How to Become a Professional at Your Craft

A professional is someone who gets paid. Someone who is respected for their craft, who’s taken seriously. So… what’s holding you back from being a professional?

Maybe the answer is you.

Become a professional
Photo credit: Matthew Keefe (Creative Commons)

Recently, I had a conversation with Aaron McHugh and Justin Lukasavige for a podcast they co-hosted (I was the guest). They asked a lot of great questions, and it was a fun dialogue about comfort, calling, and building genuine relationships online.

I have a lot of conversations like this but rarely get to record them. I thought the insights were valuable and might be interesting to some of you. So I asked if I could share it on my blog, and they were kind enough to let me.

Listen to the interview


Download the MP3

Show highlights

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • How I found and developed my writing voice
  • What it takes to connect with influential people online
  • When I stopped acting the amateur and finally turned pro with my craft
  • The 1000-hour rule of proficiency and practice
  • Why artists need to claim their craft before they create their best work
  • How to serve your way into influential relationships and get people to take you seriously

Be sure to check out Aaron’s site. He has a lot of great thought bombs. Justin also has a great site, full of helpful content. They’re both good. 🙂


If you want to hear more of these types of interviews (or have a podcast that you want to interview me for), check out my Media page.

When did you become a professional? Or are you still waiting to become who you are? Share in the comments.

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