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Weekly Reading: Interviews, Boring Content, & Your Dream

Reading a BookThe week before closing on our new (and first) house has been full of a little packing and a lot of procrastinating.

In my procrastination, I just happened to find enough time to read a few articles that are definitely worth your time.

What I’m Reading This Week

Here’s what I’m finding inspiring, motivational, and helpful this week:

How Do You Get Paid for Doing Your Dream [Work]
Jon Acuff, as per usual, wrote a pithy post about what to do in the in-between time of dreaming and doing.

With the launch of his new book Quitter (which is all about doing the work that you love), he’s had to answer this question a lot. His response? Practice.

The 3-Step Cure for Boring Useless Content [Blogging]
This Copyblogger post by Geoff Livingston encourages writers to adopt a trade journalist mindset when blogging and writing content for the web. His simple three-step approach is absolutely dead-on and remarkably neglected by most bloggers and online communities.

How One Bloggers Has $20,000 a Month in eBook Sales [Publishing]
This interview between Sarah Mae and Mack Collier was enlightening and challenging. I know Sarah from Twitter and verified if this was, in fact, the case — that she’s making a killing on a $5 eBook. When she confirmed, I immediately started writing an eBook. You should, too.

The Professional’s Platform [Life]
This post by Seth Godin needs to be read by every young person who dreams of making it big. Seth’s bottom line is this: you can’t influence people and succeed if you don’t commit and plant your roots deeply. This applies to so much more than business.

Manage Email, Not Time [Productivity]
This post by small business coach Ethan Waldman is a wake-up call to a business culture addicted to urgency. This manifests in obsessive, constant email-checking. Weekly, I hear others and find myself saying, “I am just so busy!” Really, what we are saying is: “I keep checking my email.” Ethan provides helpful tips to reclaim your schedule by reclaiming your inbox.


No guest posts this week, but I had a few requests to do interviews, which was kind of odd.

I feel a little funny promoting myself like this, but I thought that it was the last I could do to acknowledge the interviewers and their hard work. If you’d like to interview me (for reasons that escape me), you can email me.

3Qs Interview
These nice folks were kind enough to interview me about writing, inspiration, and passion. Check out their site for interviews with people far more interesting than me.

Interview with Ben Simpson: “Like to Write?”
In this interview, fellow writer Ben and I talk writing, creativity, and personal convictions. Ben does some really interesting stuff; read more about him here.

That’s all for this week; if you find interesting content and would like to see it on one of these lists, feel free to send me what you find.

Oh, and in case you missed it, you might enjoy last week’s reading list.

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What’re you reading this week? Share what inspires you in the comments.

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  • Jon Acuff is always an inspiration! And this site has become a must-read for me now! Always very motivating and helpful. And then there’s Stephen King when I need a fiction fix (and an example of excellent writing).

    • Very cool. What’s youre favorite Stephen King book?

      • On Writing’s probably my favorite…though, it’s not fiction. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon or Pet Semetary probably come next!

        • Interesting. Have you read the Bachman books?

  • Fell hard for the article on managing email. Really practical, especially since I’m doing the exact opposite of some suggestions. Which is pretty much the same conclusion I have when I read this blog.

  • Stephen Taylor

    I’m afraid what I’ve been reading is tons of Catholic News Sites, and then my theology textbooks.  Not the most exciting list in the world.  lol

    • I love reading (some) theology books.

      • Stephen Taylor

        What theology books do you like?  Authors?

        • Aquinas

          • Stephen Taylor

            At Librivox you can find a copywrrte free talking book of the entire Summa.  I’m dl it right now.  I’m partial to Karl Rahner too.

            • Cool. I like a lot Aquinas’ more philosophical writings, like the Summa Contra Gentiles.

  • Ben Simpson

    Thanks for the link, Jeff!

  • Had a quick look at these links and interviews. They all look like something I need to read, so I’m bookmarking and coming back later. I notice Stephen King is mentioned in the comments. My inspiration this week came from my favorite writing book, King’s “On Writing”. I’m revising a first draft so I’m re-reading the section on re-writing. Great advice.

  • Let me know if you need help moving.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I checked out your interviews and especially appreciated what you had to say on Ben Simpson’s site. I left a comment there, but I’ll repeat it here:

    You said:
    “That is, if we believe we are created in the image of a creative God, then we have no excuse not to steward our creativity and use it to change the world. My faith is my work. And my work is my faith.” And I say, Amen to that! I love what you said there so well!
    And that is exactly what D.I. Telbat is trying to do, though through his Christian fiction. To make a difference. God uses all things for His glory if we let Him!
    Thanks for your posts.

  • Anonymous

    Where do we sign up for the weekly newsletter?

  • Jeff, I appreciate what you’re reading and the fact you share the best stuff with the rest of us. I checked out the “3-Step Cure…” and found it helpful. I’m a couple of months into the blogging experience and recognize I’ve lost the small audience I had. For me, this is like learning to throw pottery (and throw can take you in a couple of directions, both of which would fit). I look at the current pot and think, “I need to get better.” You offer ways to do that. Thanks–Tom

    • You’re welcome, Tom. Thanks for your faithful readership and encouragement. The only way I know how to get better is to keep writing. Keep at it, friend.

      • I agree. We keep writing. And, at times, reviewing what we’ve written, then tweaking, learning, writing some more. I’m definitely in the learning stage.

        • You’re on the right track, it sounds.

  • I have read many articles on your website and I was very pleased. Hope that the next time share will be even more amazing.