The Benefits of Building a Writing Platform

If you decide to build a platform — to create a brand and connect with others, you'll see breakthroughs with your writing you never would have imagined.

Writing Platform
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After six years of slaving away, I finally decided to quit my old blog and start a new one. When I did that, things really started to take off. Part of it was luck. Part of it was, I'm sure, God's grace. And another part was a lot of hustle.

But in eight short months, my writing was reaching more people than it ever had before. I don't share this to brag, but to illustrate the power of a platform. Every writer, artist, and communicator should do this. It's essential to your message getting heard.

The best time to be a writer

This is an amazing time to pursue your passion and live your dream. Think about it: You, the writer, can now create a destiny for yourself that was never before possible. Amazing, right? Here are some of the opportunities that await you:

I used to be afraid of rejection. So I waited for the gatekeepers to pick me, to choose my work. Now, fear is no longer something that controls me. Why? Because I stopped waiting and started creating.

Sure, I still struggle with fear (don't we all?). But I've finally picked myself, and it's fun to see the gatekeepers come to me — instead of me continuing to wait and plead to be published.

Change your mind

All of this began with a pledge, a simple understanding: I am a writer. I just need to write.

Of course, there’s no formula to becoming a writer, but believing in yourself is essential. It's what makes a writer, a writer. Anne Lamott illustrated this the other day in a tweet:

If you're writing, you're a writer. Ignore your narcissism and bad self-esteem.

Being a writer just means that you write, not that you're any good. The real trick is sticking with it long enough to show the world something.

You can follow a similar process as I did, or you can try something completely different. Find what works for you, but make no mistake. It all begins with a core belief in you.

Maybe you’ll see success sooner than those who came before you. Maybe it will take longer. But the bottom line is this: If you do the work, you’ll see the results.

This is a time of incredible opportunities for writers. It’s the Age of No Excuse — where anything is possible and the only person holding you back is you. Your opportunity is here. Don’t let it pass you by. And remember: It all begins with a change of mind.

Start here

  1. Declare yourself a writer. (My new eBook can help with this.)
  2. Start writing. Stop doubting. Live into your identity.
  3. Get better. Just because you're a writer doesn't mean you're a good one. So start practicing.

What has building a platform for your writing gotten you? What do you hope it will give you? Share in the comments.

This post was an adaptation from my new eBook, You Are a Writer, which a lot of people are finding useful. It's currently on-sale here.