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When the Adventure Ends (And Real Life Begins) [Podcast]

It’s natural to want to go on an adventure. To leave home for college. To move to a new city where no one knows your name. To take off and see the world.

But what happens when the adventure is over — when the vacation ends, when they hand you your diploma, when you finally decide to plant some roots — and the struggle of real life begins?

Wrecked Sessions

That is when we learn what we’re made of. And that is what my friend Matt Snyder learned after 11 months of touring the world and had to get an ordinary, boring job that taught him some unexpected lessons.

This week on the Wrecked Sessions, we hear from a world traveler who learned that sometimes the point of our restlessness is to learn how to stay put.

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About our guest

I met Matt at a missionary training camp when I worked for Adventures in Missions. We were both writers and formed a friendship around that common bond.

Shortly after we met, Matt left on a year-long trek around the world called The World Race. During his trip, he blogged quite a bit and caught my attention as someone who knew how to tell a story.

When he returned from his trip, I hired Matt as a copywriter to be a part of the marketing team that I led at the time. But it didn’t take long for him to be home before he started feeling restless again.

After several heated discussions about responsibility and work, I decided to issue a challenge to Matt. One that I knew he needed (but didn’t want) to hear.

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  • Of course. I’m a dad.

    • Hah! Not looking forward to that.

      • Don’t worry, Jeff. As long as you stay involved, the good talks outweigh the hard ones.

  • Jessica Smith

    Great job Matt! How fun!

    from a fellow World Racer/traveler gone “planted, community-based normal person”

    • Love that you’re planting some roots, Jessica. 🙂

    • matthewsnyder

      Heck yes! Props for “normal”…

  • I’ve had a few lately at work – it’s never easy, but the only way to move forward is to do it anyway. I find the more I think through what I want to say ahead of time the easier it gets.

  • Nell

    Getting in a rut can be so easy and we always need to work in growing and not stuck in a slump so making choices at times to live out of the box can be scary at times but rewarding.

  • toba wayas

    Jeff, nice to read from you today. Im WAYAS, can I learn more and share my writing skills with you. Would like to follow ur footprint for mentorship. Kindly indulge me ur address. you can reach me: tobawayas@gmail.com. Thanks.