exactly; I use Word) the visions that will
    make a better world and the strategies to achieve them.

    I am a writer
    because quiet often I read the longing of many people´s hearts who are unhappy with
    the world situation and want to change it for the good of many; I do follow-up through
    lots of writing and work along with them in order to make those dreams reality.

    I am a writer
    because, as I pet my warm old cup of coffee, I look the world through a pixeled
    window of opportunities. Meanwhile, all those writing exercises are a patient (demanding?)
    training that will enable in the future to leave a written heritage that wuould
    cross borders and lead many to fight for THIS generation, as they make a positive
    change in the current people´s lives…and the coming.   

  • Thank you for the shout out! Grateful to be a part of your big launch. Stellar book.

  • I am a writer – and a better one because of your inspiration and encouragement! I shared your new website on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook! Thanks for helping to make a difference in the world!!

  • I do consider myself a writer because it’s just something I’ve always done and always had to do. But I don’t consider myself Writer (with a capital W) because I tell myself that I never follow through, never have anything interesting to say, can’t come up with ideas, ain’t good enough, and on and on.

    But I always come back to writing and thinking about writing. So, yeah, now I am freelancing with a margin of success. But I do get in my own damn way quite often!

    By the way, shared you on Linked In.

  • Congratulations, Jeff! This looks like a great resource. I shared it with my friend who has recently decided she wants to write a book about the death of two of their infant children and her journey through depression and ultimate healing. I’ll share it in my other social media places too. I’m really excited for you! 🙂

  • Sometimes I do consider myself a writer, particularly when I’m really proud of something I’ve pulled together. Other times I feel that being a writer doesn’t happen until I’ve been “published” (beyond my own blog).

    I can’t wait to read this book and look forward to sharing it!

    •  oh, I also shared on facebook (Life in the White House)

  • Mymytrack

    Yes, what we claim as our identity is crucial, and that’s what I’m writing about!

  • Mark A. Lewis

    I hit four out of the fie you listed. 😉 

    I think this could be interesting; as well as, instructive. 🙂

  • Lleander

    Shared on FB and tweeted.  Sounds like an inspirational read for all authors.  I think the title says it all!  Good luck with the book.  L.Leander

  • Emma M.

    I am a writer and I’m declaring it to the world.

    I’ve been writing since I was a child. Because I feared rejection I didn’t show anyone what I wrote. I’m no longer afraid and I have no problem sharing. My first Blog Challenge last month helped me get over that issue.

    Lately writing has been on my mind morning, noon and night. I’m thinking about what I will write next and how I can make what I’ve written better. If you cut me I’ll bleed a poem, story or novel.

  • J Johnson

    I am a writer.  It’s the thing I do that takes me to that “other” place where I lose all sense of time and my surrounds.  I’ve posted your link of Facebook and Twitter.

  • Emma M.

    I shared on Facebook and Twitter

    Emma M.

  • Suzette

    I always wanted to be a writer but I only became one last year when I decided to enter a short story contest and got shortlisted among 800 stories. First time I realised that I really am a writer and that I need to get that novel out of my head and downtil on paper. Working on and enjoying it so much (share on Twitter and Linkedin)

  • Heck, yeah, I consider myself a writer.

    I shared You Are a Writer on Facebook, Twitter (@jenroland), Google+, and LinkedIn.

  • Something happened to my first comment, so here goes again.
    Hi there.  I am a writer (that’s hard to say) and am aspiring to
    improve.  I believe one has to write what comes from their heart, the
    validation will come from that not necessarily someone saying “you are a

    I’ve tweeted your link, which posts on my blog.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  • Philana Crouch

    I think I do consider myself a writer. But I want to write more. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but sitting down and actually getting words down is a challenge.

    I shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

  • Jen

    I am very excited about this book!  I love to write, but need some direction.  I am very much looking forward to your expert guidance…

  • Fetterslopez

    I’ve been following your for some time now Jeff, and I always find something in your advice I can use for my own writing, or writing career. Do I consider myself a writer? I do. I have for a long time, but finally feel justified with multiple short story publications. I shared your book on Twitter.

  • I am a writer. I have always been a writer. I was just holding back due to fear of the unknown. Thanks to people like you, Jeff, I have dropped my inhibitions and started writing. I am a writer.!!!!!  I twitted and FB’d

  • Steve Marlin

    I’ve been following you for some time now and am thrilled that you have put a lot of what we’ve been reading here in a book format.  I’ve been blessed and encouraged by your blog in my own writing endeavors… and, well truth be known… I can’t wait to read this book!  Keep up the great work!  I’m sharing this one with my friends!

  • Yvette Carol

    Hey Jeff, congratulations on the new book! I absolutely agree with you 100% about the ‘unless you believe you’re a writer’ statement. I’ve been writing 30 years but only decided to believe I could do it, yesterday (literally)!! Ha ha. Here’s to a brand new day 🙂
    Yvette Carol

  • Edi Balian

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I shared a link of You Are a Writer on my Facebook page.
    I look forward to checking it out this summer as I focus on developing my writing.
    I have been thinking a lot about this issue.
    Recently, I got some feedback on my writing and the feedback was good. This opened my mind to the possibility that my writing was better than I thought or acknowledged. Prior to this I had a lot of self doubt and was insecure about it. But after some good reviews and positive feedback from my professors I realized that with hard work and dedication I can make the changeover. 

  • Anne R

    Hi Jeff.  I just shared your book link on facebook.  When people refer to me as a writer (since I’m working on writing my first ever anything), I usually say, “Well…I don’t know about that…” and then go on to explain that I’ve never written anything before besides college papers, etc.  But I think I’ll stop doing that.  I AM a writer, because the work I’m doing will result in a book that no one else has written.  This idea that I love just happened to implant itself into MY brain – not someone else’s – and I have to be the one to write it.  Not that I mind, since I’d have to say it’s been one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  We were all made to create, and who says you have to have written all your life?  Or earned an English degree?  Or that writing has to be your “ONE thing” in order for you to call yourself a writer?  Anyway, I’m owning the title from now on.  Looking forward to checking out your book.  Time for me to get back to work on my book now.  If I don’t write it, no one else will.     

  • Hey Jeff, I’ve been sharing news of your eBook launch left, right and sideways (on Facebook, Twitter and will do now on LinkedIn). Yes, I consider myself a writer. Published author, long-time blogger and just getting back into more consistent writing. I bought your book on Kindle… so how do I get the High Fives in your $4.99 Ballpoint Package?? KUDOS and CONGRATS on a great launch!

  • Richard J Lester

    Sometimes it takes a nod from a friend to make a self affirmation like ” I am a Writer” helps develop the positive mindset to obtain the personal goals. Thank you Jeff.

  • Trish

    Hey, I pinned this on Pinterest with hopes that other writers  find a way to your book and website. Congratulations on the book and the community for doing what they love or would love to do (someday)! Yes,  I consider myself a writer because that’s the only thing I genuinely want to do or know how to do (decently). 

  • Jenn

    I shared “You are a Writer” on facebook… 🙂 (I don’t have twitter or the other ones 😛 )

    I am a writer and an adventurer. Through my pen, I find myself running from zombies with my friend, “Livin’ on Bugs” (my John the Baptist parody of “Livin’ on Love”), providing an unborn child’s perspective, blessing my children and encouraging friends. I am a writer because ever since I was in third grade, I have needed to write the same way that I need food… it’s kept me up at night because I just couldn’t put my thoughts to sleep until they were on paper. I am a writer because ever since I was young, I have loved words and used them (for good and evil). I am a writer because one day, I finally discovered that I could use my “dark gift” of talkin’ smack and turn it around on its head to help people see where they shine. Although it hasn’t always been easy for me to accept, and self-doubt screams at me “You can’t be! There are so many better writers out there than you are,” I am a writer.

    I guess I’d probably better start actin’ like it… 🙂

  • Congratulations on the release of your eBook… I can’t wait to check it out. Maybe I’ll win one. 😉

  • EKB

    I do think of myself as a writer because its the one thing in my life I can not stop doing. Diets, the gym, hobbys, etc they come and go…but writing I always keep it a part of my life. Even if its writing only I see. I cant imagine not writing. Congrats on this book! I shared on Pinterest- my obsession these days (though really how many desserts can one pin?) 

  • Robin F.

    Of all the different guides I’ve read that talk about starting a writing career, this one looks like the most no-nonsense guide ever.  I shared about it on Facebook.  To answer the question, I say, “Yes, I am a writer.”   That also means I’m an artist who can paint words in such a manner that colors, thoughts, images and ideas come alive in a way never experienced before.  Even though I’ve won awards, seen my words in print, and received other accolades and compliments on my work, I never allowed myself to say “I’m a writer” and put this creative part of my life on hold.  Now, thanks to this site, an unconventional writing contest, and encouragement from some friends, my writing is flowing again and my courage has returned.  I’m finding ways to write each day, even if only in my journal sometimes.

    To my fellow writers–Your time is NOW.  All the best to you!~~Robin

  • Morgan Hyde

    I can’t stop myself from writing, despite many other hobbies and demands on my time. I am a writer to the core.

    Shared on twitter.

  • I shared the link via Twitter 🙂

    I am a writer.  I enjoy writing and have been improving my skills through my blog.  I may never be a household name; I may never be invited to international interviews.  The lack of public accolades doesn’t lessen my talent nor my desire.  I strive to give my best whether it’s one sentence or a number of pages.  I feel restless when I don’t write.  People, strangers even, have affirmed my talent.  All those encourage me to keep on writing.

    Congrats on the new book, Jeff!

  • Nate Goddard

    Hey Jeff, I shared the site on Facebook.

    I do consider myself a writer because writing has been chasing me from a young age. I’ve either been running away from it or ignoring it. Yet I’ve always known inside that I’m a writer. There was never any need to convince myself of it, I just knew. I know that I knew because even when I didn’t write, writing felt right.

    I’d love a free copy of your book but if not I’ll be purchasing it anyway.


  • I’m a writer. I write for my employer. I write for others. Now it’s time to start writing for me. I’m making some progress. I’m ready to make some more. I posted this on my Facebook page. I’m super excited for you Jeff. Please pick me to win! I need all the help I can get. 

  • Joanna Hyatt

    It will be sent out to Twitter tonight!  And…yes, I’m a writer!  A new writer at that, and just getting started on building my own platform and finally being intentional and focused.  Can’t wait to read this….the timing couldn’t be better!

  • Jeff, congratulations on another book, I’m sure it’s excellent. I couldn’t wait so I went ahead and bought the Kindle version on Amazon. I intend to start reading it tonight… 🙂

  • I tweeted of course!  Cheers!  and congratulations on the launch of your book, very excited to read it.

  • frannybolsa

    Shared on Twitter and Facebook! Yes, I am a writer. I am a story teller. It’s how I translate the ordinary puddles and muddles of life.  What I want to be is a better writer.  

  • Maccrowne

    Someone just asked me this question the other day and though I stumbled a bit with my answer, I finally came up with yes. I’m releasing my first two titles this month, but that isn’t what convinced me I deserve the title of author. No, it’s the voices in my head that scream to be heard, and my answering their call that makes me what I am. A writer, a storyteller.

  • Hi Jeff!
    So enjoy reading your newsletter!! Thanks for sharing!!

    I am a teacher/speaker/writer. I am a blogger. I write for a couple of online publications. I’ve written two children’s books, and stories in two compilation books.


    • Oops! I forgot to mention that I shared your info on Facebook!! I also sent out an email to my writer’s group.

  • Julie Moon

    Praise the LORD! Jeff, I am so glad I found you thank you so much you have 

    challenged me. I am a writer! I have had this dream for as long as I can remember.  I have penned my first childrens book and need to find an illustrator. But it is time I finally say it… I am a writer. Thank you and may God richly bless you and your family!

    Oh, I am sharing this with the world… Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter (our Tuesday bible study too) 😉

  • I am a writer and shared the page on two different Twitter accounts.  Fingers crossed I get chosen – because even though I am a writer I still need all the help I can get!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • John Thomas

    Hey, Jeff,

    I posted the link on Twitter and Facebook.

    As to answering your question, I do consider myself a writer, though a songwriter more than a “book” writer.  Why?  Because the desire has never gone away in my almost 40 years.  And I find that if I’m not writing on a regular basis, then I become an incredibly grouchy (to put it mildly) person to be around.  It’s as much a need as a want.

    That, and I find myself doing it at random and unplanned times on a regular basis.  It hits me whether I’m looking for it or not.  Which is really inconvenient when I’m in the shower and can’t get at a guitar or something to put together the chords on. 😀


  • Mark Cross

     I’ve been lurking for some time. This is my first comment. Today I
    created my platform and will spend the next month creating content
    before I start promoting it. Today I also joined your mailing list,
    downloaded The Writer’s Manifesto, purchased The Manifesto, You Are A
    Writer and The War of Art for my Kindle as well. Yes Sir, I’m all in!

    I am a writer and have found my tribe. I also look forward to getting to
    know my fellow writers here and expanding my tribe. Jeff, you
    have inspired me and for that I say thank you.

  • Mark Cross

     I’ve been lurking for some time. This is my first comment. Today I
    created my platform and will spend the next month creating content
    before I start promoting it. Today I also joined your mailing list,
    downloaded The Writer’s Manifesto, purchased The Manifesto, You Are A
    Writer and The War of Art for my Kindle as well. Yes Sir, I’m all in!

    I am a writer and have found my tribe. I also look forward to getting to
    know my fellow writers here and expanding my tribe. Jeff, you
    have inspired me and for that I say thank you.

  • Dawnmedleytn

    I shared the book link on Twitter.  I’m a writer because I’m telling you that I am.  Thanks for being the first person I’ve told.

  • I posted on Facebook.

    I consider myself a writer because I love it and feel like it is who I am supposed to be when I am writing. It nags at me when I don’t do it and is freeing when I do.

  • Melissa

    Hey Jeff! I shared the news about the book through my twitter @lunainthetardis and I’ am a writer because I have a story to tell. There are so many things I want to share with the world, so much that needs to said and listened to and I feel like the only way I can get messages across is through writing about them.

  • slicedupforme

    I just finished a 120,000 word novel draft (my longest to date) so my considerations no longer factor into it, regardless of any post-completion anxiety. I can point my anxious ego at the objective measure any time. https://twitter.com/#!/thirdtruck/status/197510024740880384 via @jeffgoins:twitter

  • Elaine

    I am a writer because, like breathing, the idea of stopping has never crossed my mind. 

    Shared it in Facebook. 🙂

  • Just shared it on Facebook.
    Yes. I consider myself as a writer.

    I consider myself as a writer because I love writing. I haven’t thought I would like writing and creating stories at my young age, and as I continue to exist, I hone this talent that God gave to me unexpectedly.

    I hope you would consider this. Thanks and God Bless.

  • Elaine

    I am a writer because I can’t stop–and I don’t want to. 

    Shared in Facebook. 🙂

  • jovid52

    I shared this on Twitter. Ok, I think I qualify as a scared writer? I have trouble letting go of an abstract idea of perfection and judgment and it keeps me from putting pen to paper!!

  • Mags

    Yeay, Jeff!  You are courageous and transparent.  Thanks for being real and encouraging.  Shared your book info on my fb page.  Hopefully there are others out their that need the message you are giving.  God bless.

  • Just tweeted this on Twitter. I’m not sure I can say that I’m a writer… yet… 

  • Back in the fall, I was asked if I’d be interested in an interim position as a pastor. I said, “I’m willing to do it but you need to know this about me. I consider myself a writer who preaches and not a preacher who writes.”

    My focus is writing. And I’m not waiting for someone to pick me before I write (or publish). I’m just putting another pot of coffee on and getting down to the business of writing.

  • Instead of getting it for free (which I appreciate that you do), I chose to purchase it from Amazon for my Kindle.  I want to “vote with my wallet” and support you because I very much appreciate this free blog I visit and enjoy often! congrats on the new book, man.

  • Shared the site on twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest! 

    I do consider myself a writer. In the words of Russell Baker, “The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn’t require any.”

  • Lindsay Eryn

    I tweeted!

    I haven’t even verbalized it yet, but I am working on claiming that I am a writer.  I tell stories, and I write them out on my blog.  I enjoy story telling so much, I do it fairly consistently, and I try to do it well.  This is why I consider myself a writer.  There you have it!

    Thank you for the challenge!

  • Yes, I am a writer!  It’s funny,  as a kid I called myself a writer and others students recognized me as such.  Then I grew up, got married, had kids and I didn’t see myself as one anymore because I was an adult.  Now that I am older I am seeing myself as a writer again.  I always was, but it seems I had just tucked it away during those ‘busy’ years.

    I am going to share your link on our local writers guild facebook page also.

  • I came back to writing four and a half years ago, after almost a decade away. At the same time I started to test the waters as a writer, I launched a micro-publishing house with a fellow writer. Since then my time has been taken up editing and publishing the work of others, investing in and supporting emerging writers.  I’ve been skirting along the sidelines of writing, doing a bit here and a bit there where time and energy allows, and letting other things eat into the time which could be spent writing.

    In the last week two close friends  said to me “You are a writer”. It knocked me flat. I am so many other things – that although I call myself a writer and sometimes think of myself as a writer, I rarely act like one.

    And damn it, yes I am writer, but I’ve been too scared to step up and claim my space as Writer. I realised this yesterday when I had to sit down and write a column about my greatest fear. I’ve never taken the next big serious step. I’ve never been serious about my writing.

    I am now.

    I  asked my business partner yesterday if it was possible to take six months off (he told me it wasn’t just possible, but necessary). I am clearing my desk of editing work and completing anthologies which have been hanging over my head since last year. I have a goal and I’m working hard towards it.

    Then this morning your email lands in my box with the exact same words of my two friends “You Are A Writer”… no coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences… just the universe trying to get it’s message through. I think it sent three – just to make sure I had heard.

    Yes, I hear it. Loud and clear!

  •  And I shared with my writing partner Adam via twitter. Also no coincidence – he sent me your Manifesto this morning (something I’d already downloaded, read and shared with another writing partner!)

  • Brandymanderson

    I am a writer who needs to write more. Just had a convo with someone about how I’d spend hours writing stories in grade school. Trying to get back to the days of being productive in that area.

  • Johanna

    I believe this really can make a difference! Inspiring – I’ve read the  ‘sample’ and already can feel the urge of wanting to get rid of my fear of failure, my anxiety to the unknown – can I really live my dream, a star not too far to reach…?

    I am already 68 years old, living in China at the moment, my mothertongue is Afrikaans, but I believe this will work in any language, at any age!!!

  • Martin (The eBook Agency)

    Kudos on the book Jeff. A quick flip/scan view of it tells me I’m going to get quite a bit out of this – a definite recommendation coming your way from my site.

    BTW – you might have some technical issues. I never actually paid for it; just clicked to  eJunkie and the download link was there.

  • Cork Hutson

    Jeff – I have your blog in my Google Reader and it’s one of the first things I read each day. Look forward to getting and reading this new ebook, but will take a shot at winning one first! 

    I posted the link for the new book on Facebook just now and will answer the question with this simple answer:

    I am a writer because I have a story to tell!  

  • I can’t wait to check out this book! Thanks for all the writing encouragement on this blog!

  • John Calabria

    Hello Jeff, looking forward to reading your latest gift to us. Thanks for your earnest and honest efforts.

    I shared your site on google+

    take care,


  • Adam Byatt

    I am a writer.
    I consider myself a writer because I have chosen to make it a focus in my life. I am serving an apprenticeship as a writer, learning the craft and putting material out there.
    Fear is a stumbling block for writers. Speaking with my friend Jodi (who commented below), fear causes us to doubt ourselves, our passion and our craft. Making a statement about who we are and what we do is a bold action to defeat our fear.
    I have shared this via twitter and facebook. 
    Thanks for your blog and insights.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  • Jeff, Congratulations on your new book. You are a writer. You have inspired me. One of your articles that you wrote about writing is to support your life, not be your life touched my life. I have poured everything into my ministry and becoming an author. Thanks for sharing your writing with us. I shared your book on Twitter. I wish you much success. May God bless you! Deborah H. Bateman-Author  

  • Hey Jeff! 

    I shared the 

  • Just shared your book across my social media channels, my FB page, 2 FB groups,  on the page of the Maranatha  Christian Writers Conference, and a couple of twitter channels.

    I’m a writer because after 20 years unhappily working  jobs and chasing other peoples definition of success, I hit the pause button. I discovered I love to communicate, to tell stories, be in control of my own destiny and am fundamentally creative. (No wonder I didn’t fit in as a retail manager, business owner, insurance salesman or construction contractor).

    By God’s grace I now write and speak full time, and teach other writers how to connect with the vision and purpose God has placed deep in their hearts.

    BTW, Thank you for your Writer’s Manifesto.

  • Stef Gonzaga

    Hi, Jeff. I shared thesite on Twitter.

    I consider and identify myself as a writer on and offline. The only “problem” is identifying exactly what kind of writer I am. I blog, write copy for clients, and I write poetry when the inspiration and materials come to me.

    I hope to establish myself and my writing niches as I continue to write and improve my writing.

  • Reina

    Love the “kick in the pants” motivational style your book title represents.  I’ve FB’d it (is that a word?) and Tweeted.  It sounds like the book all of us writers need to read and refer back to as needed.  Best, Reina

  • Jeff, 

    congrats on your book, jeff!

  • I posted your link to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. (I do not have the other account.) 
    Yes! I am a writer! But I have not always been a writer. Growing up in a physical, emotional, and sexually abusive home blocked my ability to express myself in many ways. It wasn’t until therapy that my emotions have been turned loose! Writing has given me so much freedom to cope with the pain of my past. Because of my ability to now express myself with writing I am able to share my recovery from abuse and trafficking in my childhood. I have even began a charity that raises money to help other females pay for therapy from sexual abuse. You can read about it at https://crownsofhopetexas.org
    My dream is that one day I will be a published writer and be able to continue to help females heal with my words and my actions.

    • Wow! Two people have already repinned my pin on your book on Pinterest! That is impressive!

  • Jeff, I shared your book/link on twitter and facebook.

    I’m a writer. For a long (LONG) time I said “I want to be a writer… someday.” At the beginning of this year I found your blog around the same time I began to read Bird by Bird. My perspective is changing so much. Honestly, you have helped me to change my thinking, and changing my thinking is changing everything. Thank you Jeff. Seriously.

  • Todd

    I consider myself a writer because I believe in the things I’ve written so far.  Mostly its been songs that I perform myself or with my band…. and I believe that they have developed into fan favorites, especially my kids/family music which I’ve published a CD (iTunes, etc).

    I definitely shared the news of your new book on my twitter page Jeff.  Can’t wait to read it!

    Todd Wees

  • Willie Du Plooy

    Hello Jeff, the writer!
    I’ve shared your site on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    I very much want to call myself a writer. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing stuff, from technical information to fiction. My stories even got read in class in school. But then I got busy with life and I stopped. It hurts, but I can’t seem to get over the hurdle to restart it. I’m hoping your book will help. And if you don’t pick me to receive a free copy, I’ll have to just face the horrible foreign exchange rate and buy one. I’ve also joined an on-line writing course this year in the hope that it will boost my confidence level and get me going again. In the mean time, I write long emails to my staff to complement the meetings I have with them. They give me good feedback about it, so I’m sure there is hope for me.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you do in inspiring others to write (again).
    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Scott Savage

    Not sure if I made it in time, but I shared about your post and work via Twitter. I do consider myself a writer. My mom (now a freelance writer) taught me to love writing as a child and my high school history teacher encouraged me to pursue writing based on my essays in his class during my junior year of high school. I’ve been blogging since December 2008 and I’ve got some ideas in my heart that I lack the discipline to put down in the creation of a book. I’d love to read your book. 

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  • Hi Jeff,
    I posted your link in Facebook!
    Do I consider myself a writer? Why or Why Not? Well, that’s a good question. I love to write – to journal, or write letters, emails, even op-ed articles, but I have never referred to myself as a writer, as I have never written anything that has been published – other than in my college newspaper! I would love to write – but I can’t seem to narrow down a topic, or figure out who to try to be published by. Maybe I should just write the story, and worry about a publisher later?
    Love your site and ebooks!

  • Congrats Jeff, looking forward to reading this!!

  • Strelka Sputnik

    Dear Jeff,
    I just now read your post and twitted the link to you e- book. You seem to be very focued on your writing and doing great, well done!
    I write, but I don’ t call myself a writer – at least yet. 
    This is what led me to your website, in the first place, looking for any tip that could trigger me to turn my attitude about writing  from  introvert to extrovert.