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What I’m Reading This Week

Reading a BookLast night, some friends came over to celebrate my birthday. We ate cheese and chocolate fondue. It was fantastic.

I don’t think that it was coincidence that Courtenay Rogers said on Twitter that I looked like Ron Weasley and then my wife gave me the full Harry Potter series as a birthday present.

Is God trying to tell me something?

Am I called me to a wizard?!

As you know, I think the only way for writers to improve their craft other than writing every day is to read. Here are some of my favorite articles from this week past week:

The Problem with Platform by Jon Acuff [Spirituality]
Jon shares on his hilarious blog Stuff Christians Like his struggles as his influence has grown. He shares some interesting spiritual insights on pride and humility.

An Interview with Robert McKee by Debra Eckerling [Storytelling]
Story guru Robert McKee shares some fascinating thoughts on the basic components of a story.

Why Introverts Love Social Media by Mack Collier [Social Media]
Mack talks about the awkward moment when you meet someone that you know online in real life and they’re not as outgoing as you thought they’d be.

When Talented People Aren’t Worth Keeping Around by Josh Blankenship [Leadership]
Josh busts the myth of the lone genius, bringing a strong challenge to leaders to not keep talented people on your team if they’re not team players.

33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer by James Altucher
James gives you plenty of fun and slightly weird ideas for how to work through a writing block and write better.

I’m also continuing to read Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald May, a compelling study of the lives of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, from a psychologist’s perspective.

This week’s most-read article was actually an old post that was discovered by some people on Stumbleupon and then Twitter. You can read it here: Who Is Your Favorite Writer?

Read last week’s reading list by clicking here.

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  • Mack Collier

    Thanks for the link, Jeff. And Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks, Mack. Not til Thu but we celebrated early!

  • Bill Todd

    Interested to hear your thoughts on Dark Night of the Soul. Just attended a great seminar led by Jackie Halstead at Lispcomb. We looked at St. John, Teresa and the differences between Dark Night and depression, in the context of spiritual direction. Gerald May’s work was a big influence on the conversation.

    It was nerd heaven.

    I’m reading May’s Grace and Addiction currently. Pretty sure that I’ll be promoting it as required reading.

    • Almost done. Just read it on the plane. Really like it. Very accessible and gracious.

  • MandyThompson

    Jeff, I read the introverts in social media article a few days ago… I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t more content in the realm of “why”–in fact, my best guess is that he thinks the “awkward” is removed…? I’m one of those mysterious online extrovert/in-real-life introverts, and I can’t figure out why. Looking for some answers and I’d hoped to find more in that article…

    • thanks, mandy. would have loved to see it unpacked more. did you share that with mack?

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for the articles. I’m not sure if you’ve shared this on your blog before (I’m a newbie), but what are your daily reading habits? I’m always looking to glean insights from successful bloggers/writers. Thanks!

    • Hey David – sounds like a potential post, but it’s basically this: I wake up, read the Bible and one or two books that I’m into, then I check blogs for 30-60 minutes. I save articles throughout the day, using Instapaper, then I read those on my iPhone in the evening. What’re yours?

      • Mine is similar. I wake up, edit my post for the day, and then publish. Then I read the Bible. After that I fire up Google Reader, read blogs for about an hour, also saving to Instapaper. I have Instapaper linked to my Kindle, which I read at a later time. I mainly read books in the evening. Thanks for the insight.

        • great system! of course, the artist in me screws this up almost daily, but it’s my aspiration! i like what john eldredge once said about how books can “call” to you — pay attention to reading material that may be drawing you in.

          instapaper on kindle?! yet another reason for me to get one…

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