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The Importance of Using Your Skills to Make a Difference in the World [Podcast]

How do you take your ordinary talents and use them for extraordinary purposes? Is it possible to turn a normal life into an amazing story? Only if you’re willing to have your world completely turned upside down.

At least, that’s what Lynne Kurdziel discovered when her life began to change.

Wrecked Sessions

This week, we return to the Wrecked Sessions to hear one woman’s experience of how she started finding fulfillment through serving others.

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About our guest

Lynne Kurdziel

Lynne Kurdziel

While writing my book, Wrecked, I reached out to Lynne Kurdziel, wanting to find someone who hadn’t necessarily gone though a dramatic experience of life change in another culture but was still, nonetheless, changed by discomfort and compassion.

Lynne’s story is a great example of what it costs to find your purpose. It can sometimes be painful, hard, and confusing, but ultimately these experiences are designed to teach us that life is not only about us.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how my guest decided to use her business skills to creatively help those in need through her company Luminate Marketing.

I hope her story challenges you to consider how you could use your own professional skills to live a larger story.

Memorable quotes

  • “Surely I’m meant for more than making money.” [Tweet]
  • “It’s about creating something beautiful and something meaningful… that empowers people who are already doing something great.” [Tweet]
  • “There are millions of people who are living lives without color.” [Tweet]

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  • Karoline Kingley

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  • Lynne, thanks for taking the time to chat with Jeff and Andy and give us a bit more of your story! (and for spelling your “Lynne” the right way :)!)

  • “Using our gifts redemptively” Love these stories. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Cindy Crawford

    Great interview! Lynne’s story was so inspiring and relatable. I just embarked on a freelance writing career last May because I felt I that I am not truly living up to my potential, and I have more to offer to the world. My passion is writing and in just seven months, after I decided to create a blog and share my stories with others, I landed a spot as a contributing writer for an online publication for women. I think everyone should “get wrecked’ in order to live the life that will truly bring them joy.

  • Erin Wilson

    Loved hearing Lynne’s story, and particularly struck by the discussion at the end. I’ll be listening to that part a few more times.

    And a quick shout-out to Andy… the more interviews I listen to online, the more I appreciate folks who do it well. You do it well. Thanks.

  • Still discovering how I fit into the story bigger than me. Recently launched a cloth diaper blog focused on giving. Excited to see how the giving opportunities and its focus on loving grows.

  • Melanie Fischer

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this story. I have had a very similar journey as Lynne, hearing this was confirmation that I am on the right track. A life of living on purpose is truly worth every sacrifice that is required along the way. Know that you don’t need all the answers before moving forward, just start moving.
    Blessings everyone!

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