The Most Neglected Writing Tip

Learn Your Craft

I was at a restaurant the other night. Naturally, I was reading the menu. I was trying to decide if I wanted to eat a second dinner that evening. (Yes, that’s right, second dinner. Don’t judge.)

That’s when I saw it. It hit me hard — like a squirt of lemon juice to the eye.

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The Only Way to Become a Real Writer

Become a Writer

For years, I struggled with calling myself a writer.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. Yet, I was waiting. For what? To become a writer.

I doubted myself and told others I was an aspiring writer. I secretly hoped that one day I would get someone’s permission to call myself what I knew, deep down inside, I already was.

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Memoir Writing Tips from Marion Roach Smith

Marion Roach Smith

I met Marion Roach Smith online several months ago through this blog. She told me that she teaches people to write memoir — a nonfiction writing genre I am particularly interested in (both as a reader and writer).

I read Marion’s book, The Memoir Project, and was blown away. It’s approximately 100 pages of practical, entertaining inspiration that will get you sharing your most (and least) favorite memories in a compelling, interesting format.

It only seemed fair to share all the riches Marion was sharing with me — with all of you. So I asked her for an interview.

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