Weekly Reading: Passion, Blogging, and Community

Reading a BookI spent this week in Georgia — first, attending the Dynamic Communicators Workshops and then visiting the AIM office for a dream-building workshop.

I’ve been guest-posting about the experience on the DCW blog and shared on this blog some of my takeaways from the conference yesterday (including a list of links to four guest posts from this week).

Given the busyness of the week, I didn’t get a chance to read as much as I usually do, but here’s what I got my hands on this week:

Find Your Passion in Three Steps [Inspiration]
In this guest post for Michael Hyatt’s blog, author Mary DeMuth shares a powerful challenge about finding your vocation.

One is a Lonely Number [Living]
Professional speaker and comedian Ken Davis shares some sobering thoughts about the cost of fame and why we all need community.

The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts [Blogging]
John Saddington gives a comprehensive how-to for the legalities of using images in blogging (something that is sorely needed).

10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building [Blogging]
Cyrus Shepard explains the importance of basic copywriting rules in improving your website’s SEO, sharing some compelling case studies to make his point.

The Quarter-life Crisis: Young, Insecure and Depressed [Culture]
Amelia Hill writes for the Guardian about the issues facing educated 20-somethings, according to a recent psychological study. Given my frustration with my own generation, it was enlightening to read.

The most-read article from the blog this week was: Why You Must Develop the Skill of Public Speaking

Also, my friend Jonathan Almanzar’s company Rhizome Publishing is giving away a book publishing deal by hosting a writing contest.

You can read last week’s reading list here: Geeky Writing Tips, Godin, and More!

What are you reading this week?