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Blog Like a Pro Lesson 7: Take a Break

This is Day 7 in our 7-day Blog Like a Pro (BLP) Challenge. If you missed yesterday’s lesson on the bold ask start there. Also, check in on Facebook to see what others are doing!

Claude Debussy has been credited for saying music is the space between the notes. The same is true for writing. Good writing is all about space.

Blog Like a Pro Lesson 7: Take a Break

This past week, we’ve been doing a very intense 7-day blogging challenge. Thousands of people have participated. It’s been a lot of fun, and honestly, a challenge for me, too.

I used to blog every day. But as life got busier and the Internet grew noisier, I stopped doing that. This week stretched me because I went back to publishing 500-word articles every day. That’s a tough frequency to keep up with. Some mornings I was writing that day’s challenge over breakfast.

A sprint, not a marathon

So today, I want you to take a break. Step back and appreciate all you’ve done this week, whatever it is. And remember that writing is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Currently I’m training for a half marathon race at the end of April. And as part of my training, I’m supposed to occasionally run sprints. I hate sprints. They make me want to throw up. But I recognize the value of sprinting. Sprints make you run faster. They complement the long, hard slog of regular running.

The same is true for your blog. If you want to build a community, it will take time. And often the work will look pretty monotonous. You’ll get up early or stay up late and just barely squeeze the writing in. But you will get it done. And if you keep up this habit, you will create something significant.

This challenge was a sprint. It was meant to kick start some new habits for you and help you grow. Now, the marathon begins.

Take time to reflect

So today, I want you to reflect back on this week. What did you learn? How did you grow?

Celebrate your wins. Learn from your mistakes. And no matter what, don’t forget to keep going.

Take a Break

Assignment: Look back on all you’ve accomplished. Finish anything you didn’t get to. Then celebrate! Share your experience and what you accomplished in the comments. I want to hear it. Remember, one lucky winner will get a $5000 coaching package with me. To enter, you MUST leave a comment on this post, sharing everything you accomplished and what you learned. I’ll choose the winner by noon CST on Monday.

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