5 Persuasive Writing Tricks that Work

Persuasive Writing

Is writing persuasively really worth the effort? Can’t you just inform people and let them make their own decisions?

In a word: No.

I like helping people do and be more than they could on their own. I like to challenge and change things. And if you do, too, there’s no reason to apologize.

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It Takes Time to Build an Audience


When asked how he built such a robust online community with his blog, Jon Acuff’s answer was simple: “The same way you build an offline one. Slowly and honestly.” That got me thinking.

Maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. Maybe I’ve been looking for a magic-bullet solution. Maybe I’ve been lazy.

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Does Twitter Make You a Better Writer?

Twitter Makes You a Better Writer

Twitter makes you a better writer? Really? Yep, according to this article I read on Copyblogger. In addition to forcing you to be concise, Twitter also forces you to exercise your vocabulary and improve your editing skills. Here’s more on how it does that.

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