Early Reviews of The In-Between: How 89 People Deal with Waiting

Last night, my wife took me out to find my new book at the local Barnes & Noble. We tried to do this last year, and the whole thing ended in disaster. But this time, the results were different.

The In-Between
Photo by Ashley Goins

Not only did we find a copy of the book in store, we found five. And we know there were at least a total of ten, because my mother-in-law bought five just the day before yesterday.

While I was taking ridiculous photos with my own book at the bookstore, someone approached me, asking if that was my book. When I replied it was, he explained he was a reader and told me he was going to buy my book.

And then he asked for my autograph.

Yes, it’s crazy to think this is now my life (thanks to Josh, by the way, for making my night). And although I feel funny with some of the marketing stuff you have to do for books, I don’t feel funny about this part — the part where I share how this message is changing people’s lives.

It’s amazing to hear how this little idea of learning to embrace the in-between is setting others free from just waiting for the next big thing.

Early feedback on my new book

As you may know, last week was launch week, and Amazon is already astir with 50+ reviews (most of which are 5-star). On top of that, I’ve started to make the rounds with guest posts and interviews about the book.

We also did something unique with this book launch by offering a free digital copy to anyone who pre-ordered the book. So by the time The In-Between was released, a handful of readers had already read the book and were talking about it.

I asked some of those readers to consider writing a blog post or tweet to share their own “in-between” moment and the lessons they were learning. If you’re still on the fence about getting the book, check out what these readers have to say. Maybe they’ll help steer you one way or the other.

Word on the tweets

What the blogs say

Lots more to come!

And that, my friends, is just the beginning. You can also follow the discussion via the hash tag #theinbetween on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Oh, and check out this nifty Pinterest board I made just for the book.

More interviews, guest posts, and other fun things to come — very soon!

In the meantime, consider picking up a copy of The In-Between wherever you like buying books. Just make sure you do it before Aug. 10 to get your bonuses. And if you’ve already read it, be a buddy and please leave a review (those things are as good as gold to us authors).

Lastly, please tell your friends! These first few weeks of a launch are crucial to the long-term success of a book. If you want to lend a tweet or Facebook share, that would be much appreciated (click the links to spread the word). Thanks!

Now it’s your turn: Write about how you manage your times of waiting. Share in the comments (by posting the whole piece or a link to it).