Help Me Pick Out My New Book Cover

Wrecked 2

I just heard from my publisher last week. My first book is coming together well, but I need your help in deciding a few things.

Before we do that, though, I want to share with you the full title. The book will be called Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life (Moody Publishers).

It’s about how people’s paradigms change due to exposure to pain and brokenness and how that shapes their faith in God and understanding of the world.

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How to Spread Your Ideas: Write a Manifesto

Misfit manifesto

A manifesto is a great way to condense your message into a short, all-encompassing format. People can read it, print it, email it to their friends, or feed it to their dog. By reading it (if you’ve written it well), they get a fuller understanding of your core message, which you have may have been trying to communicate (through your blog, website, Twitter profile, etc.) for years.

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