The World Needs More Artists

World Needs Artists

The other week week, I heard Ann Voskamp advocate for poetry over prose. She reminded that in a world of reality TV and fear-driven media, beauty can still captivate us.

I saw my friend Mark deliberate over the last final iterations of his memoir that’s about to be published. And I saw my other friend Carl spend night after night, recording his solo EP in a studio in downtown Atlanta.

I see all of this, and I realize: There is still a place for artists in this world.

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Art Is Never Finished

Futility by Hugh MacLeod - Art is never finished

You can always go back and touch up a painting. You can always rewrite a lyric or melody to a song. You can always release a new version of a book or edit a blog post. Art is never done. It is never complete. It can always be refined.

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