You Have a Voice

The other day, I challenged you with a question, “Why should I read your blog?” and was pleasantly surprised by your answers. But I want to speak for a moment to those of you who didn't answer. I need to affirm something, you see.

You Have a Voice: Photo of a microphone
Photo Credit: Visual Dichotomy

You have a voice.

God gave you something to say. Even if you don't believe in this idea of a Creator who has an ultimate plan for the universe, there is something in you that knows you have a purpose. That there is more to life than just you and me and all our stupid, fleeting fancies.

(Yes, I just used “fleeting fancies” in a blog post. That's how I roll.)

You have a unique voice with a unique message. It is called your story. And only you can tell it. Now, with the advantage of technology, there is no excuse not to share it.

There is no reason why you can't tell your story to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Today. Not in five years. Not when the publishing company signs you. Now.

There is no rationale for people to not hear your voice except that you won't use it. Maybe you're scared or still don't believe that you have something to say, so let me encourage you with a simple thought: Tell your story. Only you can do that in your own way.

Remember: Everyone has a story. And no one knows this tale as well as you do; in fact, it's probably more interesting that you realize. So, tell us yours, and tell it well.

Don't spare the grit or the glory. Make it bold and audacious. Take a risk. Break some rules.

The world is waiting for authentic accounts of life lived honestly — full of conflict and heartache, complete with passion and pain. Stories to encourage. Stories to inspire. Stories to change. Stories to let you know that you are not alone.

You have a voice. Use it.

Here are some folks who have something to say and have caught my attention:

I hope you'll take the time to follow some of them. They're fantastic. Now, it's your turn: Who is someone that you've been listening to? (It can't be yourself.)