Blog Like a Pro Lesson 4: Spread Your Message Like St. Patrick

This is Day 4 in our 7-day Blog Like a Pro (BLP) Challenge. If you missed yesterday’s lesson on the fastest way to get attention online start there. Also, check in on Facebook to see what others are doing!

Now that you’ve got a blog, a lead magnet and know what you’re about — now that you know how to pick a fight — what do you need? You need to evangelize.

Blog Like a Pro Lesson 4: Spread Your Message Like St. Patrick

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and as a proud Irish American, I love this holiday. Why? Because it shows the power of one person’s words.

Patrick was a slave who escaped from Ireland, later became a Christian, and returned to the place of his captivity to be one of the world’s first and most influential missionaries.

What was remarkable about his mission is that unlike many other religious conquests and crusades, his evangelism was entirely peaceful. Ireland became a Christian nation without any bloodshed, in spite of it being a barbarous land at the time. That’s the power of words.

But what good is a message if you don’t share it?

Spread your words to the world

Your mission today is to be like St. Patrick. Go to new lands and spread the good news. And in the world of blogging, that means guest posting.

The best way to get free, qualified traffic is through guest posting. What is it, exactly? Guest posting is free advertising for your blog. It’s you posting your content on someone else’s blog with their permission. And it works really well.

This is how I got my first 10,000 subscribers — through guest posting. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify a blog you want to write for.
  2. Read and study the blog until you find a gap in the content you could fill.
  3. Build a relationship with the author and ask to contribute a guest post.

Here’s the secret to success with this. When you add more value than you take, people will say yes. Approach this with an attitude of servanthood and you will have better luck than the Irish.


Assignment: Find someone to guest post for. Or publish something on Share it in the comments.

95 thoughts on “Blog Like a Pro Lesson 4: Spread Your Message Like St. Patrick

  1. I’ve been wondering what you felt about Medium. All of my long form pieces are cross posted to Medium and I’ve started spending a bit of time every day interacting with other people’s articles that are closely related to the topics I write on. I’m getting ready to start submitting posts to publications—especially yesterday’s post on suicide. It seems like a good way to gain exposure.

    The next step will be figuring out best ways to connect people with my primary platform, whether it’s just links at the end of articles, links to join my mailing list, or what.

    1. Also, I have a friend who is a couple years ahead of me on this quest who already has a solid following who writes primarily on mental health issues and the church (and is well connected with other writers who might be open to guest posts). I don’t know if he’ll go for it, but I’m going to offer to write a piece for him on a topic he’s recently written about, but from the perspective of clergy. I’m hoping to turn that guest post into a repeating feature and offer him reciprocal benefits.

      Further, he’s preparing to launch a podcast on the subject, and I’m going to talk to him about joining him on that project. While we write on similar topics, we don’t always have exactly the same opinion. I hope to pitch that the tension in our voices will help both of us.

  2. I’ll attempt an additional post today, but here is a recent post entitled “8 Reasons Why You Fail To Lose Weight (And the Secrets to Succeed).” There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of weight loss should be based more on our overall health. This pushes aside the myths we’ve all played a part in. Actionable tips abound:

  3. I have been working on this angel since listenng to your webinar about a week ago Jeff. I have been making some contacts in the blogging world and building those relationships. I guess I’ll go check out medium, as well. Having more then one guest post can’t be bad so I better get to work.

  4. Excellent idea! I’ve found that reblogging someone’s else’s great article (with permisision) works well, too. Never heard of “” but will certainly check it out.

  5. I did this last year and it doubled my traffic for time. I actually think it did more for me than Sabrina Kausman’s Zombie Christian, though her book has done a lot more than mine.

  6. Hey Jeff & others,

    What’s the best way to use medium? Would you suggest reposting all of one’s original post on medium, only submitting original content, or for my a combination of both?

    I tried medium a few times, but still don’t fully understand what it is & how to best use it to add value to others.

    1. Hey Jed, you might want to read a post Jeff Goins wrote on Medium
      He did recommend taking your blog posts and also putting them on Medium. I’ve been doing that although I’m still trying to figure it out as well. Hope this helps

  7. I started doing guest posts last year for an on line art and marketing site. I basically followed what you teach in Tribe Writers. That led to becoming a paid, weekly columnist for that same art and marketing site. Many thanks, Jeff!

  8. I’ve started sharing my blog posts on Medium (, and I’ve reached out to the author of a blog I would like to eventually guest post on, and we have begun some back and forth dialogue that I hope will eventually result in me being able to bring up the topic down the road.

  9. I wrote this post on my own blog today and published it on Medium too.
    Today I noticed something : It was easier to write. My blog is very new and dont have all that many posts yet – and some has been kind of difficult to write. But by joining this sequence of time-limited assignments I’m forced to write – every day. For me at least -the more I write – the easier it seems.
    I once read a book on writing by Stephen King, and one thing he pointed out if you wanted to become a writer : Read a lot and write a lot – every day.

  10. Posted on Medium and made a connection with a fellow blog challenger to guest post and she will guest post for me.

    1. Good article; pertinent questions. I don’t know if any of us could say, I did everything I could have when I should have, etc. 🙂

      1. I agree with you. Hindsight is 20/20. I wrote it to bring those questions up 😉 Thanks for reading.

  11. Woohoo! I just got a letter in my inbox TODAY confirming my very first guest blog post! It will be on April 25th at Wanted to attach a screen shot to prove it but Disqus doesn’t seem to allow that. Guess you’ll have to take my word for it. 🙂 I don’t think I have permission to post it anywhere else. But it’s a God Story, sharing about when I grew out of a dark season of depression and the lessons I learned.

    1. Hi Caroline! Check out my page at It’s new, but part of my vision for this page will be to eventually share God Stories. Not just my own, but guest other people’s stories as well. Would love to hear your story and perhaps showcase it on my site in the future!

      1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your new site! It’s great that you are moving forward. I am honored that you’d be interested in my God story. Only problem is, I am definitely NOT an introvert, so I’m not sure if I qualify for your site! (Five minutes with me and you’d know this to be true…) But I encourage you to keep moving forward because surely there must be many introverted Christians who will benefit from what you are doing. God bless you! 🙂

        1. Well that makes sense 🙂 Thanks of your honesty and for the encouragement! God bless you too!

  12. While I have not officially done a guest post, I have a plan to get there. I admit this is hard for me. As a confirmed introvert, reaching out to others to promote myself (even online) is a bit uncomfortable. However, I know it’s an important step for reaching my writing goals and learning from others. So here’s my plan: The first site I plan to ask about a guest post is actually through my church. I have a couple ideas that can fit with upcoming devotions/activities for Holy Week. Probably a safe place to start, but baby steps are still steps, right?

  13. I posted on The Mighty (a community of people with strength to fight illnesses and diseases of all types).

  14. I also connected with another Christian blogger about tagging her as a resource and her returning the favor. Her name is Michelle Nezat and her podcast “More than a song” is awesome!

  15. Medium is also new to me, thank you! I didn’t have anything previously written so I wrote the article today. It’s called “A Mother Torn” about my personal conflict between going back to work or staying home with our son. I want to edit it some more though, since I had to hastily put it together today, before posting it on Medium. It will be up by Saturday though.

  16. Hello^^ I’ve connected with Joe Bunting at The Write Practice and am working on the details of what types of things that he’s looking for at the moment. Kinda scary thing to do but I did it!

  17. Thanks Jeff for introducing me to Medium! I’ve set up an account and published two of my previous posts there (they can be seen at Also, another member of this challenge, April Best, and I are scheduled to swap guest posts next week. Lastly, I’ve had 6 new subscribers since starting this challenge. All exciting stuff!

  18. So I spent some time stalking my favorite blogs today and trying to work up the courage to invite myself as a guest. Then I got on Facebook and had a direct message from a friend asking me to guest blog for her. She was my #1 pick to blog for. So I didn’t post it today but it’s in the works and I’m loving the timing.

  19. Could you extend this one too? It takes all the time I have in my writing day to FIND a site to guest post and another to write one that fits (after doing all the necessary research) and is ready for public consumption. Then not all of the blog-runners respond right away. Do I get disqualified if I don’t get this done today?

  20. This was an excellent exercise. While I had an article post this week for another larger website (link below), I both wanted to write something more specific to my personal message as well as finally try out Medium.

    I logged into to Medium and searched for my topic of interest, and the posts—3/4ths of them on the opposite side of the issue—inspired me to a response as well as to deeper consideration of what my personal message actually *is*. I wrote up 750 words last night and sat on it; this morning I had an inspiration for what to do with it and where to submit it. All this to say, thinking through Lesson 4 was good for me!

    Link to the (non-“message”) article:

  21. I published a new blog post today and it automatically reposted on Medium, it’s here:

    I set that up with, check it out, it’s a great tool!

    Additionally I’m hoping to publish three guest posts at , and, it takes a while to get all the details straightened out with the editors. I’ll keep you updated when they get published.

    And I’m also swapping blog posts with a cool girl I med in the FB group! Feeling productive 🙂

  22. I made plans to post on another blog, as well as started a list of potential places to guest post. I can’t wait to dip my toes into Medium. Thanks for the nudge!

  23. I’m working on my list of bloggers to contact to guest post for them…in the meantime, is anyone here interested in a guest post on your site? I mostly write about self improvement in the area of getting the most out of life and being the best we can be at what we do. Right now I am focusing on discovering our calling and following that (and maybe even turning it into a career in the future). Here’s my site if you want to poke around and learn more: – please reply to this comment or contact me at if you are open to having me write for your website. Cheers!

  24. I was invited to guest post on a site very similar to my own- Equestrian Entrepreneurship Network. The director will be posting on my site as well so, mission accomplished! I’ve already done guest posts on another site that I love, and did a feature on that site on my own blog in return (Clearly I’ll keep looking for more opportunities) 😛

  25. So, I actually posted my assignment from yesterday on 😉 But, I will do some research on where I would like to guest post.

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