Weekly Reading: Finding Motivation, Creative Community, & More!

Reading a BookFrom interviewing one of my writing heroes to sharing some advice for being polite on Twitter (which ended up being the most-read post of the week), I've thoroughly enjoyed some of the discussions that have emerged on the blog this week.

Thanks for being a part of this community.

As always, I have to remind you: Creating isn't much without taking time for input — gathering ideas through reading.

So here's what I'm reading this week:

How to Stay Motivated as a Blogger [Motivation]
If you've been blogging for a while, you've probably faced the typical blogger burnout. It's hard to stay motivated at this practice posting new content every day (or as often as you publish). These eight tips were really helpful.

Problogger's Guide to Your First Week of Blogging [Blogging]
I downloaded this eBook last night with some money in my Paypal account that I had forgotten about. This is a great week-long tutorial for any blogger wanting to better utilize his blog (whether it's your first or fiftieth week of blogging). It's worth much  more than the $10 Darren is currently charging for it.

21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don't Have a Clue [Writing]
I could probably fill up all five links every week from recent Copyblogger articles. I just love what they do and the consistently great content they put out. This post is about what to do when you just plain run out of any good ideas for what to write (it happens to all of us).

Let's Meet the Creative Class [Community]
Stephen Brewster (with Kyle Reed‘s help) invites his readers to share their favorite creatives in a great community-building exercise that is sure to yield some great finds in terms of content.

The Difference Between a Creative Life and Lifestyle [Creativity]
A lot of people want to consider themselves creatives or artists. Keith Jennings asks (and answers) the question: How do you know the difference between a true creative and a poser? It has to do with what's on the inside.

And here are some recent guest posts:

Ideas Are Not Enough: 3 Tips for Finishing What You Start [Creativity]
I wrote this for David Santistevan‘s blog about songwriting and creativity this week. In the comments, we had a great discussion about the struggle all artists face — when to ship.

Takeaways from the Dynamic Communicators Workshops [Communication]
In this final wrap-up of a recent speaking conference I attended, I share my takeaways from the experience on the DCW blog.

Seven Types of Blog Comments [Blogging]
Jeremy Myers, a new friend I met via Twitter, guest-posted on my blog with a fantastic list of different blog comments you may encounter and how to respond to them. Make sure that you don't miss this gem, and check out his blog.

If you missed last week's weekly reading list, you can read it here.

What are you reading lately?