What I’m Reading This Week: Geeky Writing Tips, Godin, & More!

This has been a busy week. In addition to putting an offer on a house, running a half marathon, attending the Main Street Festival in Franklin, I did some light reading (which, as you know, is an essential practice to becoming a better writer).

Reading a Book

Here's what I'm reading this week:

What Is It About 20-Somethings? [Culture]
In this NYTimes article that appeared in print last year, the author talks about the rising age of adulthood in Western culture and what that may mean for the future.

Who Cares About “Whom” Anymore? [Writing]
A bit geeky, but this short blog post from Daily Writing Tips is a helpful resource and interesting perspective on the changing nature of language and grammar.

How Often Should You Publish? [Blogging]
In this oldie but goodie from Seth Godin, Seth talks about the importance of developing both “backlists” and “front lists” in creative endeavors. This is especially relevant for bloggers.

Writing and Publishing Playbook [Publishing]
This is a helpful resource for writers and aspiring authors from Keith Jennings (a blogger who has some incredible insights into the creative process).

How to Quit Your Day Job [Motivation]
In this practical guide, life hacker Jonathan Mead lays out the practical steps (and cautions) for the dissatisfied cubicle-dweller (and future entrepreneur).

I also wrote some guest posts this week on other blogs, which you can find here.

The top post of the week was actually one I wrote a few weeks ago: What Mumford and Sons Taught Me About Writing. Read that Godin article, and you'll see that this is an example of backlist. Interestingly, the second most-read post was the one about guest posting (which would be an example of a “front list”).

In other words, you need to curate both old and new content.

You can read last week's reading list here: Easter Links for Reflection

What're you reading this week?