Tribes by Seth Godin: Writers Can Be Leaders

Tribes by Seth GodinTribes by Seth Godin is a short, poignant book about leadership.

But it’s about much more than the nuts-and-bolts of running an organization or habits of effective leaders.

It’s a book about people and movements and the power of our words and actions to make an impact on the masses.

You can find tribes of people everywhere, congregating around compelling ideas and causes.

You find them at Grateful Dead concerts. And at Star Trek conventions. You even find them at the shopping mall.

Tribes are everywhere…

What’s missing, though, are leaders.

Now is the best time for someone who has never led before to step into the limelight and exercise influence.

Never has it been easier to motivate others and initiate new movements as it is now.

With the Internet serving as a convenient channel for distribution and communication, many industries have lost the necessity of inter-mediators. No more middlemen. Just leaders and their tribes.

It’s a great time to become a leader

In the 21st century, anyone can publish a blog, start a social network, or launch an business — all with little to no cost. It’s easy.

So why doesn’t everyone do it? Because it requires courage to start. And most people would rather sit on the sidelines than get in the game. (Let’s face it: sometimes, the game gets a little grisly.)

Why shouldn’t you get in on the new leadership?

You have all the tools you need. Your voice has the power to influence others like you wouldn’t believe.

Where does it begin? With words. With how you speak and communicate — that’s where real tribe-building begins. I’ve learned a lot about how writing can be an important part of leadership through this book.

Godin begins Tribes by telling how he used a bi-weekly print newsletter to get coworkers to help him out with an overwhelming project. Through simply telling stories and casting vision over and over again, he won nearly the entire organization to his cause.

While he was technically the only one assigned to the job, his newsletter compelled others to volunteer and to work after hours in order to be able to help.

Did you catch that?

They were dying to lend a hand. They couldn’t stand being left out of something so monumental, so innovative and ground-breaking. And it was Godin’s writing that captured their attention and cast the vision for a higher purpose.

Writing can be a powerful motivator and leadership tool, when used well. As you wield a pen in your hand or sit at the keyboard, you have enormous potential. And responsibility. To influence people. To change lives. To do work that matters.

Are you using it? Or squandering it?

Does your writing motivate people to do new and exciting things? How are you leading by writing? Share in the comments.

33 thoughts on “Tribes by Seth Godin: Writers Can Be Leaders

  1. That’s a great question – I’m not sure I’m motivating people to do new and exciting things with my writing, but I’m trying my best. My passion is business, and in particular getting C-Level types around the world to consider and ponder new ideas.

    Thanks for asking a great question!

  2. I write about life and heart issues, so my hope is that my writing changes people’s hearts and lives. I don’t know if that makes me a leader, but it makes me committed to always pushing through the writer’s block, and never backing down from what I believe. 

  3. Ok so I already read this awhile ago. There’s a great video of a Seth Godin talk on Tribes out there somewhere too…I highly encourage people to watch it. 

    So over the past year plus I have written about orphan care and adoption a whole bunch on my blog, Facebook and twitter.  We weren’t, until last month, even planning to adopt ourselves. 

    Earlier this week I announced on my blog that we have, finally, decided to adopt and why. I was inundated with comments and emails of support and excitement, but the most special were the few people that told me that BECAUSE OF MY WRITING over the past year, they too were considering adoption. These were people I didn’t even necessarily know read my blog regularly. One was a couple facing infertility. One was a relative of ours who is in her forties and has never married. A couple of women were ministry leaders whose husbands weren’t on board yet, but who were encouraged by how prayer changed my husband’s heart 180 degrees. 
    Needless to say I was blown away. You better believe I’m not gonna stop writing now. 

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  18. I am writing consistently on my blog and striving for quality over quantity. I’m also trying to do both when possible. I’ve written three books and I’ll continue to help people as best I can through these endeavors.

  19. Although I don’t have a blog yet, I write my words about finance and investing ideas in my facebook profile. And it’s so nice that I influence others to invest especially the younger ones. Right now I’m planning what I’m going to do about my intentional blogging as I take the short course that you’ve given. Thank you so much.

  20. I re-read this posts. Right now I’m on my 10th day of writing 500 words per day about finance and entrepreneurship. And yes, with just 10 days I already convince people to start investing. Maybe they are just 2 of them. Now I can say that what I’m doing is having an effect. I’m happy, and I’m willing to continue this all out. Thank you!

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