Reactions to The Writer’s Manifesto

Yesterday, I released The Writer’s Manifesto, a short eBook about getting back to the heart of writing for the right reasons. (Learn about how to get a free copy here.)

People on Twitter and Facebook are talking about it, and I’ve received several emails with initial reactions. So I thought I’d share some with you.

Here’s what people are already saying:


“The best call to art creation I’ve read.”
—Hugo Martins, on Twitter

“…Just what I needed.”
—Jamie, on Twitter

“If you write at all, if writing is an avocation or vocation, you need to read this…”
—Tom Eggebrecht, on Twitter

“This gets right to the heart of things…”
—Phyllis Van Dyke Thompson, on Facebook

“…1 part conviction, 1 part encouragement, 1 part poetry and 2 parts love.”
Dan Kennedy

Writers Manifesto Reaction
A Twitter Reaction to the Writer's Manifesto


“Jeff Goins packs oceans of inspiration into an ebook that can be read in the amount of time it takes to drink a glass of water. When finished reading, you’ll want to drink it again…you’ll have to… if you want to truly soak it in.” -Kim Bruce, on her blog

The Writer’s Manifesto is about Jeff rediscovering his love affair with writing, and it’s inspired me to do the same thing.” -Aaron Goldfarb on his blog

“I think of myself as a creative. I write. I make books. I draw. I knit. I code. I do all sorts of things. And in the manifesto, I could easily replace ‘write’ with any of the other things I do. The real artist within me is waiting.” -Khat Fish, on her blog


“Pow! This is a good one, a wake up call and just what you need to read. Thanks Jeff, for sharing your art.”

—Seth Godin // Author, We Are All Weird

Do you write to love or BE loved?  The reality is that, as writers, we face this natural tension daily. It’s not a tension we should try to eliminate. We can’t. But it is a tension we can manage, by understanding where to focus our time and energy.

Jeff’s new eBook will help you find harmony in this tension, by helping you focus on what matters most. Right now. TODAY.

—Keith Jennings // Writer & Marketer

“Jeff Goins’ Writer’s Manifesto is a call for all writers to abandon the notion of fame and glory and write simply because they must. It captures the heart and soul of writing in a punchy simple declaration that is sure to leave you challenged, inspired and ready to create.

As a writer, it reminded me why I bother to write in the FIRST place. Not in hope of fame, but because I believe the act of writing itself is sacred. I was reminded that I am not alone.”

—Brooke Luby // Freelance Writer

“I have worked with hundreds of writers in my career as a publisher. Most of them labor under the Tyranny of Affirmation, a desperate need to be loved and acclaimed by their readers. For many of them, it has become a prison that saps their creativity, their productivity, and, most of all, their joy.

In this short e-book, writer Jeff Goins declares war on this repressive regime. He provides the key that will overthrow this insatiable tyrant. If you are a writer, this might be just what you need to reclaim your  freedom and rediscover the joy of writing. I heartily recommend it.

—Michael Hyatt Chairman // Thomas Nelson

“I’m not the kind of girl who goes around reading e-books; that is to say, I’m a book snob. But Jeff Goins’ Writer’s Manifesto is an honest and beautiful call-to-arms that inspires me to show up, dig in, and do what it takes to honor my craft, and it’s an entreaty to do so side-by-side with my fellow craftsmen. It’s a quick, easily accessible read, but its value goes deep.

And I can’t find anything to turn my nose up about that.”

—Tamara Lunardo, Blogger // Writer & Editor

“Jeff Goins’ Writer’s Manifesto is a brilliant piece of inspiration that every writer should read and adopt. It has become my leading inspiration whenever I feel bogged down by the demands of the day!”

—Heidi Angell // Author

“Jeff has declared in this brilliant eBook the silent intentions of so many of us to write once again for the pure joy of writing. He’s called out the things which can creep in a spoil our first love and says our love of writing is worth fighting for.

“He’s not picking a fight with us, he’s inviting us to examine our motives and encouraging us to pick a fight with the distractions which have separated us from our first love. This is a great public declaration of Jeff’s intentions but it’s more. He invites us to lean in close and look at what motivates us and then to do something more than just think about.

“It’s a quick read, but don’t make the mistake of reading it quickly. Instead, get your pen out and use it as a starting point to write your own manifesto. After reading Jeff’s book, mine says, ‘It starts all over right now…’

—Bob Goff // Author, Love Does

Have you read The Writer’s Manifesto yet? What did you think? Share your blog links, reactions, etc. in the comments.

*Photo credit: David Goehring (Creative Commons)

168 thoughts on “Reactions to The Writer’s Manifesto

  1. This manifesto could and may simply change the course of the future and spew forth the most astounding transformation one could fathom. The reward is in the process for it is rebirth and subsequent transformation that slowly extinguishes all longings for worldly acquisitions.

  2. I absolutely loved your manifesto, it’s so delightful and inspiring. I shared it with a writer’s group that I belong to, and they all loved it as well. great job!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have always been a would be writer or just writing memorial poems and family cards. After I read the Manifest, I made a hard copy and clipped it in a folder like a real book. After years and tentative starts and stops, I am finally allowing myself to write “the worst novel ever” beginning with “it was a dark and stormy night”. I am actually jumping in and just writing, allowing myself to write whatever I feel like writing and enjoying the ride.

  4. Wow! The Writers Manifesto is so simple and real that reading it made me feel like I was struck in the heart with “deep and clear truth”. Additionally, your three lessons on how to write a blog are of the same quality. Your words have cleared the stumbling block I was struggling to get around. Thanks for reminding me that, I too, am already a writer. I now get to stop being “uninspired” by what I think I “should” write about. I can’t wait to start writing with passion and daring. Jeff Goins, thank you for reminding me how to enjoy writing again. You spilled your heart and it was full of love.

  5. The words and the format worked together to remind me of what matters and what does not matter. I wonder if all writers are a bit neurotic, wanting badly to write what rings true to our experience, but daily finding our brains hijacked by an inner people-pleasing demon that wants to impress rather than serve. Your manifesto was a breath of free air!

  6. I loved reading The Writers Manifesto. It resonated well with me. Two days ago, I wrote my first blog, that was a challenge…it was exciting, exhilarating!!! Thank you for writing the Manifesto, it spoke to me.

  7. The best explanation to explain how we should Pursue our God giving gifts and seek our purpose. Help others without regard. Your passion will generate funds so no need to focus on that. There s no better satisfaction I get than when I help someone and help them reach their potential. Great book!

  8. Just read this. Quite a rallying cry, Jeff. Especially important to hear for those of us who blog or make money online. Audience is important to promoting your work, but in the act of creating is still a solo, personal effort. Thanks for this essential message.

  9. Just finished reading The Manifesto. It was honest and inspiring. I have been stuck on starting my blog. The “about” page is the hardest page to write. So many places to start and things to say that I just gave up. Reading the Manifesto helped me see that my about page is simply about “me” and for “me.” Not for anyone else. Now the challenge is for me to write about me.

  10. I’ve had the story for eight years. Started and stopped many times. The Writer’s Manifesto has been that proverbial ‘kick in the butt’ to get me going. I have learnt to let go and let it happen. Thanks for getting me started Jeff!

  11. I had been writing for a couple years and loved it initially. Eventually perfectionism reared its ugly head and I started to dread what I once loved. It’s been a bit since I last wrote but the manifesto inspires me to start writing again, but with a different approach. Thank you.

  12. Jeff, I have recently started to write as I had this writing thing in me ever since I was a child and now I would start pursuing my writing career. Your short e-book The Writer’s Manifesto proved to be an extraordinary creation of yours and it has just motivated me to write my heart out without even thinking that whether it would attract audience or not and you know what, it somehow is working. Thank you for your generous help.

  13. Jeff, your book rang a bell with me. For so long I have wanted to call myself a writer yet I know I am not the best creative writer out there. It starts with practice and now I have begun again. Thank you.

  14. POWERFUL motivation and ever-present reminders to always WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. You got it right, Jeff!

  15. POWERFUL motivation and ever-present reminders to always WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. You got it right, Jeff!

  16. Inspiring book and motivated me to grab my tablet and start touching away letters on to the screen. Thank you, you have become my Idol. <3

  17. I only discovered Jeff Goins on Thursday, read the manifesto and boom! I felt as if my mind cleared a space for me, for Nichola Saunders the writer to step forward and be who she always thought she was. Thank you for helping me to take that leap onto the next stage of my journey with the Manifesto. Jeff Goins genius.

  18. Just read “The Writer’s Manifesto”; the great thing I found in it, is the realization that you need to chase your dream and work with quality and innovation. give something interesting to your audience and keep giving this until it becomes words of mouth. Though I’m not a writer but basically it enforced me to think a little bit different which conforms with the theories we learn in our business classes. Initially there is always a risk in every start-up but after wards if we keep on delivering promises i.e. quality and innovation, then there is a very good chance of being recognized, applaud and earning profits. Thanks to Jeff. It was surely a quality read!

  19. “The Writer’s Manifesto,” is an inspiring piece of work. I feel challenged to take on writing for its own sake now that I have read that writing should be about putting a story to a page-nothing else. Thank you for putting this out there for me and others to view!

  20. I am really Grateful for these words on P.23
    “Real writers recognize that there is a hidden force.
    Acting upon them. And leading them.
    The wisest writers call upon this force,
    taking the time to learn how to wield it well.
    They do this every day.”

    I courageously say ‘Yes’ to listen to the call by a Hidden Force and begin writing every day the story I hear within my soul, and I begin now with these words…

  21. Jeff you are doing a great service to the writing community, I love your attitude and your manifesto. Spot on.

  22. Finished the Writer’s Manifesto the other day. Still rocking my world. It is so simple, but so profound for me. I’m one of those who stopped writing after a while, thinking that I just no longer have the time or opportunity to be a writer.

    Well, that has changed with the Writer’s Manifesto and with Art of Work…

  23. This really connected to something inside me. The need to create has always been present for me. The Writer’s Manifesto put into words how I felt at a level I was not completely aware of, but now that I have read it, it makes so much sense. A part of me is shouting “yes!” and is ready to be set free. Thank you for expressing this and helping to release me from doubt.

  24. Hi Jeff, I just finished reading The Writer’s Manifesto, and it is exactly what I needed to read right now. I’ve been writing forever (it seems), but you reminded me about that important requirement – PASSION. I write. I have to write. I consider writing to be my calling. Thanks so much! @LatelaMary My blog is “We Didn’t Start the Fire” at

  25. Jane Buttery Lin Wilder • a few seconds ago
    So many truths here-simply put. I am now 80.I retired at 57 to write and I still know that I have to do it. I actually enjoy writing letters as well as books for children . Yes, I agree. I have to write because the ideas keep coming. Thank you, Jeff.
    Jane at

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