The Blogger’s Guide to Facebook

From Jeff: This is a guest post by Keri Welch. Keri lives in the Greater Seattle area with her husband and three boys. She loves to read, watch movies, listen to new music, and blog. You can find her at her blog Pop Parables, via Twitter (@popparables), or on Facebook.

If you’re a blogger, you need to be on Facebook. It’s just that simple.

It’s the largest social network in the world, and it’s a place where people are constantly sharing content — it’s a breeding ground for bloggers to share links and market themselves.

But you need to do so wisely.

It’s not like Twitter or Digg or Reddit. The rules of Facebook are simple, but important to follow.

Facebook for Bloggers
Photo credit: Thos Ballantyne (Creative Commons)

The Blogger’s Guide to Facebook

First up, you need to create a Facebook page (right after creating your own personal profile). Once you’ve done that, you’re probably wondering what you should do. How should you be using this social network to help your blog?

Fear not. Guidance is here.

Facebook is a place to hang out with your readers. Like a party, it has a laid back vibe, where people like to mingle with others and have a good time. It’s not necessarily a place to have a intense debate or deep discourse.

Consider Facebook an opportunity to extend the reach of your voice through a condensed version of what is normally offered on your blog.

If you’re unsure as to how that all plays out practically, here are three different aspects of posting to consider before you hit the “Share” or “Like” button.

Sharing content

The primary purpose of your Facebook page should be to inform readers of your new blog posts and drive traffic back to your site. Here are some tips on sharing your posts:

  1. Post the link manually. Do this rather than using a third-party app. When you post via Networked Blogs or even Twitter, your post is compressed with all other third-party posts into one link in the news feed. Not only is it easy to overlook, but it’s impersonal, and Facebook is all about being personal. Not to mention, Facebook apparently discounts content that is added through a third-party service.
  2. Offer a teaser. Give your readers a good reason to click through. Simply posting a URL looks lazy.
  3. Images equal click-throughs. So be sure to include an image (a good one) in your original post to grab your readers’ attention in the news feed.

You can also use Facebook to share content from other bloggers. But, remember:

  1. Share posts from others sparingly. Readers follow you to follow you. It’s not the same as Twitter where you are constantly promoting others.
  2. Let readers know why you consider a link important. Saying “this is cool” isn’t enough to get me to click on it. And it’s probably not enough for your readers, either. Come on, you can do better that.
  3. Tag others. This alerts them that you’ve shared their work, and also shows up as a post on their wall and yours. Be smart with this, as it can get annoying and look like spam.

You can also share things that wouldn’t necessarily merit an entire post, yet are noteworthy and of interest to your readers. This might be an image, a YouTube clip, a news story, or even a quote.

Interaction with readers

In general, Facebook users are an entirely different group of readers than those who regularly comment on blogs or interact via Twitter.

Some readers are simply more comfortable interacting on Facebook, because they see it as more personal. In that sense, it’s best to involve them personally on your page.

Here are some ways to generate personal interaction with your community:

  1. Ask open-ended questions. Give the readers a chance to share what they think about something related to your blog topic.
  2. Make use of the “Question” feature on the Share tab. This allows you to create a fun poll.
  3. Give the readers a chance to share something about themselves by offering a conversation-starter. It’s a nice way to get to know your readers and show that you care about their opinions.
  4. Whet the appetite for content you’re working on. Offer tidbits of information that elicit a personal response. Reader responses can also be an excellent way to develop ideas for future blogging topics.


There are plenty of ways to ruffle feathers and offend others on Facebook.

Here are a few rules from the (unwritten) Facebook Code of Conduct for Bloggers:

  1. Respond ASAP to any comments, questions, or info left on your wall. When you don’t respond, you appear inaccessible and uncaring.
  2. Share things about yourself, but not too much! Keep it professional, but also fun. Think of things you’d share in an office lunch room, not what you’d share at your family game night.
  3. Follow the readers’ lead on how often you should post to Facebook. Somewhere in the range of two to three times a day, at various times of day, is the ideal maximum. This depends on your niche and the degree of reader interaction you can generate. The last thing you want to do is post too often, because then you get annoying and risk being hidden on the news feed, or worse yet, un-liked!

A final word

If you’re new to Facebook, it will feel a little awkward at first, much like your first day of junior high.

When all else fails, watch what other bloggers do. Follow their lead, but make your page and presence your own. Be true to yourself and your niche.

Take your time and don’t expect immediate results. Tweak your usage as a response to what the readers enjoy.

Most importantly, have fun!

So, bloggers, let’s hear from you…

What have you found useful on Facebook? Share your tips and lessons learned in the comments.

*Photo credit: Thos Ballantyne (Creative Commons)

96 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Guide to Facebook

  1. I’ve been thinking about creating a page for a while. Now everything is connected to my personal profile. 

    I learned very quickly to not ignore what happens when it pertains to my blog and my facebook profile. I would ignore comments in the past to try and get people to make sure that community was happening on my blog and not on facebook. I was wrong. And I have some good friends that don’t bother reading my blog anymore because of it.

  2. Fantastic post, as usual. 

    I created a Facebook fan page about two weeks ago. It’s growing slowly and I’ve used it to announce when I have a new blog post up, but I was never completely sure how to use it otherwise, so these are some really great tips. Thanks!  

  3. Great info!
    I love facebook and interact with others on my personal profile all the time. 
    I’ve been thinking about starting a personal page also … for my blog and my book that will be released in Sept. I’ve wondered if having both a personal profile and personal page ever gets annoying … have you discovered any drawbacks of having both? 

    1. Hi Janet…I highly recommend that you read Jeff’s post about why should you create a FB page for your blog >> FacebookPage

      As for having both…I {more or less} keep them separate.  My personal FB page is for personal interactions and my Pop Parables FB page is for blog interactions.  Of course, I will from time to time post about my blog on my personal page if it is personal (i.e. about my family, new venture, etc).  As to whether or not it’s annoying…I think having both reduces the chances for being annoying.  Some of your friends may not want to see things about your blog {what’s wrong with those people!?}, and it could be annoying for them. 

      If you are going to stop posting about your blog on your personal page, be sure to let your friends and family know that you’ve created an FB page for your blog/writing so they don’t miss the updates and they can “like” your page. 

      Another thought…I noticed that you have a blog, do speaking engagements, and have a book coming out.  I’m not sure what you should “name” your FB page, but perhaps going the way of Jeff (Jeff Goins, Writer) may be useful or you could do Janet Oberholtzer, Speaker.  You might want to tinker around with that a bit.  Or, you could JUST use your first and last name, but that may get confusing with your personal page.

      p.s. You have a BEAUTIFUL blog!

      1. Thanks Keri! More good info to process. 
        Thanks for the compliment on my blog … I do like the design also, it was done by the talented team at Bittersweet Creative! 
        “Because I Can” is my book title and has kinda been my blog title, but hasn’t been very pronounced on there … but that will change now with the book coming out. We are adding BECAUSE I CAN to my website header. I’ve been thinking of naming my Facebook page BECAUSE I CAN … since that has been and will continue to be my message for a few years (outlining 2nd book now – which will probably somehow use that in the title/subtitle also). But I wonder if my Facebook page should also have my name on it … would “BECAUSE I CAN – Janet Oberholtzer” be too long a name?

        1. That’s a tough one, Janet.  All I can offer is my personal opinion, and I am not a marketing guru by any means.  I understand that your title is a big part of your message, but using Because I Can, Janet Oberholtzer is much too long.  You definitely want something concise and easy to remember.  I like “Because I Can”, but your name makes it much more personal and definitively YOU. 

          You might try polling your readers and seeing what they have to say?

          Another tidbit of info, once you get at least 100 “likers”, you cannot change your FB fan page name/url.  So, choose as wisely as you can!

            Perhaps Jeff can shed some light on this one. 

    1. Thank you, Sundi!  I understand that posting manually poses a difficulty if you are not always at the computer.  But, I think you’ll find it well worth the effort if you are able to do so manually.  I have also heard (but have not tested it myself) that HootSuite does not appear in FB the same way as most other 3rd party apps, meaning it doesn’t get lumped together with other posts.  You could try that.

        1. Sundi – I was in the same place several months ago, but trust me when I tell you that it’s worth the extra minute or so it takes to long onto Facebook. Sharing links and posts get a LOT more interaction when you do this. @MichaelHyatt:twitter taught me that.

  4. Some great thoughts.  I started a facebook page a couple months back.  It’s not very big yet but I do post my blogs posts there daily and will also link to other articles that I come across and feel passionate about.  I only link to my post once a day because I fear what you discussed…becoming of nuisance. 

    1. Thanks for reading, Eileen.  As for becoming a nuisance…you might see that as your number of “likers” grows on FB, you will get more interaction and might be able to post more often.  I say that you follow the lead of your readers-if they interact often and with much fanfare, try increasing your posts.  Also, if you are able, gauge when your readers are most often on FB.  For me, it’s early morning, dinner time, and late in the evening.  I try to hit FB at those times as people are much more likely to interact when something is “fresh”. 

  5. Hi Keri. Good post! I’ve been doing much of what you suggest. Let me ask you this. Oftentimes I get a little frustrated when I get comments on FB rather than my blog. I feel like it takes that engagement, momentum and traffic away from my blog. I’ve requested that my friends on FB comment on the blog yet they usually don’t. I even use the Disqus comment system so they don’t have to log in to comment. What do you think about this?

    1. Thank you, Jamsmooth!  Personally, I would be happy about the interaction on FB.  The more feedback you get there, the  higher it drives your status/share in the Newsfeed, meaning even more exposure for your blog, and hopefully more people sharing your content.  For me, the key is creating and nurturing community in general via my blog-so whether that comes in the comments, via FB, Twitter or even email, it makes me happy! 

      But, I sense that you are really wanting more community interaction specifically in the comments.  Have you tried adding a question to the end of your posts?  I only looked at a few, but I noticed you didn’t have a call to action there.  That might help. 

  6. I’m a low level, niche, value-blogger with content ahead of its time. Facebook has been the absolute, number one feeder for my blog. Twitter comes in second. And you’re right, they are very different venues. Facebook friends and family will always care what you have to say, if your “friends” are real friends. That’s why Michael Hyatt says to keep your friend numbers low. I limit to those who are really friends or acquaintances I’ve made through the years at speaking engagements. Works for me. Twitter seems very impersonal and plastic.

    1. David…sounds like you’ve had some great success with FB.  Do you use a personal FB page or a “fan page” for your blog?

      1. I use both. But most of the traffic to my blog is from my personal page. Those who know my walk and my life are following my blog. Weird though, they don’t ever leave comments at the post, rather they comment on FB under the link to the post. Do you find this true as well?

        1. Some of my friends and “likers” only interact on FB.  I think it’s just more personal for them.  Also, some of my readers and commenters (on the blog) can be a bit intimidating because they’re so dang smart.  So, some people would rather interact on FB where those commenters do not interact. 

          If you want to transfer the interaction to a more public forum, you could attempt to send your “friends” from your personal page to your FB fan page.  I would start by no longer posting on the personal page, and informing everyone that you’re going to keep the blog posts on the blog FB page.  Surely if they love your blog, they will follow you there and “like” your page.  Don’t forget to tell them to “Like” your page!  Just a thought.

  7. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity, Jeff!  I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned about FB with other like minded bloggers. 

      1. It’s been so fun!  It really is gratifying to write something that could prove useful for others.  I can see how you enjoy the “teaching” aspects of your blog.

  8. All of your points are very strong. I also agree that Facebook should be about interaction. Asking questions is good. Also, sometimes being a bit aggressive and shout someone out gets a response. For example:

    “This blog post has (insert tag) Keri writte all over it. What do you think (insert some tags of friends you both know). Guaranteed interaction.

    Great thoughts Keri. Now I can’t wait for the official Facebook PDF guide by Keri Welch. 

  9. The category for the Pop Parables Facebook page is “Society/Culture.”  Some blogs I follow are labelled “Personal Blog” – but I can’t find that as an option when I go to the Facebook creation page.  I checked under each category.  Can someone help me find the “personal blog” category, please?  I’d also like help with “categorizing” a blog…personal blog?  society/culture?  writer?  website?  I’ve investigated; there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the categories/labels, so I’d appreciate the help.  Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah…are you attempting to creating a Facebook fan page or personal page?  The options are only available for fan pages.  If you click “edit info” at the top of your profile, the first option you will see is category.  If you select Websites/Blogs, the drop down on the right offers “Personal Blog” as an option.  HTH!

      As for how to categorize, I think it’s totally up to you.  I suppose the category would be most important if you are hoping to get new readers who search for blogs via FB.  I took a glance at your blog, and I would label it a “personal blog”.  I chose “Society/Culture for Pop Parables because those are the topics I blog about.  Does that answer your questions?

  10. What a great guide! I’m on Facebook personally and also have a page for my blog, but have wondered how to leverage it effectively. I clipped this post to Evernote for future reference.

  11. Keri, great ideas, thank you!!  I have two questions:

    Do you post your blog posts to your Personal Profile page – the original one?  I have more “friends” there since it’s older, but I hate the thought of annoying them with post if that’s why they didn’t “like” the page in the first place.  Or possibly send them two posts if they have liked my blog page.

    Also, it’s so much easier to interact with my page on my IPhone.  Is there a way to make the News Feed of the blog page the default page on your phone?  If not, how do you see the News Feed on the phone?

    I hope these make sense.  I’ve had a hard time (or inconvenient time) using Facebook with my blog. 

    Thank you!!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful, Brenda!  As for posting to my personal page…I did so early on, but I found that once I started ONLY posting on my blog page, I actually got MORE interaction.  As I mentioned to a few others, you may want to consider only posting on your blog page and not your personal page.  You could post a status and a link to your FB fan page letting all of your personal friends know that you won’t be posting there anymore and if they want to continue to get the updates, to please click over to Triple Braided on FB (be sure to tag your FB page for convenience). 

      As far as I know, there is no way to see the Newsfeed from the FB fan page on the phone.  You may attempt Googling it for an answer, but I have been frustrated with this as well.

  12. Hi Keri, thanks for the great tips! I recently deactivated my Facebook account, and find that I have better focus for writing and other parts of life. If I ever join Facebook again (I’m not ruling it out forever!) I will make sure to revisit this post for ideas. Until then, I’m blogging better without Facebook.

    1. Anna…I just read a bit of your quitting FB series.  I recently wrote a similar series about breaking up with FB.  I’m pretty much off the grid with my personal FB page, unless someone sends me a message, I create an invite, am tagged in a post, etc.  My reasons for breaking up were similar to yours.  However, I do still have my blog FB page.  I really don’t spend a lot of time there, maybe 15 minutes total in one day.  But, the majority of my traffic comes from FB, so I’m still seeing results. 
      If you are at all interested, I would encourage you to create an FB page specifically for your writing/blog.  Check out Jeff’s post about why you should have a FB page >> FacebookPage  You’ll find that many of the reasons you quit FB don’t exist in that more professional realm of the social network.  #my2cents

      1. Thanks Keri! I’ll check out Jeff’s post and look into creating a Facebook page just for my blog. The irony is that I originally joined Facebook because of writing, but then I got wrapped up in the more personal features. Live and learn, I guess!

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  14. Hello There Keri!  Before I say great post, oops.  Great post…  But anyway, I’m headed over to check out your blog.  I get a bunch of my traffic from Facebook.  Another great thing about Facebook would be the easiness to allow others to share you post with their Facebook friends.  Again, good stuff and I’m now off to visit your blog.  

    Go Win,


    1. Thanks for reading, Heady, and for taking the time to check out my digs.  I agree…FB makes it super easy for people to share your posts with just one click.

  15. This is a fantastic guide. I had no idea how to use Facebook to it’s full potential. You offer some excellent ways to get (and keep) fans on Facebook. Thank you for sharing, this is already a helpful tool for me.

  16. This is great information Keri!  I always avoided having another page – since I already have another one for my music studio – but I see most of my blogging buddies have a page dedicated to their blog sites.  How necessary is it if all of them are friends of mine on my personal facebook page and I always link my blog to that – and twitter – and now google+?

    1. Hi Cindy!  Necessary?  Well, I guess that really does depend on the nature of your blog and where you want it to go.  But, I think if you read this post by Jeff >> you'll be convinced that you should have one.  🙂  I find it helpful to separate my blog from my personal page.  I really don’t want to risk being a nuisance to my regular friends and family.  Having the blog page gives them the option of “liking” it if they really do want to read my blog.  Also, I wouldn’t apply these tips to my personal page.  #my2cents

      1. It makes sense Keri – and as I am an “early adopter” I will – “let down my net” 🙂  Because you say it is important for me to do so 🙂  Thanks!

        1. I will be one of your first likers!  🙂  You won’t be able to get a vanity URL until you have 25 likers, so be sure to tweet it and let all your friends and family know you’re “moving”. 

  17. Keri, this is great stuff. I know that facebook is something I need to take advantage of more and more. Do you find that you use facebook in a fundamentally different way from twitter? Or is it the same model of interaction but just two different audiences?

    1. It’s totally different than Twitter, and I do use it in a completely different way.  I see Twitter as a way to share the content of others and to network primarily with other bloggers.  Facebook is much more about interacting with the community of “likers” {readers} and developing a relationship with them, giving them a voice, and sharing more about myself.  It is not often that I share the content of others, unless it is highly relative to my readers.  I would say that it is a different audience than you would find on Twitter.  In my experience, it’s likely that people gravitate to one or the other.  That’s why it’s so nice to give your readers the option of following you on Twitter or FB.  Another thought…FB moves much slower than Twitter.  For many people, it is an easier way to keep up.  HTH! 

  18. I do so love the completely different audience I connect with on FB (deacons’ wives). However, I stinketh hard at the engagement. Going to take your points to the field and hopefully see some results.

    Question? How much should the tone of your blog be reflected in the tone of your FB page?  For example, Jeff leans on writing so should his FB lean solely that way too? Mine is a humor blog so I’d hope my FB could be more out of the box… And I might be hoping for that since that’s what I’ve been doing.

    Since I’ve already admitted to the bad engaging, I’d like a win.

    1. Jamie, in my opinion, at the end of the day (nice little cliche there), all you have is your voice. It’s what makes you distinctly you. If I were you, I’d work that into ALL my interactions online.

    2. Humor is well liked on FB!  And, I think Jeff hit the nail on the head-whatever you see as your voice, put that out there.  Surely it will unstinketh.  🙂

  19. Tagging users in a post is a very difficult task to perform. Choosing people from huge list itself is a job. And ofcourse the interaction on the profile needs to be very instant.

  20. Is Facebook is too big to listen? Like most sites it evolves. I personally use it less now. I would like to know what the stats are since the change. For small business this can be especially challenging and probably a good idea not to go it alone. Facebook is one part of most corporate strategy. Social media is part of the culture now and business should be involved or lose it to the competition. There’s a lot to social media. To get an idea take a look at this top university’s advanced social media training curriculum. 

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  22. Thanks for this helpful post. Quick question: can I respond to comments/messages and “like” other blogs from my blog facebook page, A Time to Freeze? I heard that if I “like” other pages as A Time to Freeze, their like number doesn’t go up. Do you know if that’s true? Sorry, I don’t even know if my question makes sense!

  23. The great thing about Facebook is that EVERYONE’s on it. Twitter and personal Facebook doesn’t quite have as big a reach, particularly if you’re private with your personal Facebook profile like I am.

    So I just started a page with the help of my friends’ encouragement. Now I don’t know what to do with it!

    Thankyous for the super helpful tips. I’ll keep this bookmarked as I fill up my page.

    – Jooley @

  24. Hey Jeff

    I am just reading your AMAZINGLY powerful book – “You ARE a Writer” – and was ecstatic to stumble onto your blog post! *BIG smile*

    Facebook is my second home, and, regardless of the persistent negativities against this largest social media platform, I believe in its power. So thank you so much for these pointers about how to use Facebook to promote your blog!


  25. Thanks for the usefull information. I’ve been blogging since august 2013, and just made a Priffesional Facebook profile yesterday. My problem is that I the photo from the blog-post doesnt go with the text when i share on my FB account. Do you have any idea why that is, and how I can heltp it?

    1. When that happens, you may see an arrow below the blank space, click it and you should see the pictures from your blog. Select the one featured in your post and that should fix the problem. But before you do that, check that you had selected a featured image where you were writing the New Post. Look at the bottom right side of the page for featured images. If you upload the photo to Facebook photos, it may be easer to access it too.

  26. It’s crazy. I’ve been working on writing for 4 years. I have a lot and love it. Some more than others but most all of it. It comes from within and yet isn’t totally my own. Close people to me have told me to blog. I started one. Now I am scared stiff. I have been writing everyday and I has really brought me out of my shell. But I wasn’t ready!

    I am plenty insecure about my writing. Have had critics. I have had people speechless too. It is where I can be myself and hopefully capture the reader, even if it is just me. 🙂

    I’m gonna post more stuff and forget about the rest. It will evolve however it may.

    1. Nina, I’m bird of a feather. I’m very insecure about my writing too. It’s not the content (some bloggers have told me that it’s good), it’s the size. I think nobody can make a living on posts that consist of YouTube + 200 words commentary.
      This content is on my blog: [can’t post the link until I get the permission from Goins].

  27. Hi Jeff, I am really happy about the knowledge I have gained reading the above piece on your blog. I am a journalist and news blogger from Nigeria. I have been in the business of posting interesting stuffs on my blogs, especially some of my published work that I feel are important and of note to me. My blog dwells on reporting and comenting on the ongoing Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast of Nigeria. Most importantly, I indulge myself by posting unedited stuff that my editors fail to publish on my blog. But over time my challenge was how to get readers streaming to my blog. Then I got an idea of copying the URL of my blog content and a teaser and manually paste them on a WhatsApp page of mine then broadcast them to my contacts. Of course I get more stream for my blog, but I felt it is too mechanical, and its as if I am just thrusting my blog on people’s chest. Then I was lucky to attend a workshop on social media usage by journalists and during the training I was introduced to Hootsuite App which can help beam a personalised teaser and a trimmed URL to readers on my FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram contacts. This also worked fine for me. But I found out that more than half of those who read me only do so when I sent them my URL on Facebook and twitter, but when I just post, I notice I have only few loyal returning clicks.

    I later have to resort to joinning several FaceBook group and Forums where I sent links of my interesting blog content, and the stream keeps increasing. But the feed back mechanism is still very poor. I was able to create a link with my Google+ account and from time to time I get people comment. But not as appreciable. I work harder to ensure I share interesting blogs – though most of them are information kind of.

    But reading you today have given me a new paradigm as to how to even generate contents for my blog and even make it very interactive. I hope it will help me a great deal.

    I named my Blog Echoes News Nigeria and its URL:-

    Thanks so much

  28. Do you happen to know if you can use the same email address for your personal profile and Facebook fan page?

  29. I’m new to blogging and am using Facebook to build my audience. When I make a post I send it out to Facebook which is my largest audience to start. The problem is they read the post, then all the comments and interactions are on Facebook, they don’t interact on the blog. Any suggestions on how to migrate them to the blog and getting them to interact there?

  30. This post is surely going to help blogging beginners. I have inspired by you please see my blog and give some suggestion

  31. I just started blogging like only couple of weeks ago. But i believe Facebook is the right place to start blogging especially when you want to share your writing to everyone and to get comments. And i really gained some good knowledge here about blogging.

    Thank You

  32. Hi, this is Roquelin I just started blogging like only few weeks ago. And thank you so much, I really gained some good knowledge about blogging

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    Know you not Your Self?

    Those who eat crumbs, along the way-side, will, eventually, be lead to a
    Banqueting Table, where they can Feast, and Drink
    Abundantly, and Be Merry. Don’t let the Crumbs slow
    you down. 🙂

    Pigs, and Sows roll in the muck, (even in their own feces), that is, up
    until, it is served on your plate. Are you still finding it good?

    The Bravest Soul, in the world, is the one who enters it at the last

    If all you do is Hope, then, you’ve, literally, missed your

    One is no longer One, when Nothing
    is added to it. Adding Nothing, or Zero, to One makes it
    Ten, even though, in its own right, it is still One.

    The Best Moment is when you find the Greatest Moment. And the Greatest
    Moment is, always, found in The Here, and Now. The Worst
    Moment is, still yet, to come. And when it comes, it will be your
    Final Moment. Best to remain in the Now. 🙂

    Going with the flow may lead you to the falls, but going against it will,
    surely, take your life. Wisdom, here, is required.

    Money isn’t everything — Time Is!
    How much of it do you have left?

    When Pondering, the only thing that is required is your
    observation, not your thoughts.

    Love Jody.

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    Thanks for sharing…really informative Article.

  35. I meant two groups first one I’ve done a few businesses on Facebook and I can’t say I made a single dime if you’re going to do sales or marketing it’s all about getting in touch with the customer via telephone or face-to-face . I’ve had my business Coast to Coast Auto Liquidators on Facebook since about 2012 can’t say a single pennies ever come to their because of Facebook LOL

  36. That’s only my business I’m not the god of marketing so what didn’t work for me might do wonders for someone else who knows

  37. What I find as far as marketing or sales goes and it’s especially if it’s an internet-based service type of feel like I’m doing the best thing to do is get yourself a couple thousand leads and just cold call the people that’s how I do it , make sure you’re registered with the Better Business Bureau and still have a Facebook page simply so you can say yeah check me out on Facebook or call the Better Business Bureau you want to be credible but the money only comes by getting in touch with the people blatantly for me anyone

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