Blog Like a Pro Lesson 7: Take a Break

This is Day 7 in our 7-day Blog Like a Pro (BLP) Challenge. If you missed yesterday’s lesson on the bold ask start there. Also, check in on Facebook to see what others are doing!

Claude Debussy has been credited for saying music is the space between the notes. The same is true for writing. Good writing is all about space.

Blog Like a Pro Lesson 7: Take a Break

This past week, we’ve been doing a very intense 7-day blogging challenge. Thousands of people have participated. It’s been a lot of fun, and honestly, a challenge for me, too.

I used to blog every day. But as life got busier and the Internet grew noisier, I stopped doing that. This week stretched me because I went back to publishing 500-word articles every day. That’s a tough frequency to keep up with. Some mornings I was writing that day’s challenge over breakfast.

A sprint, not a marathon

So today, I want you to take a break. Step back and appreciate all you’ve done this week, whatever it is. And remember that writing is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Currently I’m training for a half marathon race at the end of April. And as part of my training, I’m supposed to occasionally run sprints. I hate sprints. They make me want to throw up. But I recognize the value of sprinting. Sprints make you run faster. They complement the long, hard slog of regular running.

The same is true for your blog. If you want to build a community, it will take time. And often the work will look pretty monotonous. You’ll get up early or stay up late and just barely squeeze the writing in. But you will get it done. And if you keep up this habit, you will create something significant.

This challenge was a sprint. It was meant to kick start some new habits for you and help you grow. Now, the marathon begins.

Take time to reflect

So today, I want you to reflect back on this week. What did you learn? How did you grow?

Celebrate your wins. Learn from your mistakes. And no matter what, don’t forget to keep going.

Take a Break

Assignment: Look back on all you’ve accomplished. Finish anything you didn’t get to. Then celebrate! Share your experience and what you accomplished in the comments. I want to hear it. Remember, one lucky winner will get a $5000 coaching package with me. To enter, you MUST leave a comment on this post, sharing everything you accomplished and what you learned. I’ll choose the winner by noon CST on Monday.

121 thoughts on “Blog Like a Pro Lesson 7: Take a Break

  1. This has been such a wonderful experience. Exactly what I needed to get back in the blogging game. I stayed up late the first 4 nights to complete the daily assignment, but one thing I learned is that with two littles under three, daily assignments are really hard to do! (Just in trying to write this, I’ve already been interrupted at least five times) haha. I enjoyed trying to keep up with the pace though. I got a lot further launching my new blog than I would’ve ever gotten had I attempted to begin on my own. So thank you, Jeff! You’ve stretched me and inspired me and taught me a lot. I’ve always been drawn to writing impactful meaningful content, but what I’ve learned most is how to do the tech-y stuff like setting up an email list and how to host a giveaway. And also, the importance of giving more than taking. Amazing week! Here’s my blog.

  2. I may have missed the deadline, but I still want to share my experience. I was able to do all the challenges, and it got me to do things I knew I should be doing but hadn’t gotten around to yet. The best part of the challenge, however, was the community on the Facebook page and here in the comments. A group of like-minded people got together and poured out help, support and good vibes. Thank you to everyone that participated, you have made a difference in my life.

  3. Had been trying to write a manifesto for years and this challenge helped me finally get there. Also was able to generate a new opt in freebie and connect with many new bloggers I had not previously met. It also prompted me to look at my blog with fresh eyes and a clear focus. Was great. A handful of new subscribers was great too! Thanks Jeff.

  4. It was a crazy week. I think more importantly I met a lot of great people on here. They would tell me the good and the bad. Boo. But more importantly they helped me push forward. I really enjoyed the whole process as well as helping people out.

  5. The biggest thing I learned is that you have to have some core principles that your blog lives by… just as you do in your personal, everyday life. These motivations provide the fuel to the blog and allow you to take a stand on a solid footing. You can then create “content” that has a purpose and meaning instead of creating content that is all over the place and has no core. Just as with life, you live by worldview (i.e. follower of Christ) and those beliefs and principles guide your decisions and actions each day. Implementing a blog is no different… it must be guided by a solid foundation to provide a sense of direction to the readers and guide content as the blog develops.

  6. I wrote my reflection and was surprised by what I learned and needed as a writer. Here is the link:

    I found permission to be intentional and purposeful in my writing. This is not a slight thing.

    I accomplished:
    -Reconnecting with a writing partner
    -Writing & Posting a Mantra (Day 1)
    -Deciding on a Lead Magnet & Finalizing It to Share (Day 2)
    -Writing a controversial post (Day 3)
    -Securing a guest post on another blog (Day 4)
    -Making a list of 8 other blogs I would like to guest post (Day 4)
    -Dreaming up some things to give away (Day 5)
    -Creating a multimedia art project to give away (Day 5)
    -Developing a mini-course on finding celebrations in the mess of life to give away (Day 5)
    -Making a list of 42 people to ask to share (Day 6)
    -Writing a reflective post (Day 7)

    Thank you so much for offering this challenge. Once again, I learned that when I write, it always gives more than it takes.

    Happy writing,
    Ruth Ayres

  7. If I had accomplished as much as I learned this week, my blog would be finished. With having cognitive issues, knowing how to do something and accomplishing, are two steps to any task. I do have my blog domain through WordPress and am working on my about page and manifesto by following your instructions. Also, I have signed up with AWeber to handle my email marketing. My domain is FaithfulnessOfGodDotOrg; I have posted one blog which is a poem. Thank you very much, I look forward to using all the great information you provided and completing my blog very soon, then I can watch my email list grow.

  8. Celebrating that I updated my about page with my recharged manifesto, that I wrote a controversial post, that I wrote and sent an email to my list that I have ignored for almost a year, that I realized how confident I feel about creating material, lead magnets, giveaways and how insecure I feel about posting a controversial post, about asking people to allow me to guest post or share my posts, etc.

    Celebrating that feeling a lack of confidence about putting myself out there is a pretty common feeling and if I apply the advice I give my drawing students to my blogging challenges, I may discover some surprises.

    “Comparing your drawing results to the work of others, wishing you could draw, declaring you can’t, trying for a time and saying you don’t have the gift, you’re not talented enough, or not doing anything due to the fear that your pages will be full of unrecognizable scrawls or of what others might think of you and your efforts, will not improve your expertise. It’s helpful to those new to drawing to imagine themselves in a playground rather than an art gallery. A playful approach frees you to explore a subject, investigate its properties, and build an understanding about how it’s put together.”

  9. The 7-Day Challenge has been an amazing, intense experience … and one that I’ve needed to make a focused, systematic start to my website,

    Not only have I made leaps of practical progress towards making a well-rounded website (as I’ve meant to for years), but I was also challenged to improve some of the areas that I’ve been avoiding.

    One of my biggest flaws is wanting to wait until “It’s perfect” before I share a bit of writing. I’m afraid that other people will see my writing and scoff…I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m sharing my work out of misplaced pride, instead of a genuine effort to grow greater than I am.

    And so, for me, the most valuable lesson learned through this challenge is that it’s ok to write and promote even the imperfect bits. When genuine and a result of “my best effort,” my writing can bear fruit in unexpected ways.

    I’ve always loved being a writer. And because of this challenge, I’m committing to also writing in my own name.

    There are many writers fully deserving of the prize that you’ll be gifting, Mr. Goins. But in case you’re wondering, I’m drawn to it because I’ve committed to fueling the passion to grow my talent and love of writing…and your methodology has been a gift that’s allowed me to look at my own life in a new way.

    So thank you – and everyone who’s been a part of this challenge!

  10. This was good. Though I couldn’t be involved in all the fun on Facebook, and didn’t do everything in order; thank you! I’ve learned a lot and this pushed me to do things I haven’t been brave enough to do.
    For Day one – Manofesto done
    For Day two- Gave away a Bible Study reading plan
    Day three- picked a fight (well not really but kind of 😉 ) with people who have lies about studying the Bible
    Day four- Was brave enough to email a big blogger to see about guest posting. (haven’t been brave about that ever!)
    Day five- Shave a book giveaway planned
    Day six- Ask people to help me (which is also something that is hard for me to do)
    Day seven- here it is.

    Thanks again for all you’ve taught us!

  11. I finally think I finished the challenges. Challenge six is about asking others to share our post, and seven is just a reflection of all that has been done. I actually feel accomplished in so many ways. The more I work on my blog with automation. The more excited Ibecome about my blog exploding. Thanks Jeff, for everything!

  12. Hi Jeff,
    I clicked to download Building an Audience, but what popped up was a sign-up for the 7 day challenge (which, though way late, I signed up for). But where’s the download? It never came up.

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