What You Should Be Reading Right Now

Every week (or as often as I can), I share with you a list of five articles I'm reading this week. Well, this week's post is going to be extra long, and at the end I'm going to invite you to add to it.

But before I do that, here's a quick update…

What's New with Me

I got to spend some time with a few peeps from the blogosphere this week. I picked up Bryan Allain from the airport for the Quitter Conference and got to meet Ally Spotts (who guest-posted here recently on why your writing dreams aren't coming true) for the first time.

It's always nice when social media becomes, you know, actually social.

By the way, I just returned from a recent trip to Puerto Rico, which was incredible (and why I didn't do one of these reading lists last week). If you'd like to read about some of my experiences there, you can do so here.

Puerto Rico Beach
I snapped this one morning. Jealous much? Yeah, thought so...

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Weekly Reading

Here's what I'm reading this week:

What a 7-year-old Taught Me About Fame [Influence]
Jon Acuff shares a compelling lesson from his daughter about why you should spend more time creating your idea than promoting it.

Six Days for Failing [Writing]
My friend Joe Bunting started this new writing site (a GREAT resource for those trying to improve their craft), and I found this article particularly refreshing. Since it's Sunday (a week after the post's publication), I still find it relevant. Today, don't work; today, be grateful.

7 Steps to Take Before You Quit Your Job
Michael Hyatt shares some important tips for people about to leave a job. I've seen so many people my age check out of their jobs too early or do so without integrity. This is a great guide to leaving your job without burning bridges. Read it and share it with someone who needs to read it.

5 Tips about Freelance Work
From one of my favorite writing websites, this article provides simple, useful tips for how to do freelance right. Turns out, you might need to be more flexible than you think. Good stuff.

How to Skirt Resistance and Become a Productive Procrastinator [Productivity]
My new friend Emilie Wapnick (who has a really interesting website for people who are interested in doing more than one type of work) wrote this practical mini-guide for turning “Resistance” into productivity. I do this all the time.

Guest Posts & Articles

I try to get around on the interwebs. Here's where you can find me this week:

What Bad Writing Is Essential to Good Blogging [Blogging]
My first article on Copyblogger debuted this week, and it caused quite the controversy and discussion. I encourage you to check out the 100+ comments and join the discussion.

How I Found My Faith in College [Spirituality]
I wrote this article for university students who are just beginning their college career, telling a little bit of my own spiritual journey that began in college.


I love reading blogs and websites, but nothing beats a good book. Here are a few I'm reading:

Untitled by Blaine Hogan
UNTITLED by Blaine Hogan

UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process
I just did a giveaway for this book by Blaine Hogan (read our interview here), but I can't say enough good things about it.

If you didn't win a free copy (and even if you did), I encourage you to get the eBook for $4.99. It's full of pithy bits of wisdom on creative work.

Read This Before Our Next Meeting
Al Pittampalli kindly sent me a review copy of this book, and I spent Saturday devouring it. I'm convicted, compelled, and encouraged. Suffice to say that Monday's morning meeting will look completely different thanks to this book.

This book comes out this week, and I'll be interviewing Al the same day that it releases. Stay tuned!

Today We Are Rich
I'm about halfway through this gem by Tim Sanders (whom I'll also be interviewing soon). Tim's outlook on life and work are incredible.

This is not a book about getting rich quick (or getting rich at all); it's about confidence and being grateful for what you already have. These simple steps to leading a more intentional life will be guideposts for me in the future.

What're you reading this week? Share in the comments.