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10 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Writing a Book

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.
–Mark Twain

The hard part for most writers, despite what we say, isn’t getting published. Now, there are more opportunities than ever to become an author. No, it’s not the publishing part we struggle with. It’s the writing.

I’ve just finished my first book. And the hardest part, to my surprise, wasn’t the difficulty of getting published. It was the writing process. Looking back, I can see how I learned some things. Important things worth sharing.

What does it take to write a book? Here are 10 of my best tips.

10 MORE TIPS: I actually have 20 ridiculously simple tips for writing a book. Want the other 10? Get them free here.

Getting started

  • Start small. 300 words per day is plenty. John Grisham began his writing career as a lawyer. He got up early every morning and wrote one page. You can do the same.
  • Have an outline. Write up a table of contents to guide you. Then break up each chapter into a few sections. Think of your book in terms of beginning, middle, and end. Anything more complicated will get you lost. If you need help, read Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.
  • Have a set time to work on your book every day. If you want to take a day or two off per week, schedule that as time off. Don’t just let the deadline pass. And don’t let yourself off the hook.
  • Choose a unique place to write. This needs to be different from where you do other activities. The idea is to make this a special space so that when you enter it, you’re ready to work on your project.

Staying accountable

  • Have a set word count. Think in terms of 10-thousand work increments and break each chapter into roughly equal lengths:
    » 10,000 words: a pamphlet
    » 20,000 words: short eBook or print book
    » 40,000–50,000 words: good-sized nonfiction book
    » 60,000–70,000 words: longer nonfiction book
    » 80,000 words–100,000 words: typical novel length
  • Give yourself weekly deadlines. It can be a word count, percentage of progress, whatever. Just have something to aim for, and someone who will hold you accountable.
  • Get early feedback. Nothing stings worse than writing a book and then having to rewrite it, because you didn’t let anyone look at it. Have a few trusted advisers to help you discern what’s worth writing.

Staying motivated

  • Ship. No matter what, finish the book. Send it to the publisher, release it on Amazon, do whatever you need to do to get it in front of people. Just don’t put it in your drawer.
  • Embrace failure. Know that this will be hard and you will mess up. Be okay with it. Give yourself grace. That’s what will sustain you, not your high standards of perfection.
  • Write another. Most authors are embarrassed of their first book. But without that first, they never would have learned the lessons they did. So put your work out there, fail early, and try again. This is the only way you get good. You practice.

Every writer started somewhere, and most of them started by squeezing their writing into the cracks of their daily lives. The ones who make it are the ones who show up day after day.

You can do it, too.

Get my full list of 20 tips

I actually have 10 more ridiculously simple tips for writing a book. Tips that help you:

  • Beat feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stay creative so you never “run out” of ideas.
  • Stay focused, so you get your book done faster.

Click here or on the image below to get those tips:


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  • Anda

    I’m so glad that you mentioned 300 words.It seems resonable to me. My target is 500 words/day. I read the other days on a site that has some kind of a contest and they have to write over 50.000 words per moths. I was “Oh my God!I’m so lame.” I struggle with 500 words and there apparenly are people who write a whole book in one month. And then i did some more google and found your site. I’m a little more relieved now.

    • Henry Migingo

      I will be glad to read your book.

      • Anda

        Thanx for the vote of confidence, but I’m still a long way till the finish line. Till then lots and lots of inspiration to you and whomever needs it!

    • Johnlagaby

      Anda, the word count is meaningless. It is the ideas that are contained in those words that matter, not the quantity of words. For example, prior to Lincoln giving his “dedicatory remarks” at Gettysburg, the main speaker there spoke for three hours. Then Lincoln followed with his 200 words dedication remark, which now is known as the Gettysburg Address and is considered one of the best speech in history. The main three-hours speech was forever forgotten.

      • Anda

        Yes, the count is meaningless. But it sure feels good when my target is 500 words/day and I write 1000 useful/valuable words. I only wish all days are like that! By the way, I don’t believe in writing just to reach your number of words. If you write something, then it must have a pupose in it (even if it is a small purpose that only has a meaning to you).

        • Jameseh

          I am honestly planning on doing one-thousand to two-thousands words a day for my stories, I have around 6-10 hours spare time from Monday to Friday, and the whole day on Saturday & Sunday, 11-15 hours.
          I am fourteen years old and being homeschooled, and am very much into writing stories, so I started. :3

          Fact, I need to spend more time into writing stories or so.

          Ah.. I spend too much time on my favorite forum site… And too much time on Super Mario 3D Land ;-;

          • Anda

            good luck!

          • Mirandameowth

            lol man. Im 11 and i have lots of homework and im on a swim team but I don’t WASTE MAY TIME PLAYING A FREKING MARIO GAME!!

  • http://madridpig.com/ Sean Durham

    Good advice. nailing it down to the simple motivating factors, like word count and keeping it low, or being prepared to fail and try again is realistic advice. Writing a book isn’t the easiest thing in the world so it helps when understand why we are writing a book as well.

  • http://www.esomu.faithweb.com Dr. Solomon Esomu

    This is great!

  • Micki

    Thanks for the simple tips, Jeff! As usual, practical and informative, always giving to your readers! Happy to share with my followers!

  • bradblackman

    One thing about John Grisham: he writes what he knows about. He knows law and lawyers and how that whole world works. So he wrote about it. So I might add one more thing: write from where you are. Write from your world. Marcel Proust famously dipped his madeline cakes in his tea, and that triggered a flood of memories, so he wrote about his upbringing.

  • sue G

    Apologies if this has already been discussed. What is your opinion if I want to write a non-fiction book about a subject that has already been written about before and there is already so much information about this subject on the internet.

    • http://www.yamentou.com/ Lionnel Yamentou

      Hi sue G,

      Write your own book. If you have a unique way of interpretation for the information, or simply a new way of packaging and presenting it, go ahead and do it.
      Consider this your permission slip. :D

      Lionnel Yamentou

  • diegovegas

    Does a person think of the title first then write based on title or simultaneously write to match? Or does one think of story/plot then come up with a name/title?

    • Jameseh


      I had an idea once by just thinking of a random title, and with that, I had thoight of a story.
      The Blackbox Radio
      I was chatting with someone on a site about stories, he said that he was bad at ideas and would abandon his work anyway, then I said: ‘Let me think of a story.’

      I started writing random stuff, starting with ‘The Blackbox Radio’
      ‘The Radio that had a broken part, needed to be fixed. But one of the broken segments requires special, rare powder. Brent needs to go back to the mountain with the powder, but he couldn’t find the powder on where he found it. He now needs to go on an adventure, just to fix his own Blackbox Radio.’

      That’s my description for my story :P
      But I haven’t continued it because my story was acting all strangely on the computer, and I didn’t have a clue on how to fix it. And; it only happens on that story!

      • Mirandameowth

        why would it be so important just to fix a radio : /

    • Neo

      I thought of my title first and then the story kind of fell in to place after that. I’ve already got a 2nd title and story in my head and haven’t finished the first one yet.

    • Mirandameowth

      I plot out everything thats going to be in my book before I come up with my titles name. most the time I finish my book before I give my book a title.

  • Neo

    Wow, I’m pretty glad there’s a place like this to come to lol, I started writing my first book over a year ago, in that time I only have five pages done so far. I work 2 jobs so it’s hard to find the time to do much more than that, it’s been six months since I even added anything to it, any suggestions?

    • Katie James

      personally, if you really want to write that book, I would just take a notepad with you to your jobs and then write the outline of it first. Once you write the outline it’s a lot easier then you think. so really just start there and then work your way up :) I bet you’ll do great!

  • amanda

    I’m thinking about writing my first book and I want it to be about my life story as a struggling addict and the things that came with that lifestyle (prison, sleeping with men for money, sleeping in the streets, etc.) and how I have now at 27yrs. old have been clean for over a year have a amazing 11 month old son who was what saved my life and just all the things in between. I just know that even when I was at my worst I liked to read especially about what I was going threw and I never found a story that was like mine that turned out good in the end. Any feed back or helpful ideas to start me with the process would be much appreciated. Thank you,

    • JennyDahlBakken

      Sounds like an amazing book! You say you never found a story like yours that turns out good in the end. Do you mean that as the story rarely ended happy, like yours have done, or that the books rarely turned out good? If you mean the last, then I would analyse WHAT is bad about those books, write it down. Then at least you have eliminated some thins you don’t want to have in your book.

      I think maybe the way to get started for you is either to try think of a start, middle and end of your book; like the author of this blog post suggests, or to sit down and write down keywords – often a good place to start. Which feelings and experiences, or people, have been the most dominant in your life? Write it down. After that, start writing stories out of the keyword. Expand on experiences, try to describe feelings the best you can, etc. I think that would be really helpful for you. Good luck with the book! :)

  • Mirandameowth

    I’m actually a middle school child who is writing a book for my school library. Ive been writing a thriller-mystery-fiction book. heres a sample from my 5th chapter.


    Will was up on the roof of the magic shack staring through binoculars out onto the horizon. He was looking for the monster that he had seen before but if he could spot a tourist bus anywhere around then he would be satisfied with that too. He had been up there for three hours and the only interesting thing he saw was when Callie left the shack with his grappling hook and then about ten minutes later her running and screaming out of the woods. He wasn’t sure if she had seen the monster or whatever it was but he knew that it was dangerous whatever it was that she saw in there. If it hadn’t been for what happened 30 years ago Will would have never stayed here for longer than a week. He would have never built the magic shack or learned to be a professional con-man. But he also wouldn’t have ever felt great loss either. If only he hadn’t tempted the fates, if only he had listened but no. He was stubborn. He had known that this town was weird from the start but he also knew that that weirdness was dangerous. Will had decided that he would never admit that anything weird was going on here to Tyrone and Callie. He knew that Callie was reckless and Tyrone well, Tyrone was just like himself. Curious, digs deep, but when Will had dug too deep into this towns secrets he lost everything and there was no way out of the hole he had dug. For all the Maple twins knew this was nothing but a bunch of lies and gift-shop lore. That was all they needed to know for now.

    if its good then please tell me.

    • bookwriter333

      hey I think you should try to get it published when done

      • Mirandameowth

        That might be hard since i’m 11

        • Katie James

          hey I’m only 14 and writing a book, lol. like they say its the writing that is hard not the publishing. get you’re writing done and you’ll get published I bet!

          • Mirandameowth

            thank you very much! I’m trying my best. ;)

    • Idiotioi

      Hey sounds okay, please add me on skype im also writing a book and I would like your opinion. My skype is Morshu Adams

      • Mirandameowth

        I don’t have a skype yet because I can’t have one until i’m 13 but here are my tricks. 1.I get a lot of my ideas from turning on like 3 random tv shows at a time and then sleeping while I hear them play. When I wake up I write about a paragraph or two and then repeat the process until I feel good about what i’ve written for the day. 2. I write a little in every chapter just so I can get my ideas down and then later I fill in the chapter later. 3. I get my younger friends, my friends in my grade and my older friends to read it so I can get feedback from them. 4. I some times add stuff to it that smaller children wont understand but adults will get. and 5. Before I start the book I’m writing I graph out every single plot twist, character and surprise that will appear or happen throughout what i’m writing. those are some of my tips for writing (and keep in mind that i’m 11, on a swim team, and have loads of middle school homework so when I wright I try to get all of my ideas on as quickly as possible but on breaks I fill in spaces that I feel need something more like adult humor or something that will make people laugh).

        • Mirandameowth

          I got my mom to give me a Skype account or whatever. when are you free so I can Skype you. I am busy most of the time so you aren’t ever going to be able to contact me. My name though is miranda marks

    • Seren

      This is a great start, but you need to work on details. What do these characters look like? What are they to each other- friends, family? We need backgrounds. You could go a little slower, work on your pacing. If you go too fast, people won’t be sure what’s happening. But don’t go too slow, otherwise people will lose interest.
      Good luck!

    • p. W. Armstrong

      Sounds really cool full story plz!!! :)

  • Robert Bollinger

    I have thought about writing a book on my growing up.for some time. I would like the book to reflect more on the times then just on me. I just never know where or how to start. the title would be, Born in the 30’s- Raised in the 60’s Blessed by God.I would like it to show how times have changed.

    • Mirandameowth

      That sounds like a wonderful idea Robert! I say write whatever you want and then after change it in a way that the public would understand but you still feel its your life story. Example: The adults would be able to relate, the kids wll look as it for a history reference or a life story of someone growing up and you still feel like it reflects who you are. Good Luck! ;)

    • Katie James

      I think that sounds great! Just a quick tip though; for the title, I would recommend having something a tad bit shorter;)

      • stephanie

        i agree with the shorter title, Katie! but it does sound great!

    • Merita

      I think we are from the same era what age is too old to start writing you first book

  • Katie James

    Ever since I was 9 I wanted to write a book. I’m a teenager now and having a hard time with consistency, this is definitely something I will finish. I’ve never been so dedicated to something, does anyone have suggestions or tips? I could really use some help. Thanks :)

    • Megan

      Hey Katie I’m Megan and I’m in the exact same boat as you. I have recently done some longer writing projects that have led me to sucess leading me to beleive I have the ability to write a novel. I’d be very curious to hear some of your veiws and ideas as a fellow writer.

      • Mirandameowth

        I am also writing but thats because I’m trying to inspire younger people that they can do anything. I’m 11 and I’m doing swimming after school, soccer on the weekends and as you know I have a lot of homework. It’s very rare that I can sit down and have a minute to myself but when I do I write and write and write. It’s difficult but when you are finished you just feel more proud.

        • aimee b

          this sounds alot like the tv show gravity falls.

          • Mirandameowth

            what is that?

        • p. W. Armstrong

          Maybe get up a bit earlier and write before anything?

      • Betsy

        Please know how to spell check. “Believe” I beofre E except after C

        • Betsy

          Please know how to spell check. “Believe” I befo
          re E except after C

          • Mirandameowth

            stop giving children a hard tim about spell check. lord

        • Tom Conant

          that’s hilarious, your busting nuts about spelling and misspell “before”

        • Seren

          That method is redundant. I before E, except after C? What about the spelling of ‘Atheist’? I see no C…

    • Aimsy McNamara


  • Ally Cole

    im kind of trying to write a book i have always wanted to i love reading so i recently started writing but im not sure how to do any of it. i think i have a good idea for the story but im not sure how to write it down. if anyone has any tips or anything please let me know it will be a huge help! :)

    • Mirandameowth

      My advice is 1. come up with a title 2. make a plot of all of your characters and all of the major plot twists in your book 3. write all of your ideas in an organized way ( don’t worry if you only have one or two pages in a chapter, you can fill in later) 4. look over 5. add fillers 6 make a draft 7. edit 8. repeat this process until you feel good about what youve written 9 final copy 10 come up with a title 11 publish. You may be wondering why I put come up with a title first and tenth. Some people have an easyer time with writing then finding a sutible title and others like to come up with a title and then create a book using that title. This is what works for me so it may not work for others. TIP: you can never write when you are stressed. if you feel like you don’t have any new ideas leave it for a day or take a power nap or do something that will get you focused and ready to roll.

      • Ally Cole

        Thank you! this is helping so much.

        • Mirandameowth

          no prob! thats what I do!

      • Betsy

        Please know how to spell “easier” when talking about how to write and proof read a book!

        • Mirandameowth

          ok I am sooo sorry that a 11 year old that is terrible at typing and that doesn’t know how to use spell check is one of your main concerns right now

        • betsyfaget

          I’ll say this in my language: Putang ina mo

          • Mirandameowth

            what does that mean?

    • BuddaBelly

      I am new to writing as well. I have a lot to learn and have been researching as much as possible on the internet. One of the things I ran across was a simple, but powerful, tip. If you plan on writing seriously, then write right all the time.

      • Ally Cole

        Oh ok thank you so much!!

    • Aimsy McNamara

      Just write all words appear in your mind and before you know it, you already written a story. I wrote a novel entitled “Barefoot Daydreamer”, it is on sale at Amazon page. I did work very hard for this novel but now I realise it is still need a good tweaking. i am planning to revamp the front e-book cover and the content itself. So guys, let us be positive. i always remember the proverb, ” IF YOU SHOT THE MOON AND YOU DON’T HIT IT BUT AT LEAST YOU MAY LAND OF ONE OF THE STARS.”

  • Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley I am very discouraged of writing a book I love too write since forever but I haven’t wrote any sort of thing over 2years I tried too write a book called love hurts in I lost all my stuff I had it on a USB port in I was upset didn’t remember nothing from it but now I want too get back too my writing in don’t know where too Start can any one give me any tips on this please…

    • Mirandameowth

      All you need to do is go with the idea you had before and then take your time to make it just the way you want it. It doesn’t matter that you don’t remember exactly what it was before. As long as you still have your original idea you are set.

    • p. W. Armstrong

      So that u don’t lose stuff like that story save it in 2 places like on a USB but also keep an updated copy on your desktop. that way if 1 gets deleted you still have the other one

  • Bill Johnson

    Hi! First I like to say I never think as my self a writer I just write. If I get an idea I just write it down. Then if I come up on it later in my note book I like it then I outline it and make out a plane to research it. But there are rules to go by. Then I just let my self go and write the story I don’t worry about spelling just let it flow, later you can edit it and check everything. I can not write any other way. some my best letter when I was a CEO of a corporation when I had my secretary take it down as i was speaking. I think that lets you just roll with it, you can then read it make changes. Main thing is to write write and just keep on writing all the time. I throw out more than I keep. a good thing to do is study other writers and see how they handle like a sentence or how they word some thing. I think main point is to always remember your reader. I hate to read a story and the writer just leaves you hanging. Or maybe like goes some place but just gets there and you don’t understand how. This is a child’s story I wrote a long time ago not to good but I still wrote it anyways. hehe!!
    My grandson loved it.

    Billy badger woke up with sound
    of birds singing the sun shinning through his window.

    I just know this is going to be a
    wonderful day he spoke out loud because it was Saturday and there was no

    His mother Rosa was in the
    kitchen cooking breakfast she smiled good morning Billy how are you this fine
    day, fine as rain mother.

    After breakfast Billy went out to
    play with his friends, Bobby Raccoon and Wilbur Skunk.

    Bobby grabbed Billy’s paw I would
    like you to meet my new friend Tommy Beaver hi Tommy nice to meet you Billy
    grabbed Tommi’s paw.

    Would you all like to come over
    to my house to play they all agreed to go to Tommi’s house.

    Tommy lived on a lake on the
    other side of the big hill.

    Billy looked but didn’t see any
    houses, where is your house Tommy? Out there by the dam we will have to swim.

    They all got into the water and
    swam out to this big hump of wood and dirt in the water.

    Tommy ware is your door, ask
    Billy you have to go under water there is a tunnel we swim up into my house
    Tommy explained.

    After they got inside they all
    said this is really cool.

    They had so much fun Swimming and
    playing with Tommy they forgot the time and Billy looked at his watch, it is
    getting late we better go home.

    They all said goodbye and started
    back home by the time they got over the big hill the sky was black with smoke
    and Wilbur said what is happening?

    Billy shouted over the loud
    noise of the popping and crackling I think the forest is on fire.

    By the time they got to Billy’s
    house it was so dark they couldn’t hardly see in front of their noses.

    Rosa pacing back and fourth where
    have you boy’s been I have been worried sick.

    We will have to leave here and
    soon your father is gone far away and I don?t know what to do.

    Every one was at Billy’s house
    all of Wilbur and Bobby’s families, Billy where will we go ask Rosa.

    Billy spoke up I know what we
    can do.

    I know where we will all be safe
    just follow me he took them over the big hill and down to the lake to Tommi’s
    house. How do we get out there? ask Rosa and Bobby said we swim.

    After the fire was out they all
    came back home.

    The park ranger Mr. Mitchell was
    there and he ask is every one was OK; your homes got burnt up.

    How did you all escape?

    If it hadn’t been for Billy we
    would have got burned up Rosa exclaimed.

    When Billy’s father got home he
    was so happy to see that they were all safe.

    I am very proud of you Billy.

    The next day they all went to the
    rangers cabin and had a big ceremony in Billy’s honor and ranger Mitchell gave
    Billy Badger the Animal of the year award.

    The end

    • Mirandameowth

      That is adorable!

  • C Is A Writer

    Hello. I would like to say that the tips you have given really helped me out. First, I would like to mention my difficulties in writing. I have this tendency to change the whole plot but I have already published my work in Wattpad. If you have heard of it, it is an app where amateur writers can publish and non-writers can read the stories of the said writers. But going back, there was once a situation where I published 2 chapters and after a few months I thought of new ideas of what could have happened in that particular chapter. Another situation was when I wrote several chapter then I later on noticed that none of them would lead me to the ending I wanted or it was hard to get to that ending without having to give up all my ideas for my other works. It is a very frustrating to write a book but it is also very satisfying in a way. I would like you to give some tips on these problems if you have time. I would be very grateful if you could find time helping out a fellow writer.
    Thank you very much.

  • Dixigurl71

    I’ve been writing short stories since I was 10yrs old. I use to pretend that I worked as a writer/publisher in my room on the floor surrounded with cheezy romance novels that my mom would read. Ironically, my characters come to me but as a serial killer. I feel weird about it. I would rather write something inspirational being that I am Christian. Is that weird?

    • Nina

      No it is not weird. That would make a great book

    • Herb

      That isn’t weird at all, I started writing when I was 6 or 7, but they were only little stories. I also used to pretend :) I used to act like my teacher, who was sorta bossy but gave great tips ;) I am not Christian truthfully, but seeing you say ‘my characters come to me but as a serial killer’ I don’t see that at weird at all. I am most curious of how you will write your stories.

    • p. W. Armstrong

      That’s not wierd. I’m Christian but I like to write about that kind of thing (e.g. in school I wrote a story about a werewolf who killed a ton of people and My character was hired to hunt it down.)

  • Nina

    I love these tips!
    Thanks for the help.

  • jgwriter

    I like the outline/table of contents idea! I’ve been trying to write about 10 minutes every day, but I’ve been struggling to stay on track with it. I’m writing historical fiction, so I’ve made a timeline of events happening in the world during the lifetime of my character, but the table of contents might get me thinking more about how these things do (or don’t) play a part in my character’s life.

  • BRBurns

    Hi. I would like to write a book to tell the story of how I lost my 15 year old daughter four years ago as a tribute to her, but also to help other people deal with tragedies such as mine, and other tragedies in life. I truly believe that the story I will tell is definitely worth telling. I want my book to tell my story in a way so as people may be able to relate to it but also to offer hope. I love to write, and definitely want to make an impact, especially in memory of my daughter. If you could please offer any tips or advice on how to achieve this, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • http://www.internetlocallistings.com/ Internet Local Listings

    All great tips! When asked how to blog or write a novel/nonfiction piece, the bit of advice I always default to is “just write a bit every day.” When I ask if someone can manage 100 words, they always say, “Yes, I think I can.” And then it comes into focus: Chip away at it and you’ll make progress. It’s the same as working out or studying a language. You have to work at it–even a bit–to make it happen.

  • Olodo Alphonce

    i love these too

  • rose f.

    i found u on the internet, i have been tossing the idea around of writing a book, but i have no idea how to begin , i would like to write about my life, which, is quite interesting , but i was thinking of keeping my identity a secret, is this possible? i would like to include in my book my papers i wrote in college, along with some of my poems i wrote, and about my near death experience, which is all true , now it may not be a best seller, i dont care about that, it may help women, who may have gone thru similar experiences and also may warn women too , i had no idea my husband would do to me what he did, i thought he loved me… someone said to start with the ending and whatever…. i look forward to receiving ur emails and tips, rose here, i am a nurse and have been a nurse all my life. and raised 4 great kids, also not sure if i should put it all in one book or several, i dont want it to be a thick book, , thank u and merry christmas and happy new yr to all

    • ian143

      Just one guy’s opinion, first off, by all means you should write that book, especially if you see potential to help others by telling your story. If your writing changes one life out of a thousand readers, your book is a success.
      If you want to write anonmously you could write under a pen name, like Stephen King did with Richard Bachman, Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain etc. You could explain in the forward that for your own safety your story is being told with your real identity hidden because of possible issues when it’s released, or say nothing at all and just tell your tale under a fake name. Creative license is a good thing.
      Don’t worry about the formalities yet, just write.
      Starting from the ending is a creative way to begin as you can show how life did work out for you and then you can walk the reader back in time so they can read what you went through to understand the path you had to endure to get to this point in life where you are at.
      For now, write your story, the meat and potatoes, all that happened in the best way you can remember it. If family or friends are knowledgeable of your situation and you trust them, use them as resources to write from their perspective as well, as sometimes see your life through the eyes of someone else can be enlightening.
      Hope this helps. If you do push forward, I’d like to read your finished product, so keep me posted. Best wishes and happy new year.

  • Allen Cramer

    I’m about to start writing. Military and LE background. Deployment stories. Locking ppl up. Good cop bad cop corruption. The brotherhood only goes so far!

  • jade t.

    i am only 12 and i am thinking about writing a book about a girl that goes for a swim and comes out of the water in a different world and needs to get home do you think eople will read it?

    • John

      Sounds awesome!! I’d read it for sure!

    • jacqueline

      I would sound! Sounds like an interesting book. I too am 12 and a girl. Im thinking of a book much like yours.

    • innocent

      Jade try it… But dont keep ur hopes high, you will learn a lot and it will be a great help for you in Future …

    • DonG

      A writer in my area gave me some advice; advertisement is important for the book.

  • Third Eye

    Hello All, I am writing a Historical Fiction. This will be my first full Novel, but I have had a general idea of this story for a few years now. Anyone here writing a book in this genre. Historical Fiction has its own set of challenges namely Historical Accuracy.

  • Herb

    Hi, I am about 14, and I am having troubles writing my book. I have read so many tips on writing one, and what you need, and it still won’t help. I copied about 24 pages of tips from so many different websites, I studied them over and over again, and I have sort of know what I need to do. But the problem is… I don’t have the patience and motivation to finish it. I managed 84 pages with it, but upon reading over it, I realized it didn’t make any sense, so I scrapped it. I am quite particular about what I write, and I know the first draft is supposed to be the crappy draft, yes, but even that doesn’t help. Does anyone have any tips on staying motivated, and how to do my book without scrapping it first?

    • Itslolo99

      Herb I first had trouble staying motivated. Don’t give up think of your work as a piece of art you want to share with the world and you will make mistakes that’s normal just rewrite them make sure you have a outline of the book and write the plot down so you can look at it make a character sheet with of a list of your characters and their involvement in the story and don’t be to hard on yourself writing a book isn’t easy it takes time and patience and countless mistakes but I believe you can do it just try not to beat yourself down or be overly picky try making a table of contents for the book and write a description for each chapter I hope this helps Itslolo99 to herb

  • sexy girl

    Hey I am a 11 year old girl who is trying to write a book about a girl who takes a swim and comes out of the water in a different world

    • innocent

      and name it, Alice in water-land??? LOL

    • Fataldreams

      It’s a great idea! I think you can do a lot with it! Don’t give up on it!

    • Chris M

      It’s been done.

      • Heather Moon

        whats the name of the book?

  • Fataldreams

    I’ve been writing stories ever since I was able to write. And now I struggle with following through and completing them. I’ll start them and then I’ll have another idea pop into my head, then naturally I follow that idea and the cycle begins. I’ts not like I don’t want to finish any of them, I do. But I’m just struggling with keeping my attention on one and figuring out how to complete it. Any suggestions, or comments? Thanks y’all!

    • p. W. Armstrong

      Maybe create something to keep you fixed on that book (e.g. a poster with the characters) or if you have an idea just note it down in a phone orsomething and pursue that idea later. I find it difficult to end stories in school and stuff too.

  • Write WithMe

    It can be difficult to start writing a book alone. So I have created an app that will show you a new way to write a book by sharing your story with somebody else. It helps you to get creative by writing book together and bring it to the end. Maybe it helps you also to start and complete your own book in the future. Just start printing your thoughts and others will join to your story. Don’t know how to start? Just read others stories, choose a favorite one and keep company.

    Please do not judge strictly, it is my first app. And I hope it helps you make the dream a reality:)

    Check out my android app: goo.gl/8j7YUo

    I will appreciate your feedback and comments.

  • YoungAuthor

    Hi! I just wanted to know if I was supposed to type my book up first as a scrap? That would make my life easier instead of just writing it down. I’m really young and I know I will get rejected a lot because of my age, but I wanted to know if I was supposed to type it up first? Thanks

  • Ray Ray writes

    I just turned 14 and I want to write a book. I love writing in school and I thought it would be cool. I want to write a fictional book about my life but with some twists, but I dont want to embarrass myself. I also dont want to offend anyone for writing about them. I have been trying to come up with ideas of how to change things but I cant come up with anything. Example: my parents are divorced and my dad is getting married again. If I make his girlfriend a character in the book, I am afraid she might get mad. I also dont want to throw my life out there because I know that people at my school will read the book if it gets published. Any suggestions? Should I completely change the plot or should I change the characters?

    • p. W. Armstrong

      u could just paste the whole thing into google translate?? LOL ;)

  • Karam Ibn Adam

    i have written a Novel: a story that very few can imagine… full of magic, conspiracy and conflict between four Strong Characters… Each Character Seems to be Villains or a rebel of some sort, but the readers will reader will realize in the midst of novel that non of them is a really a Villain, the Reader is likely to picks a Character of his liking, but as All characters are in conflict with each-other that keeps the Reader on his tenterhooks… it took me nearly a Year to accomplish it, the problem i am facing is that English is my 6th Language, though i speak 8 languages coz i travel a lot… i’ve Written the book my mother tongue, We are basically Nomad people, living in mountains and Deserts, Very Few people speak my language, and almost non read books, Sadly having not a Single publisher who publish Books, let alone a TV channel, or a newspaper… Sounds strange but it is True, Yet we are the Happiest people on the face of the Earth, I want someone Who is Good at English and At least written a single Book… i will Gladly make him my co-writer as we convert the Language of My book…
    MY Email: mir7766@gmail.com

    • Lilbugbed

      Sounds like a good book good luck!!

  • p. W. Armstrong

    Hi im 11 & want to write a fantasy- the darker kind with goblins and trolls and stuff- set in that kind of medival fantasy place but im finding it difficult to plan and im not sure i should write it as it is likely to get regected . the main idea of the story would be about a guy who can inadvertantly change himself into any animal or another race- like a goblin. war is tearing the land apart- dark races v light races- and both sides want him. its about his decision, his life in the war and the impact he has on it. do you guys think i should write it?

    • Retrowifey

      Yes! You have to start somewhere, and you’re young! You will be ahead of the game when you’re older :)

      • p. W. Armstrong


    • Zack

      And your only 11?! I’m impressed. Seriously, write it. It sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into your novel already. I was about your age when I decided I wanted to write a book. To this date I have not written a draft I care for, and I’m now 17. A good book takes a long time. Don’t let that discourage you! If you want to show the world your abilities, what can stop you?

  • arjun

    i’m only 9 and i want to write a book about my future that what luxory would be!

  • Niall

    I want to write a story but I don’t really have a visual idea of it

  • Paschal

    Hi I am 12 years of age and I’m writing a novel about a teenage boy who gets kidnapped along with 19 others and none of them don’t remember any thing of their past but the basics. And an organization called the Killzone Department of Militarism and they are trying to turn the boys into soldiers and the main character is trying to escape the organization and set the boys free before they are killed by group B. Should I write this story please reply anyone. Thx

    • Retrowifey

      That sounds awesome! Yes, write it!

      • ashley

        This sound like the movie” the maze runner” but i still like it

    • Gigi

      please write this and send me a copy!

    • chris

      Don’t send anyone a copy of anything you write!!!!

    • Natasha M.

      Sounds a lot like Ender’s Game. hmmmm. taking kids and training them. Ender’s game yup

    • Sam5026

      Sounds ALOT like the maze runner but I would probably read it.

    • Benjamin McGill

      very impressive for a 12 year old. If this story one your passionate about then you should not let anyone tell you otherwise. As I was reading what you wrote I could almost picture it in my head like a movie. Good luck with your book.

  • KasityGrace

    Hello! I know it’s kind of crazy to even think about

  • Kasity Nugent

    I have been thinking for a while now about writing my own book. My English teacher was upset to find out that I do not do anything with my writing. I have always written short stories and things to that nature for her. I favor historical fiction and books such as to kill a mocking bird, but to actually write my own book seems slightly frightening. I’m fifteen, and I just don’t even know where to begin honestly.

    • futbolmunchkin37@gmail.com

      I have always wanted to write a book. I have pieced together some plots and story ideas that I want, but I have always started with an outline. That has always been extremely helpful to start my writing. From there I just elaborate on those ideas (sometimes not even in chronological order!) It just depends what ideas pop into my head. I’ve written a lot of short stories like you, and I have included sections and ideas from those pieces into longer stories. If you have a really good idea for a book that is related to one of your short stories, you could copy all or parts of your short stories into the novel.

    • SJ

      believe it or not so am I! I am currently writing a historical fiction book it takes quit the planning. you need characters and a motivation and a lot of time. I have also grew up writing short stories and teachers and my mom told me I should start writing and that’s what encouraged me to start writing with passion. I suggest you do it too if you have a true passion for it :) I’m 19 and have had a passion for writing since I could remember. good luck!

    • Zack

      Same here, I have written/started 20ish drafts and have had little success with any of them. The biggest piece of advice I can give when starting a book is to start small. Really small. Start with something simple and work forwards into more complicated elements of the plot. Don’t go too big too fast. If you try and throw all your backstory and setting work into a tiny space you’ll get lost. As far as starting a story, spend time thinking about your main character(s). Once you solidify everything about your character put them in the first situation that comes into your head. Are they a warrior? Then your first scene could be a pinched battle. From there, you could tell the story in one massive flasback that eventually winds up right at the first scene. use that scene, now in more vivid detail, and work forwards. If your character thinks a lot, or is very analytical you could start with a simple day in their life. Have the character follow a tiny lead that evolves into the main plot of the book. Start with a simple scene that showcases who your character is without too much help. Now that you have a scene. Write it. Now you have begun your story. Remember that nothing you write is set in stone. You are free to change whatever you write until you nail it. One more thing. Read what you write constantly, it helps you keep a steady train of thought and it will help with your book’s flow. Just my 2 cents. It works for me, it may not for you.

  • Hassan Farooq Awan

    Hi, I’m a 15 year old kid who loves to read and write. I reside in Pakistan and English is not my first language. My vocabulary and writing is good and Imagination is not bad too. I have written bits of the following tale. Should I continue to write on it?

    1987, Mustafa Qureshi, a young 12 year old boy who lives in an orphanage with zero information about how he ended up there or what happened to his family. He is summoned by what seemed to be a ghost in the darkest place in his orphanage, a room which anybody hardly opens. He is told of his family and that he is a wizard. The next morning, he wakes up not in the orphanage but besides a road accompanied by a tall figure, Hassan Khan in the magical land of Bulbodia. The man is a professor at a Magic School and was a friend of Mustafa’s father, Kashif Qureshi. Hassan Khan tells Mustafa the news of him being admitted in the magic school where he teaches, the Bulbing Academy of Magic and that his parents had been murdered by some dark forces. From there onwards, Mustafa makes many friends in the school and is committed on finding how his parents died and who killed them. He discovers many secrets and awful truths in his school year. The Academy is attacked a couple of times during the semester by unknown dark forces. A professor in the academy is found guilty of being an ally to those forces. His identity is revealed thanks to Mustafa and his friends. When the headmaster of the academy, Sir Alexander Ambros summons the professor to talk, he tries to attack Mustafa but is stopped by Prof. Alex. In a gruesome battle between Headmaster and the professor, Alexander hits him with the killing spell and he dies in an instant. Mustafa then finds a stange note in his pocket that says “doth not kill us f’r thou hast to repay. doth not harm us if thou wish not to be harm’d and doth not hope to survive when we want to endue thou to an end.” Mustafa is happy to uncover some parts of the awful truth behind his parents death but is determined to find out more in his next semester.

    Tell me, should I continue to work on it and please tell me how I can add details and describe things in the book.

    • Carl

      It sounds like Harry Potter. But Harry Potter made a lot of $ if you can get just some of that you will be successful. The Harry Potter of the Middle East. Don’t stop.

      • Hassan Farooq Awan

        Is that bad? I mean is it bad that it sounds like Harry Potter? And would you be willing to read this if you saw this in the market?

        • p. W. Armstrong

          Yeah, I would read it!

        • Minerva

          Copyright Infringement in is a serious crime… I would consider changing more than just the names of a top selling story to get published…. I hope this is a joke.

          • Hassan

            But can you kindly check if this would be copyright Infringment of Harry Potter. Please.

    • crazy Girl

      And name it Harry Potter of PAKISTAN

  • Niall

    Yes do it it sounds phenomenal

  • innocent Girl

    Hello i am 13, i am witting about a mad Girl, who commits Suicide in the last chapter… should i continue i told me friends about my story now they laugh at me Every day :(

    • p. W. Armstrong

      You should write it. One of my friends always remembers this mistake I made with directions… he laughs at me about it. You could tell them you decided not to write the book but write it anyway without them knowing?

    • Alana

      You should because it shows how life can end as fast as it starts. You shouldn’t take the judgement of your friends if they were truly your friends. Go ahead write your story and if it’s that good I’ll probably buy a copy

    • Mary

      Yes. You should write about whatever it is that interests you. Don’t forget, Margaret Mitchell was also laughed at by some of her “frenemies.” Gone With The Wind became one of the greatest novels ever written. Be true to yourself. Don’t give up! Good luck to you!

    • Sketchingchef

      dont listen to them hunny! when you have a wonderful book published, your dream, then you will be the one to laugh! dont ever let someone in the way of your goals. use that laughter as motivation to finish !

      good luck !

  • sanskrati

    Hi , i am a Physical Therapist. I want to write about some of the techniques used for disabled kids. do i need to present papers or give any documents to prove my work. i am really good at my work . I need to publish my work.

    • Heather

      If you don’t do it, just because of your “friends”… You would always regret it. So write it and find better friends.

    • William Dencherman

      hello, here is my best guess, write an introduction explaining the book as well as some success stories of techniques you’ve used as a Physical Therapist, and stories from your patients that you could reedit or shape to fit into your book. But at the end of the book you could put references, like some of your personal research that might be mentioned in your book. :)

  • Rachel

    Hi. My name is Rachel and i’m 15 years old. Right now I am writing my first novel. Its fantasy and I’ve been having difficultly writing some parts. An advice on how to keep the story rolling and explain how the events happen?

    • futbolmunchkin37@gmail.com

      This may or may not work for you, but you could write some quick sentences about the events just so you know exactly where you want your novel to go. Then when you get into the “writing spirit”, you could elaborate on your ideas. I think when you plan an outline before you start a plot or situation for a story (or in your case, a novel), putting words down becomes a lot easier/faster.

  • Sam5026

    Hello, I’m Sam and I’ve been wanting to right a book for a while. It’s a trilogy about an uprising on a government that lies to it’s people. I’ve been having trouble with coming up with diolouge. Also do you think it is a good idea!? It seems to already have a couple books like it.

    • Sketchingchef


    • William Dencherman

      I think its a good idea, I’ve always wanted to write something like that to..Have you ever here’d of the Illuminatus Trilogy, Brave New World, or Agenda 21? Their ‘settings’ are utopic or dystopic, if your writing about a story with governments lying to people these topic might be of interest to you for your stories development…but as far as dialog in your story…here’s what I have done and it works for me, read movie screen plays, carry around a small pocked sized voice recorder and then walk around and start up conversations that may relate to your story as if you are the main character that is talking, or use flowing conversations from text messages from your phone or facebook. best of luck to you!

  • Zack

    Hey guys. I’ve been trying to write a book, but I always run into some sort of wall in my drafts that I can’t get over. I have written many drafts (each one largely different than the last) but my thoughts become jumbled and I often lose some of my favorite ideas when I try and re-organize. How can I plan better to cleanly pull the story off? I’ve heard about outlines, but I am at a complete loss when it comes to starting one of the buggers!

    • Amber

      Write the ideas down first. Don’t worry about organizing at first. Organize them after yo have them wrote down

  • L

    I have started writing a story and have an idea of where I want it to go. The only thing is that I am unsure if the start is ok or if it’s too rushed. Please help me.

    Osprey swept his eyes over the room, studying the people who were sitting on the numerous benches. He’d been waiting for this day for a long time and to say the least, he was excited. He tightened the red and black belt around his waist and adjusted his Dobok so it was even. He was determined he wasn’t going to lose concentration, even if he ( he promised he’d come) wasn’t there.
    The grading had gone okay so far. He’d slipped up a bit on the line work but he managed to preform the patterns and three-step with the strength and precision expected. The questions had been easy, especially the ones that required the Korean answer ( he could have spoken in the language fluently if he wanted).
    There was only the free sparing left to do now and Osprey had hoped (he’d promised) that his father would at least turn up for that. But he hadn’t. Scanning the room once more, catching the eye of his oldest brother and smiling at his younger, he turned to face his opponent. Osprey’s sparring partner was tall, heavily built and had obvious disdain smothered on his face, clearly displeased that he’d been partnered up with skinny fourteen year old who hardly reached his shoulder. Refastening the strap on his sparing helmet Osprey stood ready.
    Immediately, the man came down on Osprey with with a viscous back hand strike, pushing the teenager into the defensive. Osprey blocked the attack effectively, responding with a counter attack. Twisting his body around he delivered a strong tuning kick to the man’s stomach, following a knife hand strike to the back of the neck.
    After, the fight was a blur. The man, in his determination to beat the kid, was clumsy and didn’t once defend, allowing Osprey to easily slip under his guard and get in some good hits.
    All in all they were fighting out tensions. The man was fed up, he’d botched up everything to some degree and he knew he could do better. He just felt cheated that he’d been placed with some scrawny kid when there were much more fitting opponents for the both of them.
    Osprey was angry.
    Angry at Jack for getting into that fight (why was he so violent?).
    Angry at the teacher for calling in his mum to sort it out after school (she should be here supporting him).
    But most of all he was angry at his dad (he’d promised he’d come).
    It seemed that the sparring was stopped as soon as it was started, being caught up in all his thoughts meant that Osprey had been working on auto-drive and wasn’t fully aware of the time.
    He bowed to his partner and swiftly went to remove his sparring kit before the cool down session.
    ” Hey Osprey, that was brilliant,” John, Osprey’s eighteen year old sibling, reassured, picking up the kit that the boy had just dumped.
    Osprey shrugged, smiling when his younger brother nodded in agreement. A mishmash musician-sportsman and ten year old who was scared of anyone he didn’t know wasn’t the best support team ever but at least they were there for him.

    The car was already started up and softly humming when Osprey exited the sports centre after changing back into normal clothes. He slowly walked over to the Lexus, breathing in the mild air and watching as his brothers chatted about whatever it was they were talking about. Pride, happiness, a sense of achievement; all these things he knew he should be feeling but couldn’t. Drawing in another deep breath, Osprey tried to feel positive, after all he’d passed the grading with an A and he knew his mother would be proud that he’d finally received his black belt, but the stifling bitterness and disappointment just wouldn’t go away.

    • Zack

      This is great! I’m a little confused on where you may be taking this, but the exposition is wonderful. Very well thought out and detailed. Better than what I have. Even after 20+ drafts.

    • Tiffany

      This is really, though I don’t know all of the vocabulary I like it. You do have a repetition of ‘with’ in the fourth paragraph to clean up but I really like it!

  • L

    I need someone to tell me what they think about the characters by reading this, the feelings a whatnot. Because I know how I want it to sound but I don’t know if it sounds that way.

  • Sam5026

    I’m righting a book about a boy who finds out the government is lying to them, joins the rebels, almost kills the president, finds out he has a depressing sister who lost her memory, etc. I’ve been running into problems with the diolouge and keeping the story on a good pace.

    • Greg Benson

      Don’t want to pick nits here, but I would look into improving your spelling and grammar. Not too many readers are going to take seriously a writer who misspells “writing.”

    • williamdencherman

      If you are having problems with dialogue read some movie transcripts for ideas.

  • Monica :)

    im 17 and started writting just for fun about a 23 year old girl that ends up falling for someone thats a demon, its sort of filled gore and horror and “love” , id just like to know if anyone would actually be interested in picking up a book like this???

    • Rae

      um… YES

      • Monica :)

        oh really? haha, dont know how to feel about this…

        so this is sort of the epilogue:
        “An angel will die-” sings the artist through the stereos speackers. Jackie suddenly wakes up, pale and sweating, from her vivid nightmare. “closed eyes and hoping for a better life-” the song continues. Once she becomes aware she is out of danger, her hands move to her eyes, now shedding tears as realization dawns upon her. “The worst things in life come free to us-” she begins sobbing harder as the melody attempts to serenade her back to sleep, when without without warning a loud knock startles Jackie. till in bed, she stares at the door, scared.
        “THUD,THUD,THUD!” again, someone violently hits the door, Jackie now recognizes this is no longer a playful game of ‘knocking three times in a row at three am and leave’, no, this time its not even considered as knocking, this sounds as if someone is beating the door. Something wants to get in. “THUD!” followed by the sound of a screw hitting the wooden floor as Jackie begins to breath unevenly.
        “THUD!” “ah!” she exclames frightened as one of the hinges of the door fall right off. Shacking, crying and terrified she yells “NO! You do not- i-i have never given you any consent to come in!”
        Her eyes grow wider with horror as she hears snickering from her left corner. She slowly turns, horrified. Theres nothing there, but a pitch black edge.
        All of a sudden, she feels breathing down her neck and gasps freezing from fear as a voice whispers in her ear “Consent? Darling, im already in!”
        Jackie might have gotten away from her nightmare, but can you truly escape reality?

      • Monica :)

        finally posted my first chapter, pleeeaaasseee let me knovv if you dislike/like it! :) m

    • gabbvknows

      yeess! yess and more yess!

      • Monica :)

        oh really? haha, dont know how to feel about this…

        so this is sort of the epilogue:

        “An angel will die-” sings the artist through the stereos speackers. Jackie suddenly wakes up, pale and sweating, from her vivid nightmare. “Closed eyes and hoping for a better life-” the song continues. Once she becomes aware she is out of danger, her hands move to her eyes, now shedding tears as realization dawns upon her. “The worst things in life come free to us-” she begins sobbing harder as the melody attempts to serenade her back to sleep; when without warning a loud knock startles Jackie. Still in bed, she stares at the door, scared.
        “THUD,THUD,THUD!” again, someone violently hits the door, Jackie now recognizes this is no longer a playful game of ‘knocking three times in a row at three am and leave’, no, this time its not even considered as knocking, this sounds as if someone is beating the door. Something wants to get in.
        “THUD!” followed by the sound of a screw hitting the wooden floor as Jackie begins to panick.
        “THUD!” “ah!” she exclames frightened as one of the hinges of the door fall right off. Shacking, crying and terrified she yells “NO! You do not- i-i have never given you any consent to come in!”
        Her eyes grow wider with horror as she hears snickering from her left corner. She slowly turns, horrified. Theres nothing there, but a pitch black edge.
        All of a sudden, she feels breathing down her neck and gasps freezing from fear as a voice whispers in her ear “Consent? Darling, im already in!”
        Jackie might have gotten away from her nightmare, but can you truly escape reality?

        • Makayla

          I LOVE the description of how Jackie wakes up from a nightmare because it feels so realistic. You really drew me in with this. What if the lyrics of the song were getting blurred with flashbacks to the dream? The dream could be foreshadowing future events. This could be a little sneak peak to get your audience moving closer to the edge of their seats.

        • Tiffany

          Let us all know when the book is finished :-) looks like you already have eager fans waiting to read more of your mystery book. Does it have a title yet?

          • Monica :)

            nope, i might make an account somewhere around here and post chapters probably one per week, ill let you guys know as soon as i do! thanks for the feeback btw!

            • gabbvknows

              Definitely let us know because I love this and want to read it so bad (:

          • Monica :)

            finally posted my first chapter, pleeeaaasseee let me knovv if you dislike/like it! :) x

      • Monica :)

        finally posted my first chapter, pleeeaaasseee let me knovv if you dislike/like it! :)

    • Tiffany

      It is totally my kind of story. I have been on FanFiction since I was 17, that was almost a decade ago and trust me, stories with demons are in my daily life. I’m actually working on my own right now :-)

    • Minerva

      Definitely for the nerd women!! Me being one of them. lol I would read it.

  • Heather Moon

    i usually like to start with a small idea, or just a short line then gradually build up my story based on that, without even knowing where the story is supposed to head. i literally just make things up as i go. So there was this time when I decided I’ll try something new and actually plan the book before writing it. you know, characters, places, and the actual plot before getting into it. And I don’t really think it’s working out… I personally find it boring to write so I don’t expect people to find it interesting to read.
    It’s about a miserable boy whose life is pretty much the worst. He’s the son of a single mother and has 1 younger sister and 1 older brother who never stops annoying teasing him. he loses his mother somehow (I haven’t gotten into the details yet), and his older brother becomes in charge and feels more responsible and mature.Sister grows bad and gets into a lot of trouble (gets exploited by a group of guys [you know what] due to stupidity). reputation of the whole family gets destroyed. sister commits suicide… the two brothers become super close… their father finds them and takes care of them… and it goes on and on…. I know one thing for sure though… I don’t want it to end happily (if I’m even planning on ending it).. I don’t know I just think it’s so random and just weird… of course there are the ups and downs and the happy moments… they just end too fast. opinions: should I abandon this one and start a new one where I use my usual technique? how can I make this better? is it too boring? would you read it? I wouldn’t… I find it super lame and cheesy to be honest…


    • Jon

      I personally like it! I get what you mean by it being ‘super lame and cheesy': there are a lot of books already out there with this sort of story line. It’s the depressing, ruined family everybody knows, but I think you could make it work! I would love to read it, but if it’s not enjoyable for you to write, don’t do it. Writing is for your own enjoyment. Do what you like, not what others like. ;)

    • Link

      My advice would be to explore your options, keep writing and coming up with new ideas. Write how it works for you but don’t be afraid of development just because of a failed attempt. I wouldn’t worry about not ending happily but something you might want to consider is portraying a message through your story. All this happens, so what does this teach the reader? What message are you trying to get across? Is it a story about not giving up? Is it a story intended to confront the reader with the reality that life isn’t always happy? A message isn’t necessary, just a thought that might help you.

      Some of the most powerful books I have read sound like the opening to this one. And the way it sounds, the story will be realistic, which will be good for the readers. They can relate to it that way. And yours seems to emphasize loss, a powerful thing to work with and everyone relates to loss. People gravitate towards that kind of thing, the exploration of loss, death, and the value of life. You have a good start, a good idea. It just needs development and don’t be afraid to move onto other stories if you want. You can always go back to it. Sometimes ideas sound lame and cheesy when they are states outright, but that idea emphasize throughout an entire novel probably won’t sound so cheesy and lame.

      My last thing to tell you is that self doubt it good. It will keep you on your toes. It will keep you critical of yourself, improving your writing and bringing it up to a high standard. I read something once that said that there are two types of writers in the world, those who think they can write and those who think they can’t, and they are both usually wrong. :) good luck and I hope this helped.

    • Lilbugbed

      Wow deep book bro

    • Nayla

      Heather I like the way that story sounds write it

  • SlightlyMan

    Sir. You’re a Weasly.

  • Kelvin Joel Melara

    I’m 20 years old.. Never was a fan of writing and my dream was to be known as the greatest boxer to ever throw a punch. On September 13 a tumor in my brain was discovered which ended my dream. Had a lot of obsicles in my life and thinking about writing a book on my life. Sound interesting?

    • anonymous

      Yes very interesting. I love, like most readers,a tale of bravery, heroism, and the human capacity to overcome any obstacle, if you write a book let me know I’ll read it!

    • Cindy

      Yes….please do!!!

  • Natasha Kaminskay

    So I’m 19 and I’m trying to write a book myself on wattpad currently its called the Werewolf Portal but I’m changing that. I haven’t got much feedback on the book my sis loves it but no one else types anything in I have about 1000 reads on it and that’s it here is the summary.
    Skyler isn’t your regular werewolf, not only is she a wolf but also part vampire. When Sky is of age to identify her mate she meets Alpha James. Upon realizing that they are mates she confronts the pack alpha only to be rejected. When his rejection is clear Sky loses all hope of a mate only to find her soulmate Dmitri who is the prince of the vampire world. Dmitri accepts her as soulmate for he has been looking for her for over 300 years. Ending things with the alpha ( not like much was going on anyway) Sky moves to Washington with Dmitri. Things spin out of control as she tries to rule the vampire world as well as the werewolf one. Biggest problem is that the humans are kicking out the werewolves out if their world and telling them to find their own. Werewolves are becoming an endangered species and with Sky being their leader and the only hope of survival she mist find the lost gate if the Lycan.

  • Rowena

    Hey guys, I’m a 12 year old…currently juggling schoolwork, violin, and writing…a LOT of writing; that’s basically all I do with my free time (which I need to make more of). I have a folder of around 10 ‘stories’ each a couple of pages long. I’ve tried hard to complete a novel (a short one at least!) but it’s not turning out well for me…I kind of write, write, write for long periods of time the few days, and lose steam as I go, get unmotivated, that sort of stuff. Any ideas on how I can focus, find time to write, and stay interested in my topic? I just really want to finish a story!!!!!!!! Thanks!

    • Link

      Peronally I am not a published author, but. I am working on a book that is close to 400 pages as a real book, that is only a rough estimate and. I am hardly experience enough to give sound advice, but in this case, I believe I can help. The important thing about writing that I have learned is to not ever give up on it. Writing, like drawing, is a very discouraging thing to get into. You have to believe that even though you fail, there is talent in you and potential, a lot of both. If you just keep at it, even if it means coming up with a new story, or new ideas, you will find success in some form or another. I spent one summer writing out like a 100 page book on Word, which translates roughly to a 200 page book. And I was super scared to let anyone read it. Maybe I was too critical, but I thought it came out terribly. As it turns out it wasn’t so bad, but the most important thing is that it taught me several lessons. Writing takes effort and development is very important. Immerse yourself in your story, make the characters real. Love your story and the plot. Edgar Allan Poe once said that an author of anything should work to make an overall effect on the reader and that every aspect of that effect should be deliberate.

      Sorry about the grammar mistakes, writing on an iPad is making it difficult to go back and correct them. I may have rambled a little but, but the important thing to get from this is to keep writing, even if you think it sucks. Fix it and put effort into it. It is worth pursuing if it makes you happy. As for time management, my only suggestion would be to try to be proactive with homework and not procrastinate if possible.

      I read something once and it said that there are two types of writers in the world, those who think they can write and those who think they can’t, and they are usually both wrong. Take comfort in doubting yourself and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing writing if if makes you happy. At the same time though, don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. :) hope it helps.

      • tonyb

        I agree with Rowena, I would add however, enjoy yourself. Try not to turn it into a chore. I believe writing and drawing dose take time but that shouldn’t stress you if you have fun creating and developing the characters or pictures. When i loose motivation i think of my characters and then a funny or quirky aspect of their character which makes me laugh and get it down in pen . adding to the story which often leads to new plots and subplots..
        good luck :)

    • Anonymous

      My opinion is that you should create and write down a main outline, story plot, or goal of you book. (when you are still significantly motivated) Then, when you feel unmotivated, look at that paper, and remind yourself what your goal or story of your book is, and build off of that.

  • Huskygirl0203

    I have been trying to write a good book since I was nine, but they seem to always be thrown away. I am writing 3 books and COULD get through 10 or so pages, its just that school is always taking up my time (and chores too) I just REALLY want to get through one book and publish it, but I cant. I am trying my hardest to finish a book. I have always dreamed of publishing my books, but am afraid it might be turned down. I will just keep on pushing on. One of the books is called The Call Of The Pack(I might change it though.) The Call Of The Packis about a teenage girl (who is their alpha) that has to deal with other packs and humans trying to invade her territory and kill her and her pack. As she tries to solve her problems by moving from her territory, she just runs into more problems. The pack is fighting to survive. Will the wolf pack succed, or will they perish forever? Ok, so that is what the book is about, I will try to make it more interesting in the future. I am also making another book(It is WAY farther in progress.) I am SUPER scared to let ANYONE read them. I will most likely show them when im ready. So, expect to see them in a few years, if I ever even publish them.Sorry for making this so long. So, that is all I will say so that I dont waste anymore of your time.Thanks, bye!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tigris

      Never say you can’t. You can. And you will.

    • Minervaa

      show someone who is close to you that you can accept some criticism from. Someone who is honest and will tell you things they don’t care for and things that they love. Show someone you trust. If they can see the pictures you have painted with words then others will too! good luck!

    • Tauney Nicole Lewis

      It doesn’t matter if it’s a success. Please write it. In my opinion books are the most invaluable material things in this world, especially in a time when it is dying in the face of electronics. There can never be too many books.

    • Lilbugbed

      OMG that book sounds sooooooo good!!!! I would read it in a heartbeat!! You have to publish that!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sydnee

      This is exactly the type of book I’ve been looking for to read!!!!! You have to get it published!!!!!! If you don’t, I’ll become publisher and publish it myself!!!! THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • williamdencherman

    I am trying to write a book about this guy named William who is filming narrarorating and writing notes in his journal/diary, while a second camera in someones room is filming this unedited week long movie starting at midnight that his friend is narrorating, while it plays at the theater in the same town. Through out the book he leaves the theater to sneak into the house to move the camera when the character wakes up, or to film something else.
    Sometimes he will change the sign in front of the theater to what ever he is filming, or takes the camera with him to film random things, at other times he leaves the theater to make phone calls/text his friends, visits people, goes to the store, makes observation of interesting things and is very poetic of his descriptions of things…Through out the story the press and public is sick of the movie being ‘made’ at the only theater in town because it is so boring, but his main concern is getting his ‘film’ published(camera number one). He meets with film company executives and they are not impressed with the film he sends in but are interested in its development. The publish it. And he sends in his diary to publishers…

    • Huntyj

      Sounds like a very dumb rant with out a point, a WASTE OF RESOURCES, and very tedious. This is exactly the kind of stuff nobody will read cause nobody can get into reading the phantasy of some sudo intellectual tripping on his ego much less watching reruns of himself watching himself watch a movie of him self looking at himself in the mirror or what ever. Anything ‘conceptually driven’ is exactly the kind of stuff no one gets into. Try writing for an audience of people to, and for your own version that you may like to read you could write it in an ALEIN LANGUAGE using a scramled up spellings of words that you decode for example Ptutreineos….you figure it out…..I’m not being a jerk, just giving you an honest openion before you seriously invest too much time, my appologies if I affend thee my good sir…

      • williamdencherman

        your missing the point

  • spfnvjsinjnjgrnjnrnjrrrg

    my 40k words book is a fictional story, but it’s only 40k words.

  • ddd


  • william dencherman

    Because most television shows now days is less story based and little or no acting takes place because it is reality tv, it is all improvision in settings relating to the particular situation that maybe edited to fit a certain time slot or some sort of reoccurring theme, Does anybody think that modern literature is progressing backwards or stopped progressing? It seems stuck in a particular point in time. The future of writing or what it should have progressed to should be reality stories, or based on life’s everyday situations with no rising or falling action. Any opinions anybody???

    • huntyj

      haha, your jolking right?

    • Lilbugbed

      Dude reality TV is ruining the world what are u talking about books are about the only good things now

  • Kim

    I just started writing my 1st book. Once I figured out that a book is like a sandwich, you can put anything in it and you don’t even have to use bread. It all started making sense to me. I’m not wrapped up in what anyone will think of it either now. My style will be admired or not, content as well, I just feel excited to be alive when I write.

  • paola medina

    Hello I am from Honduras an I am trying to write my first book but at the same time I am afraid that this will not be possible, because our culture is not engaged in to the reading. What can you advice me to do I have everything set up I just need to correct and then look for a publisher

    • Gonzalo Sossa

      Hola Paola y saludos desde Bolivia.

      I have started writin a book today, i’m also afraid that it won’t sale in the future because our youth is well…glued to computers, including me.

      Then I think what we should do is to go where people is, the Internet. You can record an audiobook of your own book, upload it to youtube, go to your local Ministerio de Educacion and meet people who may be interested on your work. Of course we could hire a publisher if we don’t have the time but why don’t you try doing ti yourself first.

      Again, if your book is good enough and you put it out there on the internet, chances are more people will be willing to obtain it, not only in your country but also in any country in the world.

      I hoped I helped!


  • Lilbugbed

    Hello I’m writing a book about a girl who mysteriously invited to a camp fire that fights monsters all around the world a finds that her lackadaisical father runs the camp. Their she meats friends and realizes the entire fate of the world and her new family is in her hands. She goes through many adventures trying to defeat a monster called the hylexia. Even though it is a humerus book it is also very deep and serious at times. Pls tell me what you think or if u would read or if I copied anything thx bi!!!!!

    • Lilbugbed

      PS sorry for the spelling mistakes did not realize that until after

      • Lilbugbed

        BTW I’m 11

      • huntyj


    • Pete

      Try to connect how one thing leads to the other. Why the characters are there. What are they trying to accomplish. How fighting the monster and saving the world are connected. It sounds like a big idea but the connections are what will make sense as to how they fit together.
      Maybe try an outline as to the major events that happen, then connect them. Like the article says, let people read it and be open to their ideas. What they like and don’t like. Let that help you and your story. Good luck and have fun!

    • Sydnee


      • Lilbugbed

        Thx I’m hoping to get it published soon so keep watching

        • thatperson

          That sounds great! but you might want to but a bit of a love story in it… you decide how intense though!!

          • BMc

            It was a suggestion, and I know romance can make certain things more interesting, but I don’t think every story needs romance to be more intense or anything.

          • Lilbugbed

            I agree but it is a series so maybe later in the books

    • Lilbugbed

      Anybody have any ideas on what to call it? Please help

  • Micha

    I’ve never wrote a book, I’m at a stage in my life where I’ve had so much life experience, happy times and extremely sad. So much so I feel that I could write a book. Infact I could write a short book for each year of my crazy life. Some romantic, funny and some very sad. I’m a very strong positive person and would like to share my stories of the “luckiest unluckiest couple”.
    One of my ideas is to write about a holiday which started off fantastic and half way through the holiday, something horrific happened to me and my now hubby. We were beaten up by security guards in our hotel room… Literally I was dragged out of the room and beat with a kosh whilst naked in the corridor of the hotel. Hubby was arrested and made to sit in reception in cuffs infront of other guests. False imprisonment.
    They demanded our passports and told me to get dressed and bring them to reception. I got to reception and demanded they called the real police. The Guarda. After much of an altercation in reception they uncuffed hubby and let us go back to our room.
    The security at the hotel were renound for this behaviour, beating up young lads in there room due to making too much noise and then giving them a letter to say they had to leave the hotel the next morning. We went to the police and CID were involved, they came to the hotel and took us to a private room, and told they would be sending in under cover police, photo evidence was taken of my bruises and battered body… We were told we’d be contacted to go back to testify in court.
    We sat in police station for hours with translators and drs, I was treated for shock. This was 3 years ago and since we’ve heard nothing. Part of me wants to Persue the case, part of me wants to just leave it and write a book about the whole experience – you will wonder what we did for this to happen, in fact we did nothing wrong – we were later told that a complaint was made about a disturbance but they’d come to the wrong room!!!!
    I would call the book “nightmare on Magaluf street” any thoughts and opinions would be well appreciated. Does this sound like a good read??

    • Lilbugbed

      Yeah I would read that sounds interesting

    • rubystorey952

      that sounds like a great idea, i was in the edge of my seat just reading the description! If you ever gets publishe i’ll be sure to read it! good luck, ruby xx

  • Megan

    here is the first part of my book i hope you like it.

    Once upon time, in fantasy land called Aphrodite. In the land of Aphrodite there was a fairy by
    the name of Twinkle. Twinkle was queen of all the creatures. She loved her
    kingdom but it turns out that there was going to be a famine in the land. No
    crop means no food and which also means no food means starving families. There all sorts of families in the kingdom. There were families of fairies, elves and also
    dragons. These dragons were nice dragons, not the fire breathing dragons.

    • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

      “Once upon time, in fantasy land called Aphrodite. In the land of Aphrodite there was a fairy by the name of Twinkle” The second “In the land of Aphrodite” is unnecessary. It would sound better if the first line was “Once upon time, in fantasy land called Aphrodite there was a fairy by the name of Twinkle.”. “No
      crop means no food and which also means no food means starving families.” Should be “No crop means no food and no food means starving families.” or “No
      crop means no food and which also means starving families.”. “There all sorts of families in the kingdom.”put “are” between There and All. So it would be “There are all sorts of families in the kingdom.”. Nice start though!

  • paul

    I am thinking about writing my first book, I am a horror book fan, graham Masterson and Shaun Hutson being my favourite at the moment, so you might have an idea as to the detail of some of my intended content, there was an advert on TV using the somewhere over the rainbow song from the wizard of oz in a very old scratchy format which I thought some people might find a bit creepy, which sent my imagination spiralling to be honest.
    the book is about a child who from the age of 3 or 4 until the ages of about 16 was forced to visit two sets of grand parents at Christmas time accompanied by his parents and sister, always they insisted on watching the same Christmas films year after year, a particular favourite was wizard of oz eventually this was a hated time of the year for the child and as the child grew older, the impact of having to go through the procedure of the film watching was having an extreme psychological effect on the child, as the child grew to adulthood these psychological effects turned him into a role playing serial killer, abducting 4 people at a time dressing them as the 4 main characters out of wizard of oz and eventually torture and killing them which went on for some time, soing through the same procedure over and over before being caught of course, I thought I would title it somewhere out of the rainbow.
    I have never written a book before but have always fancied a go. I thought this was a strong enough storyline to start at, what are you comments guys ???

    • Anonymous

      How about the addition of another reason for his change into being killer, as I think that going insane from watching the same movie every year would not be a realistic reason for him to start being a serial killer. My uncle enjoys watching the same movies every Christmas, and I am not insane and I have never thought of becoming a criminal for revenge on any movies.

  • gary

    I want to write a book about my wife’s family, they have a very storied life from Cuba. My father in law’s grandfather was the founder of the communist party, his father was killed fighting the communist party by firing squad and my father-in-law fled Cuba after the government approached him to be a spy because of his history. I will be sitting down with him to gather the main points to get a sketch of events but I am at a complete loss as how to begin the story.

  • Alyssa

    I am writing a book about a 14 year old girl.its starts out as the first day of school.then after schoolshe goes swimming with her best friend.her and her friend were swimming then she went off the high dive.but when she jumped she couldn’t breathe or move and no one saw her.
    She woke but but not in her room. She realize she was at the Montgomery Hospital. She can recognize the rooms anywhere because she has a photographic memory. Then the doctor came in and her name was Dr. Katerina grey.
    Dr. Gray realized that all sixof these kids had lost a heartbeat and nearly died at the exact same time. Then she she knew it was happening

    • Shelby Aririkutazuzi Darland

      If you are going to write a book, might I suggest taking a little pride in your grammar?

      • Guest

        It is fairly wise to write such a story, if only by any means, you are convinced the suspense is worth creating and, if at all, it is worth the shot, how long will it be suspended and is it worth the wait you are going to play on your readers? Well diving into a hospital bed and having your memory on the negatives are key supporters, but the story plot will suffer breathlessness after it starts floating in the pool and the exact time of death will include a seventh victim, the story itself.

    • Darpan Dahiya

      It is fairly wise to write such a story, if only by any means, you are convinced the suspense is worth creating and, if at all, it is worth the shot, how long will it be suspended and is it worth the wait you are going to play on your readers? Well diving into a hospital bed and having your memory on the negatives are key supporters, but the story plot will suffer breathlessness after it starts floating in the pool and the exact time of death will include a seventh victim, the story itself. Be careful with the grammar though.

  • Shelby Aririkutazuzi Darland

    I am planning on writing a book about death. It is a horror book where the main protagonist is the kind of the antagonist also. She is recruited to be a reaper after her mother dies, and her long lost, and forgotten father returns to take care of her, but not before introducing her to the family business. Reaping. Reapers are creatures that collect the souls from the departed, and pass judgement on if they should go to heaven or hell. However, she soon finds herself caught up in the high of death. Instead of simply taking souls, she begins to think of herself as a divine judgement, and begins taking the lives of humans as well, finding solace, and madness in her blood bath. She begins taking lives of humans she deems unworthy, and going mad with bloodlust. Eventually, the line between who she believes deserves to die, and who deserves to live begins to blur.
    Again, this is a phycological horror, and I have always liked the idea of exploring the thought process of somebody who is not a traditional hero.

    • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

      I love the concept.

  • james edgarson

    I am a coward. I am. I’ve tried not being a coward, but at the end of the day, when I stare into the mirror I see that old liar staring back at me. Funny thing about being a coward, it gets easier the longer you practice it. More you run the gambit, more you just accept what you are. It is what it is. Suppose it might be a perishable skill. Maybe you stop and it just goes to rot? They say a coward dies a thousand deaths, and a hero dies but once. Don’t buy that bunk. Dead is dead. I may be a coward, but I’m on the right side of the sod.
    So…should I write some more?

    • salma

      i think you should write more because what you said is so beautifully sad and i just want to keep reading it to see how it will end.i am from morocco though but i connected to this somehow.good luck on your writing james

      • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

        Have to agree with you Salma. I’m Bipolar and what James wrote really spoke to that part of me.

  • Xenos

    I am sorry, I do not mean to hate, I am writing myself. However if you plan to write, please learn to spell. I know my grammar in not the best, nor is my punctuation. For most readers, that won’t break a story, constant misspellings will. I wish luck to all of you, keep trying.

    • Xenos

      And there I go, misspelling ‘is’ with ‘in’. We aren’t perfect, hire a friend to proofread it for you.

      • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

        I’d have to disagree with you 100%. As long as the first and last letter is right, context will fill in the correct spelling of a word in the minds eye. However a missed comma is the difference between eating grandma and calling her too dinner. “Let’s eat Grandma.” vs. “Let’s eat, Grandma.”. Had i misspelled any of those words your minds eye would have naturally corrected it but you can’t correct a completely different sentiment with the minds eye.

        • MarkSill

          You misspelled “to” as “too.” Couldn’t help but point that out, sorry.

          • Guest

            I think everyone here can agree that having more than one person read something that many mistakes can be fixed. I tried writing a book on my own, but I failed to edit it. Also, I didn’t ask for help. That story was one I never wanted to see again. I hope you see what I mean.

        • Turner

          Also it’s not a missed comma, it’s a missed apostrophe! An apostrophe to show omission. Just saying.

  • f-uned

    I’d recommend writing something different, most popular books like Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Charlotte’s Web and Stephen King’s books were all original books with a new, refreshing story. if you try writing the “new Harry Potter” with kids that are students at wizard school you’ll probably fail because people have already read such a thing, the best thing to do in such a case is take the most basic principle(s) and change all other aspects. or try writing something you’ve never seen before, you have way more chance making it big with something new but amateurish than something old but professionally written. that’s what i think at least…

  • English isn’t my 1st language

    i don’t know but i feel like i want to write about a girl who went to a psychological who is also sick minded,i have a lot to say but,should i keep going

  • darkocean

    Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

    –Mark Twain

    But there’s so many wrong words!! -gibbers- Oh good every time I put it down for a few days, and then go back I find more unnecessary words to take away why I do I keep being so redundant?! Gah! Some day this will end right? i’ve lost count edit oh, #30 perhaps. @_@

  • Ethan

    So I’ve written my first book. It’s currently eighty-three thousand words long and I’m moving onto editing and making sure everything fits together like it should, but the problem is what I do after that. I don’t know if any publishers will take me seriously because of my age (I’m fourteen) and I just want to know how I should go about getting published.

    • Ethan

      Currently the blurb is this:

      They say that to truly test a man you give him power.

      Thrust into a literal world of madness, Jamie discovers he has power beyond imagination. Power to destroy. Power to heal. Power to protect and fight. Jamie is a good man.

      Jamie is a murderer. Forced to kill with a power he barely understands, for the other choice is to lay down and die. To leave his friends to die.

      There is an enemy out there. An enemy who outnumbers him. An enemy who knows so much more than him. An enemy so much older than him. Older than creation.

      Jamie is a good man.

      • jack

        THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ethan


        • Red

          I completely agree! You should totally go for it and publish if its possible or at least share it.

      • Isaac

        My book is about a good girl and a mean boy who are transported to a world where dreams and nightmares are fighting for dominace the good girl is on the side of the dreams the mean boy is on the side of the nightmares who will win nightmares or dreams

    • Maragret

      Hi Ethan, I’m quite young too, and trying to write a book as well. I’m not too far in, only about 6,000 words, but I’m still worrying about what will happen when I’m done. I think that the best way to get a book published as a kid would be to send in the manuscript, not your age, and let the book speak for itself.

      • Ethan

        Good luck with your book Maragret and thanks for the advice.

    • 11B

      Finish it- get it copyrighted before going on. Look into visiting/joining a local writer’s club-workshop (after cpyrt) get advice from them. your age shouldn’t be an issue untill you get to the legal issues but it’s not that scary.

  • joseph c

    Im writting a spiritual book. Talking of charismatic revolution ,the new age of prophets and spiritual healers, still looking for more support as am writting for the first time.

  • elaine

    I want to write about my childhood but I’m scared it’s going to be like a lot of books about abuse. I just want to encourage others like me, who told someone about what was happening but nothing was done. I’m still dealing with this in my adulthood and I need them to know how I feel now.

    • pep

      Please write for the process, you may heal on your way to telling us your story. Best of luck!

    • 11B

      Write any of the good things that you liked-trips, vacations, school projects or events- time with family or without family. who was close to you that you learned you could trust-make him/her the protagonist. if more than one- role the charachters into one person. Sprinke in the bad things that happened and show how the good and bad things combine to make you who you are. TBS- pep was right it for the process… for you. you don’t have to make it interesting or entertaining for anyone but you.

  • Grizzly_Poodel

    I’m writing a book about a boy who lives in a steampunk reality where his province is at war with the neighboring province named diesel. His brother was killed in the war and now he wants revenge

  • Guest

    I’m writing my second book about a woman discovered naked in the woods who has no memory ad accused of being a asylum escapee who is missing, and is tortured by her saviors.

    • Erin

      sounds weird mate

  • takiii

    I am writing a book about my child hood and how I ended up with two dads but I dont know how to start it

    • Ms.Missy

      Start with the ending and work backwards.

      • takiii

        Thank you, that helps a lot.

  • Erin

    My books is about five teenagers from different cultures that have all moved to New York City. Some thing big happens!(woohoo!) and there is a plot to destroy the world. Each kid is new to the city and is adjusting to their new life. Then they have to work together to complete an impossible mission. Anyone think this sounds good?

    • Teddy O’ Malley

      Sounds fantastic! Write it!

    • Ms.Missy

      Yes it sounds good. I would have them meet the nerd of new York and together they save the world. Just a thought.

  • artsydpainter

    i can’t see anything. i hear them, but there just whispers, their voices distant, fading. surrounded by darkness, the stench of burning flesh. my thoughts no longer scream for me to run, to save them. warm drops slide down my cheeks, i taste its saltiness as it touches my dry lips.
    i cant hear them. they’re gone. they must be. i couldn’t save them. i can feel myself beginning to fall into unconsciousness. but before i do, i hear screams, not of the same mouths the other screams of help came from, but yells of sorrow and worry. all i could make out before i drifted away was “it’s an innocent, a girl…”

    thats the beginning of a book plot i thought of… should i add on??

    • Ethan

      It sounds really good, if I saw it in a store and read that I would buy it.

  • Gamer girl

    I’m writing a book about two kids one who wants a pen pal and one who dosent I was thinking they get each other as pen pals and go to the other side of the world to find each other what do you think?

  • Monica :)

    i need criticism! :P
    finally posted my first chapter, pleeeaaasseee let me knovv if you dislike/like it! :)

  • persistence

    I am writing an inspirational /spiritual book. I am using my life experiences and how God blessed me each time to allow me to overcome every challenge. It’s a book about trusting God in the midst of adversities that includes personal healing from ovarian cyst and fibroids etc. I am also a foreigner who came to the US with only $400 to go to school and I managed to make it through. I want to encourage others like me
    Would any of you read it?

    • Mr.Peep

      I would. I am also a foreigner (moved to the U.S. about 3 years ago) and my family is in some rather dire straits right now. I really seek out the most in life, but at the same time stumble as usual. Someone else’s experience in such things is always very encouraging.

    • Eagles Mom

      I would. I love stories about God’s word, works and miracles!!

  • Dexiier

    He sat, minding his own business, as the clock slowly ticked its way to noon. Of course, he wouldn’t be leaving the court room until many hours AFTER noon but noon was when they were scheduled to eat lunch. He glanced at the clock. It read “11:37 A.M.”
    “Why can’t people just stop getting into trouble? Then I wouldn’t have to try to bail them out.” He thought. Yeah, he knew he shouldn’t be complaining about his job as a lawyer, but after all it did get a little annoying to see a murder case file on your desk every week. Of course, that was exaggeration, but it definitely felt legitimate. Time slowly ticked on until the church bells rang and the minute and hour hand both rested on the same number. The number “12.” He decided to read over his client’s case. Murder of 12 people. Damn, this guy got around didn’t he? Nonetheless it was his job to attempt to free him of all accusations. He never even got the chance to think much more about it because a small woman dressed in black walked into the room.”Jon Howard?” She asked. He slowly nodded in response, obviously puzzled. “Who are you?” He asked. “My name isn’t important. Well, it is, just not to you. I need you to throw away this case. Purposely lose. Trust me, it will be the best decision you will ever make.” With that, she left. “Wait, what?” Jon asked. But it was too late. She was gone…..does this sound good? I’m 16 years old and I want this book to be a thriller/conspiracy type book. I am taking much inspiration from Glenn Beck’s “The Overton Window.” Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      It sounds like a good beginning but you shouldn’t use he too much and I don’t get why he’s a lawyer if he doesn’t like his job because a lawyer is a job you choose to do and go to school for so if he didn’t want to be a lawyer then why decide now ?

    • Duckman

      Hi there I am currently 15 years old and am also writing a story about a lawyer who has to try everything to save his family… I like the start of your story but I agree don’t use the word ‘he’ too much

  • Dudley

    hi my name is Dudley i am writing a magical book about a very powerful kids who is a servant in a very bad kings round not know that the king is her father

  • http://Www.mts-interior.com Vikas Gupta

    Hi all…
    I never thought of writing before.. But suddenly i started thinking of writing about a subject.. Its about a government and a citizen of that country. Govt. annually take Income Tax from their citizen and in return citizen should get the healthy life / better infrastructure and security / educuation and health care.. But these benefits are never given to the citizen. On the other hand if the citizen doesnt pay the taxes then govt can sue the people and further more damage to them… I want to raise an issue that why can people sue the govt?
    Pla advice.. I can get into more details to pin point all the issues..

  • Lenore

    I recently woke up at 3 a.m. and had an idea for a novel. It seems like something that has already been written, but I checked with a friend and they said that they’ve never heard of it.
    A man (the protagonist) is on a long bus/plane ride (I can’t decide) with a bunch of other people. A man hands the protagonist a note that says that somebody on the bus/plane is going to murder somebody. As it turns out, everybody else on the bus/plane got the same note from the same man, and all signs point to the man who gave the notes to be the murderer. Out of fear and exhaustion, the protagonist decides to kill the man to protect himself, making the protagonist the murderer.
    So it’s basically this twisted scenario that the man had planned. Tell me what you think. Also, bus or plane?

    • Alejandro

      Great idea, I would say plane because many people are so paranoid of hi-jackers and terrorists so it would make sense for the note passer to plan it on a plane.

      • Gavin

        You’re both just describing the plot to Non-Stop. Unless this is some sort of joke I’m not picking up on.

    • kugan pillay

      i find difficulty in understanding how you are going to make the protagonist come to a decision to kill the man whos handing out the notes..and if the man who is handing out the notes is known one would think why isnt the Plane/Bus staff notified , end of story..
      My advise is to have a man stand up and cry out that there is a killer on the plane and with him being deemed crazy is restrained by staff, however while under guard/restrainment he dies (poisoned)….who is the killer…and the fun starts..
      just a suggetion……sorry i know its your book :)

  • Erick

    Hi all I consider myself a professional waiter and have worked in various high end locations in LA and NYC amongst other foodie locations, but I come to find that there are people who go out to eat often and do not know how to act appropriately, how to treat ur host/server/bartender etc…I have been in the industry for over a decade and have seen some things that make you wonder how they were raised, so my idea is to write a kind of guide to dining out, proper ettiquete how to tip cuz that’s absurd not to tip nowadays unless of course your service was horrible then that’s another story for my book, but just thought I’d get some feedback from fellow writers and eaters, thank you all
    , cheers

    • Renee Antoinette

      it sounds like a good idea for a novelty/coffee table book… especially if you make it humorous but still offering solid advice. I would also consider that the book might be more appealing to other waiters or those who work in food service, in general, so you could shift your focus to poking fun of diners and talking about the crazy tings you’ve seen while still offering advice and guidelines to diners as an add-in?? i’m sure there are a lot of blogs dedicated to the struggling lives of waters lol so there should be demand for a book… go for it.

    • 11B

      I have two daughters that were servers. Your book is needed but I warn you that the ones who have the most to learn from it won’t read it. That’s to say the illmannered mess-making, misbehaving nit-wits won’t read it. But write it any way and the rest of us will hope somebody will either read it to them or beat the snot out of them with it.
      Alternatively, you could make it Ninja book for waiters- tell them how best to deal with it. Or… Make it a slasher story with a mild mannered waiter who stalks the nit-wits after shift and meats out some justice. Earl Stanley Gardner never used that for a murder motive.

      • Erick

        Awesome feedback thank u so much

    • Danny

      Both of my son’s work as bartenders / waiting on etc. I never realised that I was a bad customer until they told me off for some of the annoying things I unwittingly did. I think if it was done with humor it could work, maybe try to get across the fact that the customer is in need of education in the nicest possible way. The post below mentions the fact that the ones who have most to learn probably won’t read it and that takes me to my next point which is making people aware of the consequences of being a bad customer. Besides waiters spitting in food etc. my son’s ignore anybody who clicks fingers, whistles to them or are aggressive.

      They have had people ejected for being rude. Fortunately they have always had the backing of owners and Management. They have also stopped in the middle of serving to lecture bad customers on bad behavior and have always found other customers to be supportive.

      But as always there is two sides to every story and a lot of misunderstanding.

      Some of the things they told me I was doing wrong are not common knowledge and also differ from city to city…so this could be the Bible for waiters and customers so we could all get along…Good Luck

      Oh and before anyone say’s the Customer is always right…that is an old saying not a fact.

  • Bandelo

    I have worked in Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Labs (IVF) for over 25 years. I have worked for 10 different programs and over 25 physicians. I have seen it all… Good and bad. I would love to write a fictional “bad scenario” book based on real life experiences and current technologies but don’t want to paint a bad picture for patients seeking Fertility Treatment. How do I do it without scaring patients. I know what the possibilities are and have worked for the worst possible MD.s but the majority are truly honest and caring docs. I just want the e book to be compelling to read without degrading the reputation of the ART professionals. I’m stuck. Want to write, but I feel I may be crossing a boundary. I’m sure others have written about law enforcement, our justice system, presidential issues, warfare, etc. Do you do it anonymously and declare it fictional up front. Please advise.

  • Shaka Zulu

    hi im writing a book/novel about the poor family,mom and dada were poor and they didnt aford to raise the baby,and a father fosed the mother to throw the baby on the crush.and the boy was found by the nurse.

    • Annie Fitzsimmons

      If you need some insight I am from a very poor family and could give you some things I went through

  • Tom American

    I’m writing a Java programming book. It has been a lot of fun, but also since it is my first attempt, a lot of rewriting. I’m currently at 119 pages and 49,000 words.

  • Jase Brenton

    I’m starting out with a medieval book with four legendary swords and four young boys slaying a giant dragon that has some of the thickest armor you’ve ever seen and the four boys are in solitude until they turn eighteen from training with some of the best warriors and the armor is a dragon shield with the colors of blue, red, black, and silver with dragon imprints on the chestplate and shield

    • aw yeah son


    • Alex

      Make sure you use full stops in your book, haha!

    • Alex

      It sounds good though, I wish you all the best with it.

  • lillie hanslip

    im trying to write a book but i dont know what to write it about, anyone hace n idea

  • -A

    I’m writing a book about Parallel Universes

  • Hank Moody

    I write a lot but just the main core of the history, little details, so I get 15 000. I have to get small character and tell their little histories, and more description!

  • Charlz

    I am only 14 and want to start writing a book but don’t know wether to wait until I’m older or not

    • Alex

      Whatever you enjoy would be a good start :) I’ve always had an image of different races and landscapes since I was a kid and now I’m writing them down in a fantasy book :) if there is a topic, subject, problem or even something as simple as a title in your head :) just go mental with it :D I wish I started writing at 14 but never had the conviction, just make a start as soon as you can! :D

  • Adhrian

    I’m writing a book about this girl, one girl I met and changed my life, she became my everything, friend, girlfriend, everything but now we’re not together, she has the most beautiful green eyes you can imagine, so I started my story backwards, I started by describing her, on the street with her amazing smile, making your day a lot better just by seeing it, loosing yourself in those green eyes, then describing me, completely the opposite (that would be how we are now, now that we’re not together)… from there I talk about my boring life until she came into it, then go deep in all the beautiful memories that happened while it lasted and then to when I lost her. I don’t know, I think I would read it :D

  • Alex

    I’ve recently started a fictional book. I’ve been inspired by Tolkien considerably and I’ve never written before… at the moment I’m loving it but my one issue currently is that, I’m finding myself repeating words or sentences a lot. An example of this would be: ”It was now dusk and…” I’ve used a very similar phrase to start new chapters. Any advice on how to move out of this habit? Much appreciated! :)