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Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge

Ever wondered what it takes to get your message heard as a writer? So many people start in the wrong place. I’m hosting a free challenge to change that. For seven days, I’m going to give you a daily challenge on how to take your blog to the next level.

Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge

Once in a while, I reach out to the Internet and encourage anyone who’s ever thought of blogging or maybe started a blog but haven’t seen it take off in the direction they wanted to join me in a blogging challenge.

And we’re doing that again, right now. Here are the details:

When does this start?

Now. Right now. Why stall or hesitate? Set up your blog (it takes eight minutes!), and get going. The best time to get your words out there was yesterday. The second best time is today. (Technical dates of the challenge are: Mar. 14-21).

Who is this for?

Anyone who: a) has a blog and wants to take it to the next level, b) had a blog but have since stopped posting to it, or c) has always wanted to blog but just never got started. Whoever you are, we’d love to have you! (If you need help with the technical side of blogging, go ahead and join, and we’ll help you with that, too.)

Why now?

Because you can always get better. And this is free. So that’s a hard price to beat. Oh, and I’ll be picking ONE person who completes all the assignments to my satisfaction and will be personally coaching them. Which is worth, like, a ton of money. 😉

How do I join?

It’s super simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Set up your blog (here’s a tutorial on how to do that).
  2. Join the Facebook group today! (Challenge starts Monday, Mar. 14)
  3. Do all the assignments and have a good time! (I will be posting all the assignments to the blog, so bookmark this page or sign up for daily email updates to get all the challenges delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss anything.)

Remember: at the end of this challenge, I’ll be picking one person to personally teach and coach.

List of lessons

Here’s a list of all the lessons (so far):

I’ll be updating this section each day as we post new challenges, but you can also get notifications via email if you don’t want to have to come back here each day and check.

Click Here to Join the Challenge and Get Email Updates!

So, are you in? Ready to blog like a pro? Just leave a comment below and include your blog URL! (Let me know what you want to learn.)

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  • Awesome! I need to catch up! I blog at https://drewdowns.net

  • Brianna

    I want to learn how to truly serve people at the intersection of my passion and talent. http://www.briannalamberson.com

  • Kristina Roth

    I love to write. Motherhood and life have gotten in the way. I’m now at a very unexpected place in my life and need to find a way to jumpstart my writing again (largely put on hold to be a wife and mother). I want to help others to be brave about the struggles in their lives, to share my own story and to share resources to help them on the journey. I struggle most with the technical side of blogging and feel rather overwhelmed with trying to build an audience! https://kristinastrong.com/

  • @GreyDynasty

    Your take on: one blog multi-topics or multiple blogs for each topic?
    I am struggling with this right now on my Life & Style blog: http://www.greydynasty.com
    I’m definitely in and thanks for the opportunity

  • Deb samuels-peretz

    Hi. I’m unsure if I’m supposed to post here or in FB. Here’s my blog: https://www.deborahhelen.com/blog/ I posted my manifesto link to FB last night. As for a lead magnet, I already have one and it should pop up on the blog page. I don’t think my manifesto would make a good lead magnet. Would love constructive feedback on the one i have though…

  • Charles S Areson

    Okay, I have got a lead magnet and the email list, but it isn’t in pop-up format, yet. It is not my manifesto but a copy of a small book I wrote. Here is to blog page: http://www.csareson.blogspot.com

    IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGIVE: WHAT GOD CAN DO WHEN YOU CAN’T. I struggled deeply with the subject of forgiveness while facing serious family problems, particularly in coping with the alleged murder of my grandmother by a serial killer. Along with the truth of Scripture on the topic, I will share the story of what God has done for me and what God can do for you.

  • Shaun Weston

    I want to learn the best way reach an audience, to be meaningful and clear. Looking forward to getting more involved in this community. Finally made a start on my ‘intentional’ blog… https://gobuildabridge.wordpress.com (non wordpress domain pending)

  • Mbali Zondo

    I have a blog and I want to learn how to be a good storteller and post content that people will interesting and feel happy to share my blog posts. My blog is: thatafrowearsatutu.wordpress.com

  • I am in. I am joining because my creativity feels missing lately, so maybe having challenges will help me not feel stuck. My blog is http://www.jamiesampieriharper.com

  • I just posted this on my fb page that it was time for a blog challenge so I excited to see this. I have been doing this awhile but haven’t focused on myself. I started a new blog and am getting it ready to launch. Here’s the link http://www.kendegilio.com.

  • Lianne Montgomery

    I have a blog, but I also have a nice mental block that goes along with it. A block that doesn’t allow the thoughts OUT of my head. I’ve been trying to work on that lately and I’m hoping a challenge will help kick my butt into gear. Just the act of posting here is stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit. Working on that as well… http://www.lifebafflesme.com

  • Hey Jeff and everyone! 🙂

    I am a “science-based, holistic approach” nutritionist and have been health-blogging consistently for just 5 months or so. I live at the intersection of medical science and holistic health, and my goal is to bridge some of the gap between the two.

    Here’s a link to my blog: https://nutritioninteractions.com/

  • Mary Gee

    This is all new to me so I want to learn everything. I created my blog as part of the challenge. https://greenhatranch.wordpress.com/
    My challenge manifesto is about horses. I also expect to blog about science and computers. After all, my about to be published memoir is tentatively titled “Science, Computers and Horses

  • Jeff,
    Wow, I need to check my email! I’m late to the party but I’m in. Contemplative Monk: https://contemplativemonk.com/ Don’t shoot me Jeff, I’ve got to get my email set up, I’ve got the free, you hardly know who you’re connecting with or what they think kind. 😉 I’ve spent two months developing my Facebook page. Now it’s time to blog! Real proud of my last one though: Outside Looking In https://contemplativemonk.com/outside-looking-in/
    Love you Jeff! Thank You for all you do, and if there’s anything I can ever do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • sandeep

    Thanks Jeff. My blog is https://sandeeppathakblog.wordpress.com . Set today.

  • Love this challenge! I blog at http://www.racingbananas.com

  • Meaghan Jackson

    I’m rather late starting the challenge but here goes… I blog at https://joyfulmudpuddles.blogspot.ca

  • Rohit Kumar

    I am taking the challenge for my website : https://alldigitalbuzz.com/

  • Margo

    I blog in Russian here https://autismpobedim.blogspot.com

  • Donna Marie

    I am very late just got this can i still do a challenge? here is my blog site https://rosaryandredsox.com/ let me know if it is too late 🙂 blessings

  • Donna Marie

    crazy done today i just read oh well 🙂 thank you

  • Trudie Schar

    I started this saying I was going to use by blog learninglittlelessons.com that I’ve been blogging at for a while. Last week I was also launching a second blog, and it had a deadline to launch, so I’ve switch my challenge to that website, it is GirlsinGodsWord.com. It looked like a lot of great things happened during this challenge, I wish I didn’t have to miss out on as much as I did, yet time was certainly an issue. I’m heading to post my work on the challenges. Thanks Jeff!

  • Although I didn’t have time to “officially” play along, I enjoy the opportunity to share some of my relevant posts in the Facebook group.

  • Although I’m starting late, I’m super excited to participate! My blog is One Little Library: https://onelittlelibrary.com/

  • Krittika

    Am I too late for this? Anyways , here’s my blog site. https://krittikastar.wordpress.com

  • I am up for the challenge! I am writing about poetry this month!

  • Tamara Doyle

    I’m late to the party, too! But I’m here! And here’s my blog URL: https://tamaradoyle.wordpress.com (It used to be just tamaradoyle.com, but I let it expire. I know I need to invest in owning my domain again!)

  • vina