Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Around every corner there is a great story waiting to be discovered, lived, and retold, and people love to hear them. Nothing is so warm and inviting, yet so challenging and poignant, as a powerful, real-life story told well.

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When We Stop Believing the Stories We Tell

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A few years ago, I found myself at a personal impasse. Working for a nonprofit organization, my job was to help missionaries tell their stories. With a few colleagues, I launched an online magazine, and every week I was in charge of sharing accounts of how my peers were changing the world.

There was just one problem: I didn’t believe it.

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Why Your Organization Needs a Good Storyteller

Photo credit: Jilly Clardy (Creative Commons)

Most organizations have forgotten the art of storytelling, which is why their messages aren’t being remembered.

For a while, there was a resurgence of the importance of sharing stories, but then like most fads, it began to fade away.

The trend has once again become facts, statistics, and the incessant boasting of what country is suffering from the greatest injustice. This must change.

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The Key to Not Being Called an Arrogant, Self-Absorbed Writer

Writing About Yourself

Writers have a hard life. The pay is crap, critics abound, and the work is lonely. Not to mention, we often get called names like arrogant, self-absorbed, and so on.

To be fair, sometimes the critics are right. We can be a self-absorbed bunch.

So how do we break out of this cycle of thankless, criticized, solitary work? Well, one solution is this…

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