Yes, You Can Publish a Book (Here’s How)

Yes, You Can Publish a Book (Here's How)

I spent the weekend finishing up the initial manuscript for my first book. It’s kind of surreal. I never thought I would be publishing a book so soon. But thanks to social media, I am.

I thought it might help to share with you what I did this past year — how I worked hard and also got a little lucky. Maybe the lessons I’ve learned can help you realize your dream of publishing a book sooner than you think.

There were three things I did that made it possible to get a book contract in less than eight months — all without having to write a single book proposal.

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Book Writing Tips That Work

Book Writing Tips

I’m writing my first book. It’s easier than I thought it would be. And at the same time, harder.

For me, the toughest part has been the daily discipline of writing — showing up even after I’ve gotten bored with the book and want to move on to new projects.

But apparently, my publisher isn’t cool with that. I guess that contract I signed actually means something. Weird.

So I’ve had to force myself to do some things to stay focused.

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